Light Airy Living Room Decorating Ideas

Light Airy Living Room Decorating Ideas – So sad, huh? Between the popcorn ceiling, dirty paint and dark decor, there is no happy atmosphere here. I remember the last time I toured the house before it was officially closed.

The room smelled strange and the place was infested with lady bugs. I felt sick to my stomach.

Light Airy Living Room Decorating Ideas

Light Airy Living Room Decorating Ideas

By the way, the living room was my favorite change in the house. This was our first initiative. After painting the walls with Sherwin Williams Passive, scraping off the popcorn ceiling, replacing the lights, and painting the trim and beams with ultra white gloss paint….BAM!!! Light and airy living room. Add white Ikea Ektorp furniture and the transformation becomes even more spectacular.

Light And Airy Interior Design By Black And Milk

Whitening a brick fireplace, removing a copper covering and installing a wood fireplace also makes a big difference. Click here to read how I whitewash the brick. Click here to see how I added the wooden beams.

I like to think of this space as the heart of the home. Light and easy, transient, with elements of elegance. Not too dim or prominent. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine… or 2 or 3…

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I think this room deserves an award for the best renovation. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tour of my living room.

Best Simple Living Room Design And Decor Ideas

Hello there! Pretty! I can happily live here! I also have a living room with a semi-vaulted ceiling and our new Ekrop couch fits over the fireplace/tv like you do. (This is the wall to the right of the arched bench with two windows).

I was wondering how you decided on the height/position of the pendant lights. It’s hard to find much info on living room ceilings of this shape, they are still small houses (we are in San Diego, 1100 SF, eat in kitchen, but half vaulted ceiling in living room (14ft).)

I’m considering globe pendant lights, but I’m nervous. We need to hire an electrician to wire a lot of stuff (none of the rooms in these 70’s houses have ceiling lights, just light sockets that work with switches.) Any ideas? Is there a reason you went with 2 instead of one hanger? When someone sits to the sofa, the fireplace, and the TV is installed, I think I can place it in this area because of the height d of the ceiling and not be disturbed.

Light Airy Living Room Decorating Ideas

Thank you very much! A great blog post in the future will be small vaulted ceiling living room ideas like this one.

Living Room Decor Ideas To Inspire Your Home Makeover

Hello Lisa. Thanks for the content idea. I honestly went with 2 large chandeliers/pendants without much thought. There used to be 2 ceiling fans in place of the lights. So, I just changed it. Another reason is that if you only make 1 candle, it has to be big to give an interesting effect and your budget is very limited. Hope this helps!

Hello! I would love to see how you set up your Ektorp furniture…we have 2 identical Ektorp chairs and will soon be looking for an Ektorp sofa to replace the old one. Can you tell me the dimensions of the natural wool underlay in the winter/spring room? I love how every piece of furniture is on your rug!

It’s like having your own personal interior designer, life coach (and drinking buddy) for FREE. Chic AF living – on a budget. Whether you want to create a harmonious style or bring a feminine touch to your current decoration, create a bright and airy space, this could be the right move for your home. Here are some ways to create a light and airy space without using mostly white.

There is this incredible elegance that comes with pairing wooden tables with clear seating. It is very modern, but simple. Match the space with comfortable traditional armchairs for a beautiful contrast and to further emphasize the airy element.

Light & Airy Spring Living Room Tour

Pair a dark, rich wood table with open seating for a light and airy dining room with a little twist. There’s something about clear seating that seems to bring a little something extra to a room. Add a fun chandelier or sconce to brighten up the space to complete the light and airy feel.

A variety of neutral colors are pleasing to the eye and give the space an unmistakable sense of openness. Combine with some patterned pieces to add personality to your decor. If you are not a fan of light wood floors, consider wood in gray tones.

Using light neutrals can give any room a brightening effect without using a specific white color. There is something so light and warm about neutral colors, especially when used as the main color wave in a room. Match pale neutrals with light wood floors for even contrast.

Light Airy Living Room Decorating Ideas

Light and airy decor doesn’t always mean you have to use neutral colors, you can be creative and wild. Most importantly, remember that you don’t want to overload the room. Use bright and cheery blues for that beachy feel.

Gray Living Room Ideas That Are Far From Boring

We love the idea of ​​having a beach house, especially if you have an open floor plan. An open floor plan is perfect for being open and airy, but paired with beachy decor, it feels warm and fun. Use a pastel blue color to further enhance the beach house atmosphere, which will remain out of the ordinary.

If you focus on a room window, make sure that it is not covered and that the decor rotates. It gives a classic open and airy feel without detracting from your decor.

Do you have a great look? If so, notice how it blends in with your windows and exterior trim. Focusing on windows not only creates a bright effect, but also makes the room feel larger, giving it an airy and light feel. Keep windows clear of curtains for an open view.

Pastel colors are ideal for creating open spaces and adding color. However, they can sometimes have a feminine aesthetic to them. To avoid this, you’ll want to add metallic details that add a modern feel.

Ways To Decorate A Small Space For The Holidays

Color is important in any room and any decorating style, even if you want an open and airy space. The key to an open space with lots of color is to mix soft pastels with some bright pops. Bright images bring rich colors, while smooth pastels give them an airy feel.

If you have the space, match a jet black chandelier with a traditional freestanding tub. The bath gives a classic feel, while the openness of the space and the sharp touch of the chandelier create a somewhat modern contrast balance.

A black chandelier added to a softly decorated, almost white space is the perfect feminine touch for your space needs. It works best in a room with lots of natural light, such as a bathroom or living room.

Light Airy Living Room Decorating Ideas

There is something about a gray kitchen that looks put together and modern. Using different shades of gray together gives a sense of openness and lightness while being industrial and welcoming. Combine with natural colors such as wood or nude.

Spruce Up Your Home: Top 5 Modern Living Room & Bedroom Designs

Gray is one of those colors that will suit any room and any decorating style. This is mainly due to the variety of color options. Use different shades of gray and place them in the space for a very modern and airy and even stylish multidimensional feel.

If you don’t like stripes in your kitchen but want to create texture, the key is to keep it simple. The best way to do this is with tiles. Tiles come in a variety of colors and can be displayed in a variety of patterns.

When creating the perfect open space, it’s not just about having white space, you want to create texture. Create texture by mixing soft pieces with patterns such as stripes and/or flowers. They are stylish while having a clean textured look and feel.

We love using contrasting shades of beige to create airy spaces. Combine with patterned pieces to complement the light feel. You may want to add wood elements to further accentuate the different shades of beige.

Cozy Living Room Decor Ideas And Designer Examples

Beige is one of those easy colors that works well when you’re trying to create a light and airy space. The key is to work in a way that no other shade of beige would

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