How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

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How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen – As I announced yesterday, The Gentleman Stationer is giving away the Pilot Metropolitan in honor of Fountain Pen Day thanks to Jetpens. I announced the giveaway first to make sure everyone had a full week to enter, even though I didn’t get around to posting my Pilot Metro review until now.

This is the Pilot Metropolitan that The Gentleman Stationer is giving away in honor of Fountain Pen Day. Check out yesterday’s post for details!

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

The Pilot Metropolitan is a great pen and I’m not sure I can praise it enough. Not that the pen doesn’t have flaws, it does. The handle section has a slightly awkward “drop” from the body to the section, which can cause problems for those who hold the handles high. Aesthetically, some of the new “animal print” patterns (purple leopard print?) are a bit out of place. But at the end of the day, I think it’s the best entry-level pen on the market and one of the best pens for everyday use. Last week I only used Metropolitan (smooth silver, fine point). Here are my thoughts.

Pilot Evolt 2+1 Multifunction Pen

I bought my first pen when I lived in France from 2000 to 2001. I was a university student in

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

In Strasbourg, and this is the only one of all my lectures that I wrote with a roller (Pilot V5, the pen I chose at the time). After about a week of watching my new classmates write beautiful cursive on Seyes ruled paper and change their ink cartridges to switch between ink colors I had never seen before, I was so intrigued that I stopped at a stationery store on the way . outside. I go back to my apartment and grab three student pens and maybe a half-gallon plastic bag with regular blue and black cartridges. I don’t have any of these pens anymore, but I’m pretty sure they were Waterman Kultur, Sheaffer No-Nonsense, and a generic Stypen. With the exception of the Kultur single, those pens were terrible, with dry, scratchy, and runny issues. Stepan spilled and ruined at least two pairs of pants. But I was excited.

I mentioned this story because I probably spent twice as much as the Pilot Metropolitan on these three cheap pens, only one of which worked *enough* well, and none of which I could ever use in the professional environment I work in today. It’s possible that if the Metropolitan had been available and I’d bought this pen as a student, I’d be using the same pen today, and it would certainly have saved me five years of lugging around piles of cheap fountain pens. for something which was semi-reliable and wouldn’t break the bank. I also can’t help but think that if I had caught the fountain pen bug with the “first pens” available to me, how many people would have been converted if they had the opportunity to test the waters of the fountain pen world with a pen as attractive and as reliable as this one.

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

Pilot Kakuno: Quick Look

This pen is a workhorse. I have two Metropolitans in my collection: a plain black pen with a medium tip and a plain silver pen with a fine tip. Even though this medium is probably my favorite material for daily posts, I skipped this review sentence this week.

The body of the pen is mostly plastic, but it has some weight to it, so I suspect there is a brass weight in the body. The plastic is thick and not brittle, unlike some pens labeled as beginner or entry-level pens. He feels strong. It also doesn’t scratch easily. I have thrown these items into various purses, key pockets, car glove boxes, etc. and they are still like new. The clip isn’t anything special—it’s not springy, but it’s a snug fit, and the handle definitely stays in place no matter where you hold it. And finally, my favorite detail, the cap is a click or slide cap that snaps on and off with a nice “click” and stays in place without moving.

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

The converter that comes with the Metropolitan isn’t anything amazing, but at least you’re not forced to pay an extra $5 for the privilege of filling the bottle (which is economical).

Pilot Plumix Refillable Fountain Pen, Light Blue Barrel, Blue Ink, Medium Nib, Single Pen And Cartridge

The Metropolitan is a converter cartridge/pen that comes with the converter installed. The converter is pretty basic – it’s a low-level compression converter that’s nothing fancy, but gets the job done. I think this is the same one that comes with the Pilot Parallel calligraphy pens. The pen also comes with one Pilot Blue or Blue-Black ink cartridge (I can’t tell by looking at it, and I haven’t used it). Like most Japanese companies, Pilot cartridges are proprietary, so please note that if you want to use cartridges to fill this pen, you cannot use the standard international model.

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

Metropolitan has a classic, streamlined design. In its most basic colorways (that is, the ones that don’t include animal print), it’s a pen that won’t draw attention to the office for those of you (like me) who are tired of rolling your eyes when something happens. pops out that no. It’s not like the G2, or the Sarasa, or the Jotter, or any other “pen” your colleagues carry.

Unlike many (if not most) pens in this price range, the Metropolitan has a smooth stainless steel nib without any of the grip that first-time fountain pen users sometimes complain about. The nibs on the two Metros I own are actually softer than many of my gold models. They are stiff as nails, no significant bend or line change is expected, but these pens are not designed for Copperplate or Spencerian writing. I’ve heard that the nibs are interchangeable with Prera​​​​​​​and other mid-range Pilot grips, but I have no experience with that and can’t recommend it one way or the other.

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

How To Refill A Fountain Pen Cartridge

Considering that the Metropolitan is $15.00, the Metropolitan pack easily beats the competition. It comes in a rather cute folding box that is housed in a cardboard box. Definitely more than I expected considering the Pilot G2 Pro is only slightly cheaper and doesn’t come in a box. But back to the price: $15. I’m not sure there’s anything on the market that comes close to this quality pen for $15. Some people will say you can get a Jinhao or some other Chinese pen on Ebay for $5 or something, and yes, maybe if you take that leap of faith you can get a pen that writes as well as the Metropolitan, but consistency will win I’ve probably bought these very cheap pens before and every great writer has five that don’t work at all and are a waste of money. (Do the math: buy 6 pens to get a decent writer = 6 x $5.00 per pen = $30.00). Save yourself the headache, buy the Metropolitan and you’ll be sure to get something that writes and writes well.

DISCLAIMER Although the pen I’m writing this review with is from my personal collection, JetPens is offering Metropolitan a free Fountain Day offer. If you’re unlucky in the lottery, Jetpens currently has the Metropolitan for $14.50 (regular black fine nib), the best price I’ve seen for a pen. (LINK HERE) And if you spend $25 or more, you get free shipping! In theory, fountain pen cartridges should be easy to use: you insert one into the pen and start writing. In practice, they are quite confusing. Some cartridges only work with one brand of pens, some with many… and they all look the same! Cartridges are rarely well marked, and the downside of a cartridge installation failure can be a broken handle (bad) or a leaking cartridge (often worse).

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

This guide will answer the most common questions about fountain pen cartridges and help you visually tell what’s what.

Pilot Varsity Fountain Pen

In the picture you can see the cartridges from longest to shortest: Parker Quink, Lamy T10, Pilot, Platinum, Sailor, Olika (also Hero) and finally the short international standard. This is not an exhaustive list, but should give you an idea of ​​how cartridges compare.

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

And here’s a side view of each cartridge so you can visually identify them by the hole through which the ink flows after being punctured.

Got a drawer full of fountain pen cartridges but don’t know which one to use? See the image below to distinguish one cartridge from another.

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

Pilot Kakuno Family Series Fountain Pen

The most common and affordable fountain pen cartridge, the International Short Standard, fits most fountain pens. If you’re in doubt about which cartridge is right for your pen, it’s usually this one. This is a very small cartridge with a capacity of approximately 0.8 ml.

This cartridge has a hard step on the front and a small plastic ball inside when it opens. as

How To Refill Pilot Fountain Pen

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