Ideas For Wall Shelves In Living Room

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Various problems can be solved by adding a floating shelf to the site. It is a versatile and accessible tool, and it is not surprising that there are many types of shelves and different ways of using them. Every room in the house can benefit from the addition of a floating shelf or two so the question remains how practical and stylish it can be at the same time. As always, we have ideas to help.

Ideas For Wall Shelves In Living Room

Ideas For Wall Shelves In Living Room

It looks like a welcoming and pleasant place and the secret is the wonderful balance of all the different colors and neutral colors used in the design. The walls are a beautiful beige and the floating shelf brings back the charm of the reclaimed wood that is combined with all the beautiful pillows on the sofa. A metal lamp in the corner and contrasting mirrors on the shelf help bring everything together. Check out @briehadj on instagram for more great ideas.

More Floating Shelves!

We don’t call these floating shelves for nothing. The hardware used to hang them on the wall is invisible, cleverly hidden within the shelves themselves. In addition, the shelves are as white as the wall behind them which helps them blend in and disappear into the background. The surroundings focus on the items placed on top of the shelves which at the moment bring beautiful colors of pastel colors to the interior. Follow @smallcdesign_ for inspiring design ideas.

Living brown wood is always stunning and can be used in many beautiful and interesting ways in your decoration. Edge-to-edge shelves give us one easy way to utilize the natural beauty and uniqueness of these products. Place some of them in the kitchen to add warmth, texture and style to the room while the design works. Here are some ideas from @timholland_heartofthemarket that we think would look great on a variety of other projects.

Floating shelves do not need to be made of one type of material. Wood is the most common choice but can be mixed with metal to create a modern industrial look that stands out. This one shared by @maryslittlemart is great for the kitchen as it is built in a towel, but if you remove the design it is very flexible and can look good in any room of the house.

Sometimes a simple design is the best and there is no need to mess with the design. Take this floating shelf for example. It has a very simple shape, round and smooth, and it is made of wood, a very common material. However, it fits this bathroom perfectly. It can also look beautiful in other places like the laundry room, kitchen, living room or bedroom. Check out @kaidandesigns for some great ideas.

Cool Ideas For Floating Shelves

Floating shelves give you the perfect look to create displays with different seasonal themes such as Halloween or Christmas. Come up with unique designs and redecorate them from time to time to keep the whole house fresh and exciting. You can also have different items on the shelf for each season, such as fresh spring flowers, cones and small autumn pumpkins, etc. Check out this delicious app from for inspiration.

Consider placing sconces above your floating shelves as a way to illuminate and highlight the items inside. This would look great if you have a cool collection or handmade jewelry that you want to show off. At the same time, the lamp can also work as a task/tone light for the whole room. Here it is placed above the kitchen, which works well. This is the design shared by @ourmodernbrick.

Floating shelves are great for corner spaces because they are one of the few things that fit in there and make good use of the space. Corners are difficult to furnish and decorate, but you can always rely on shelves to help you. Corner shelves are also very useful in kitchens, bathrooms and many small spaces. Here they add storage for things like dishes, utensils and anything else small enough to fit them. Check out @hovrsolutions for more information.

Ideas For Wall Shelves In Living Room

You can also rely on shelves to fit the space that is small, very narrow or too narrow to fit something like clothes or electronics. It can often be useful in the kitchen or bathroom but is not limited to such areas. In this design shared by @dawningramdesign, a shelf fills the gap and helps organize the space by adding convenient storage above the backsplash.

How To Decorate Around Your Tv With Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can be used as decoration if you want to fill an empty wall or place a display area like a TV in the living room, but you don’t want to add too much furniture. Shelves keep the room simple and airy and at the same time break the monotony of the interior. This is a great job for them in the living room designed by studio 41 West.

The shelves themselves can be allowed to stand and become a decorative object. Instead of trying to match the wall behind them to show the things on display, you can choose shelves that are different from the wall. In this way, they attract attention, even when they are empty. This is also a great way to introduce a new color tone or fabric in a room. This is a remodel from Legacy Kitchens.

Another great idea is to install lighting built into the shelves. There are many types of lighting that can be installed in this way, including LED strips that are easy to install even if you raise the shelves on the wall. Lighting is added to the bottom of the shelves and illuminates the space below that may have another shelf or may have a painting. This will also help bring out the color of the wall. Check out this living room from An Interior Motive Designs for inspiration.

Of course, the size of the shelves and the rest of them should be chosen according to the volume of the room, its style and the surrounding events. Small spaces like the space between a cupboard and a window for example are perfect for small floating shelves. They fit perfectly in here without going through the window. These are beautiful and thoughtful from Casa V Interiors.

Living Room Storage Ideas

They tend to look for symmetry when designing a space and sometimes they can have good results but sometimes they can make the room look plain and boring. With this in mind, an asymmetrical placement of shelves can look modern and interesting and can be an easy way to make a part of the room more interesting.

Floating shelves can be simple and very narrow, making them blend in easily with the decor around them. But it can be simple and obvious at the same time, and this can be done in different ways. One way is to add lighting to the bottom of the shelves, as shown in this living room by Apollo Builders. You can also identify the shelf and the items you put on it.

What we mean here is that you can put shelves in places that would normally not serve a purpose, like the space under the stairs for example. The flexibility of the shelves allows them to use this space to their advantage. You can put a desk under the stairs with shelves around it and create a small office for yourself or you can add a chair and create a reading area. Here’s an inspiring setup from Zephyr Interiors that might give you some ideas.

Ideas For Wall Shelves In Living Room

The bathroom is one of those places where you don’t have a lot of freedom to add a lot of decorative items because the space is often limited and the focus should be on the function. Floating shelves are one of the few things that can be functional and decorative at the same time. Use them to give the space more character and appeal. This is a beautiful model by Hart Wright Architects. Confused about how to decorate an empty shelf in your home? In this post

Creative Diy Floating Wall Shelves

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