How To Dye Hair Multiple Colors At Home

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It’s no secret that 2020 had a huge impact on me and made me a stronger woman. I finally embraced myself in all my curvy, gelled, beautiful glory. Part of that change happened when I finally embraced my love of light colored hair. So, in search of your next style, I’m sharing some of the coolest hair dye ideas I’ve found.

How To Dye Hair Multiple Colors At Home

How To Dye Hair Multiple Colors At Home

Towards the end of 2020 I decided I needed a change. After leaving my hair undyed for a year and a half, I bleached it and dyed it bright pink. The color lasted for a few weeks, but then the color started to fade. Pink is always like that in my hair.

Popular & Different Types Of Hair Coloring Techniques

If you are looking for the same changes in your life, I have some great ideas for you. First, let’s talk a little about hair care and hair color at home.

My answer to that is always “no.” If you bleach your hair yourself, you run the risk of hair breakage, hair loss, stains and major damage. It is best to have your hair styled by a professional.

I personally bleach my hair at home. Because it’s cheaper. My hair is also thick and hard to break. That said, I am not a professional.

If you’re planning to color your hair at home, check out professional hairstylists on YouTube for tips and tricks to precisely address your hair’s texture.

How To Get Hair Dye Off Skin Quickly And Safely

I personally use Biotera Ultra Color Care shampoo and conditioner. You can find it below at Sallys Beauty Supply or on Amazon.

When it comes to other hair care products, you should look for products that are free of sulfates and parabens. These chemicals can actually accelerate color fading, so it’s important to make sure your hair care is free of these chemicals if you want your color to last.

If possible, wash your hair in cold water only twice a week and avoid heat styling to keep the color strong. This cold water trick is something I personally can’t do, but of course I only do what I can.

How To Dye Hair Multiple Colors At Home

Below are my top hair color ideas for anyone looking for a little change in 2021. It’s always a good idea to save a sample on your phone to show your stylist and have it done professionally. Long-lasting color, less damage and more even color.

How To Dye Your Own Hair Every Color You’ve Ever Wanted At Once

If you have dark hair like me, this kind of color might be perfect for you. This allows for growth and allows you to go longer between touch-ups as long as the pink (or whatever color you choose) lasts.

I’ve always wanted to try a deep green like this, but I’m always worried about how the bleach will look on my hair. One of them is really beautiful and you should adopt this hair dye idea.

If you don’t want to color your entire head, this look-a-boo look is perfect for you. You only need to color a small area under your natural hair layer. A person only notices the color when the hair is up or waving.

Purple was my hair choice last year. Since I can’t go to a real salon yet and probably won’t for a while, I wanted to keep it simple for now.

Color Treated Hair Styling & Designing Tips

I love the brightness of this hair and it’s great that you can achieve a bright and happy look in 2021. If you’re trying this at home, I highly recommend having a friend help you achieve this look.

I love sunflowers so this style immediately caught my eye. It has a bright and fun unique look. It’s also very convenient because you can extend the time between touch-ups.

It really gives the feeling of a palm tree emerging, so if you feel like you’re rising from the ashes of 2020, this color might be for you.

How To Dye Hair Multiple Colors At Home

Beautiful, bold reds like this are on my list of hair colors to try. I love how bright it is and it looks good on most skin tones.

Cool Multi Colored Hair Ideas

This fun mix is ​​a great way to make the most of your two favorite colors. Pink and teal work best here, but feel free to be creative and mix and match other color options.

This hair reminds me of Candyland and the board game Rainbow. Combine brights and pastels in small sections to create a beautiful iridescent look.

If you want something nice and bright, let your hair look like flames. The bright color selection allows you to add highlights and low tones for a beautiful blend.

I love the brightness of these green curls. It’s a great look for punk, grunge or rocker styles, so it’s a great look to try if you just want a complete change of pace.

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This beautiful mix of navy blue and seafoam green is just perfect. This is the perfect look for anyone who dreams of relaxing on the beach instead of being cooped up at home.

With all these different hair dye ideas, you have a lot to choose from. Do you want your hair to look fiery, cool like the sea, or dye it rainbow colors? Whatever your heart desires, right?

Remember to use paraben- and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to make your hair color last longer. If you want a single color, deep conditioning your hair by mixing hair color and conditioner once a week will help keep it brighter.

How To Dye Hair Multiple Colors At Home

Keep in mind that if you wear your hair down regularly, you need to make sure it looks attractive no matter what kind of color you choose.

Hair Color Chart Guide With Hair Levels And Tones Explained

Which hair color do you want to try for yourself? Let us know in the comment section below. For more stuff like this follow me on Pinterest and pin it to your favorite beauty boards! So you’ve dyed your hair many colors. It can be a rainbow pattern or a patchwork. Maybe just a few lines will be enough to add some funk to a monochromatic piece. But now panic and worry sets in – your favorite dark blue looks fantastic next to light pink!

Your hair will look like bad finger paint, not the sophisticated multi-colored ombre you saw online. Or maybe even the combination of fiery red and sunny yellow that you thought looked so dramatic turned out to be such a hideous orange that your kids (and their friends) started calling you Pumpkinhead. (Shut up kids, mom stress).

Never be afraid. Here are some tips to ensure that something like the above never happens to you or anyone else. every time. Because kids are awesome and you’re awesome – so should your hair.

When you dye your hair several colors, you need to make sure of two things: That said, the color looks just as good on your head as it does in the bottle. And if the colors were to be mixed together by heaven, they would not turn into something undesirable.

How To Dye Your Hair At Home

Study the color wheel to get it to 100% (or as close as possible). This is basic paint chemistry if you know where to look.

By using the right color combinations, you can avoid a lot of potential pain. And it looks great too.

When you have multiple colors in your hair, one color can blend into another to create something new and unexpected, or take over completely. This is especially true for dark and light color combinations. If you want to pair pastel pink with dark blue, place the pink higher on the head than the blue. This way, instead of blue bleeding into pink (which has little or no effect), pink bleeds into blue (which completely changes to blue).

How To Dye Hair Multiple Colors At Home

For other color combinations, check out the color wheel above to see what happens when you mix colors. When timed properly, the bleeding will further enhance the color.

Multi Colored Hair Ideas To Go Bold With Your Hue In 2023

If you only want to dye part of your hair, cover the hair you don’t want to dye with conditioner or vaseline to prevent the dye from setting. (Actually, you should also rub it on your skin, ears and neck to protect your skin from the pigment.)

When you dye your hair different colors, it can be difficult to make sure the dye gets to the right areas of your head. This is where mace comes in handy and saves the day. Before you start, cut the aluminum foil. Slide the section under your hair, brush on the dye and fold the foil

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