Large Abstract Canvas Art For Living Room

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Large Abstract Canvas Art For Living Room – Large Canvas Paintings, Living Room Wall Decor, Acrylic Abstract Paintings Behind the Sofa, Buy Paintings Online, Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

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Large Abstract Canvas Art For Living Room

Large Abstract Canvas Art For Living Room

The following image sizes are large. The photos will be packed in a tube for shipping. You’ll need to gallery box it or frame it at your local frame shop:

Extra Large Wall Art, Original Abstract Painting, Blue Wall Art, Living Room Wall Art, Large Abstract Art, Horizontal Wall Art, Large Print

***This painting is completely hand-painted, with heavy oil colors and textures. This is not a print, poster or giclée.

***This is a custom image I created. The recreation will have the same texture and brushwork as the original painting.

***Because the image is very large and cannot be shipped if the gallery is packed or framed. For shipping, the printout will be wrapped in a protective tube.

***I will leave approximately 3 to 5 inches of canvas on each border so you can frame the painting or gallery at your local frame shop.

Living Room Wall Art Paintings, Blue Acrylic Abstract Painting Behind

***Free worldwide shipping on unframed photos! I will ship the print via express mail service with FedEx/DHL/EMS

This is a beautiful, vibrant painting directed by the artist. I use only the highest quality Winsor & Newton art supplies and paint on museum-quality, acid-free gallery canvas.

The print is signed on the front by the artist and 100% guaranteed, I want you to be happy with your purchase.

Large Abstract Canvas Art For Living Room

Don’t hesitate to ask a question and I will answer as soon as possible.

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Large Original Oil Painting Art On Canvas Print Modern Bright Abstract Painting Colorful Picture Living Room Home Wall Decor

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A comfortable living space is essential in your home. It’s a place where you can relax, spend nice time with family and friends and forget about the stress of the day.

The art of your living room is crucial to its decoration. The atmosphere created by your wall art and its synergy with the rest of the interior can be crucial to an attractive and happy home. Choosing unique wall art for your living room can give your space an edge and make it more personal.

Large Abstract Canvas Art For Living Room

Whatever your style, filling a large, blank wall with art or creating a new focal point in your living room can be the final touch your home decor needs. A large canvas painting can decorate your sofa. A series of prints based on the fireplace create an impressive shelf in the gallery. Or a timeless gallery wall could be right next door.

Black Red Extra Large Abstract Wall Art Hand Painted Colorful Textured Acrylic Painting Modern Oversize Abstract

If you are looking for a large and expansive piece of art to hang above your sofa or sideboard, an extra large canvas wall art will look stunning in your space and add a modern touch to your decor.

If you prefer your prints framed in glass, one of our sets of 3 prints would work well, like this beautiful, muted abstract set.

Abstract House’s affordable, high-quality artwork is hand-finished for an exceptionally luxurious feel. We offer the highest quality finish and exceptional service, without compromising on quality.

Our collections include contemporary art styles such as line art and our extensive abstract art collection, as well as classical photography, impressionist art, botanical art and more. We keep our finger on the pulse of current interior design trends, so you don’t have to.

How To Hang Large Artwork

The grid arrangement on the gallery wall provides an elegant and uniform finish. Perfect for creating a pop of simple colors – like the pink gray and purple fabric above. This particular set is divine in its simplicity.

Finding an original painting you like is simply a pleasure. By choosing a hand-painted work of art that you enjoy looking at every day, you can make your home even more personal and unique. Here are some of our best original photos you don’t want to miss.

If you like a monochromatic palette, this large, striking original painting may be just for you. Thanks to visible brushstrokes and heavy texture, deep grays on white create a beautiful contrast. It is also marked with shades of brown to add depth to the piece.

Large Abstract Canvas Art For Living Room

This stunning gray and white abstract painting is sure to stand out in your living room. This stunning 2 meter x 1.2 meter textured abstract piece fits perfectly above your sofa.

Large Painting On Canvas Abstract Wall Art Impressionist Art Oil Paint

One of the best ways to evoke emotion with wall decoration is to choose original works of art. This is a piece of work completely unique to you and the artist you choose.

It is perfect for expressing your style and mood, which is yours – and only yours. It will, of course, become the crown of your living room, if not the entire house. The original print will surely delight your guests.

But it will also bring joy every day. Owners of original works of art often have a more emotional attachment to their work than to most other things. Looking at it, you will feel a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you own something so unique and meaningful.

Our specialty is abstract works. This depends on the influence of our founder who is an independent artist. All our original artwork is hand-painted here in the UK so you can be sure it is high quality and authentic.

Large Set Of 3 Wall Art For Living Room

Creating a gallery wall that is as unique as your home will be even more admirable. Choosing a variety of framed pictures is an easy way to style your space and give it a more personal touch.

Mid-modernity returns to the world of artistic graphics. With soft curves, shapes and repeating lines, it’s a style that keeps on giving; memories of jukeboxes, music sticks and matching colorful jumpsuits.

You can also consider mixing different home decor trends with a retro style for an eclectic or maximalist feel. I’m really thriving in 2021 after years of minimalism. After all, beauty lies in courage.

Large Abstract Canvas Art For Living Room

Depending on your artistic style, paintings can add a touch of decadence, sensuality or fun to your room. They may represent iconic figures in history; those who rose up for causes close to your heart.

Colorful Abstract Super Extra Large Oversize Vertical Canvas Modern Wall Art Hand Made Oil Painting For

Our current limited edition art prints combine sharp portraits, urban photography and graffiti. These striking centerpieces add style to any modern living room and are perfect for making a statement.

They can also make great gifts for young adults who are moving into their first home or going off to college. Our works of art are created using only the latest printing technology and the finest fine art paper, so you can expect vibrant colors that will last for over 100 years.

A great piece of art can define your living space. Consider whether you want the color of the fireplace to complement the existing palette of the room or if you want it to blend in.

There are also different types of suspension to consider. Canvas prints have a finish closer to the original because they give the illusion of hand-painted brushstrokes directly on the canvas. They create wonderful, impressive, authentic works.

Large Original Abstract Painting In Acrylic, Modern Yellow And Green H

On the other hand, our art prints come with glass and solid wood frames. This gives an expensive and elegant finish.

Gallery walls are perfect for mixing and matching different art movements, mediums, styles and sizes of artwork. The result is spectacular.

They work best as a way to highlight central or important aspects of a living room. It can be located, for example, above the sofa or above the wardrobe.

Large Abstract Canvas Art For Living Room

But also try to think outside the box. Your artwork may match others, but it actually contrasts with the rest of the living room. The background section makes it beautiful; shades of graphite gray and blue-green that add drama to the pastel pink palette.

Large Abstract Oil Paintings On Canvas Gold Leaf Artwork Heavy Texture

Perhaps your comfortable armchair, elegant chaise longue or antique bookcase is your favorite piece of furniture in your living room. A gallery wall is a great way to draw attention to the area and surround yourself with art that means something to you.

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