Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors – Today for Paint It Monday, I’m excited to share an interview I had the opportunity to do with Mary Lawler, Color Stylist and Color Marketing Manager for Kelly-Moore Paints:

Mary has my dream job helping to follow color trends, create new color collections and develop tools to help consumers find the right paint color. What a great job playing with paint colors every day!

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

I have always wondered how paint companies group and select specific paint colors for their collections and determine what colors consumers will respond to. Color companies have teams of color stylists who understand color better than anyone and can carefully analyze color trends when developing color collections. Of course, any “insider” information or advice we can get from these paint color experts on choosing colors would be greatly appreciated.

Exterior White Combos — Colors By Kelly

Kelly-Moore Paints recently contacted me about their new color system called the Color Studio Collection and I asked if it would be possible to interview their color stylist. I wanted to get as much information as possible to help us choose a color and was so excited that Mary agreed to talk to me. So today I’m sharing my interview with Mary and she gives us some real insight and tips on choosing colors. So let’s jump right in;

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

When you decide to choose new colors for your collection, what influences and inspires you? Are you looking for design or fashion trends? We want to know how you determine which colors consumers pass through in their homes. Are you swayed by “barometers” like the Pantone Color of the Year?

As a regional color manufacturer located in one of the most beautiful regions of the country, my influences in developing our Color Studio Collection were the uniqueness of geography, culture and lighting in our various western markets. With over 1,700 highly useful and timeless colors, this color system is adapted to the changing trends in design and fashion.

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

Exterior Color Schemes For Every Architectural Style

From this color system I will choose a color collection several times a year. For these collections, I look to design and fashion trends as influential, along with socio-economics and reliable “barometers” when choosing trend palettes.

Many people actually struggle with choosing the right color for their home. I can’t tell you how many of my readers agonize over a color and finally make a decision and then hate the color when they put it on the wall. Do you have any tips to help us make better color choices and better focus on the crazy colors and shades that pop out in certain lighting?

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

Choosing the right colors for our walls definitely has its challenges. As for “rogue”, they are best identified by comparison to the original or primary color. For example, to determine the “mixture” of a particular neutral color under consideration, line it up with a true red, green, blue, or yellow. It will be clear which family the color belongs to. Then it’s just a matter of determining whether this “mass” is harmonic in space.

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And most importantly: keep an open mind about color and try not to overanalyze it. Many people are afraid to choose colors, it’s a shame. Paint can bring so much life to a space so quickly and with little expense. If you find that a certain color appeals to you and makes you feel good, use it.

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

Last year I shared my tips and tricks for choosing my paint colors. Is there anything you can add or explain about my little technique that might help us even more?

I must say that your post on tips and tricks was very well done. Understanding that color does not exist without light and that different types of light determine how a color appears when choosing a color. The choice of color should only be determined by the environment where it will be applied. This will ensure that the light source reveals the colors as they will appear when applied.

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Now, the question we all want to know (bring on the crystal ball): Tell us where consumers go when it comes to colors and shades. What does Kelly-Moore think we’ll be racing to get on our walls in the next 6-12 months and why?

Vague but safe neutrals live up to the bold colors we lived with during the recession, painted with a softer, less defined hue. Think pastel, but a little deeper. A bit cleaner, less “undertone”. As we see a shift in influence from Boomers to Gen X, be sure to check out the many other unexpected uses of color. Like black accent walls with recycled furniture painted chartreuse or fuchsia. We see it now, especially out of necessity during recessions. But as the makers get closer to it, we will see more.

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

If you could only pick one Kelly-Moore paint color that is the best and ideal neutral/safe/calm color that looks great in any lighting condition, what color would it be (I know, it’s a favorite Like choosing a child!)?

Kelly Moore Paints

This is the wall color I chose for our “color wall” at the San Francisco Design Center, a 42-foot wall on which we put a 3″ x 4″ sample of each of our more than 1,700 colors from the Color Studio collection. is mounted It has a light reflectance value (LRV) of 65; It is a neutral that shows very little of any color family; Works well with warm and cool colors.

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

Finally, can you tell us a little more about Kelly-Moore and what is unique and makes your color stand out from other colors on the market?

We are a staff-owned regional paint manufacturer. We manufacture in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most environmentally restricted areas in North America. As a result, we are a leader in zero-VOC products. Our reputation for quality products is unmatched in the industry. We manufacture some of the most technologically advanced paint products and set the industry standard for new product development and quality control.

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

Things Nobody Tells You About Painting The Exterior Of Your House

Our more than 150 company-owned stores offer innovative, high-quality products with exceptional service at a fair price. We have created our Color Studio collection of colors by focusing on the color needs of the markets. Colors inspired by the uniqueness of the West, from different geographies, lighting and architecture to different cultures and neighborhoods.

Thank you so much Mary for taking the time to talk with me and share your insight and knowledge. I agree, if you are stuck on a color and like it, don’t worry, just go with it and enjoy it. I also enjoyed hearing Mary reiterate the importance of choosing colors for the space you are painting. I think this is the most important thing when choosing paint colors!

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

I asked Kelly-Moore Paints to send me a fan kit of their new colors and I was blown away. It’s not often that I see color fan guards and fall in love with almost every color. There are some really rich colors and I wanted to highlight some of my favorites. By the way, Kelly-Moore Paints has this very helpful color selection guide on their website that makes finding the right color very easy. All you have to do is zone in the color of your choice and then click on it and you will get the name. It looks like this:

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When you click on a specific color, you’ll also see colors that coordinate with that color! How clever is that!

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

I love the “tranquility” color and think it would make a beautiful color in a bedroom or bathroom, mixed with a crisp white or “urban bird” as shown below:

When I found the hood I immediately gravitated to “Harrow’s Gate”, a very rich blue/grey that would also look beautiful in a bedroom, entryway or closet:

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

Exterior Color Palettes — Colors By Kelly

“City Loft” is a great neutral that will look great in any space. I actually think it would make a great open surface paint. I love that it’s calm and rich, but also subtle:

For a dark color for trim, doors, or an accent wall, I can’t stop leaning on wrought iron doors:

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

Kelly-Moore Paints has more than 150 independent stores nationwide and to find a location near you, visit here to search.

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So I’m curious if any of these colors jump out at you? Have you ever tried Kelly-Moore colors before? I’ve never used their colors, but I’ve heard really good things and I think I’ll try the colors in my guest room that I’m reading about for the renovation. That “Ron” seems pretty amazing

Kelly Moore Exterior White Paint Colors

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