Light And Airy Lightroom Presets

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Light And Airy Lightroom Presets – Our collection of mobile presets + photos from your phone will make people think you hired a professional photographer to follow you!

Use these bright and airy mobile filters/presets with the free Lightroom mobile app and transform your photos in seconds.

Light And Airy Lightroom Presets

Light And Airy Lightroom Presets

10% of our pre-order sales go to an orphanage in India that saves girls from sex trafficking and slavery.

The Dreamy Bright Preset Collection

Save time and money! You don’t need manual editing or a fancy camera to get great photos 🙌

“Recommended 10/10. I bought a few other mobile presets that looked amazing on other people’s photos and hated them when I used them. But Alison is amazing. And you get so many amazing options. I use them all the time now. 🙃”

“I love these presets and the instructions inside were so easy to follow and load! I highly recommend them ❤️”

“Your moving presets do so much to improve my photos! They bring light and life to dull and dark photos and make colors pop in the right places. It won’t hurt to more coordinating photos. . Along with professional photos taken by you, both on my Instagram feed and printed in our home. ☺️”

Light & Airy Lightroom Photo Presets

Alison’s bright and clean moving presets are amazing! I have used them for my dog ​​photos, nature photos, family photos, and even selfies. It’s a game changer for quick photos with your iPhone. My photos look professional now! We have a baby on the way and I can’t wait to use these presets for our sweet photos! <3

“I love Allison’s preorders! I have my first and second collection and they all work great! Her instructions are simple and easy to follow, making her preorders as easy as possible can be✨”

“Alison Jeffers’ photos are the best! Her presets transform any photo into a true work of art! I’m so glad we got them before our baby was born.”

Light And Airy Lightroom Presets

A. Basically, these are filters for photos on your phone that are fully customizable (and magical) and work with the free Lightroom mobile app. When you buy our pre-packaged collection, we’ll send you step-by-step instructions to get you all set up.

Light And Airy Lightroom Preset

Preset = A formula of saved settings that I created to save time (+ adding my magic) when editing photos ✨

A: Of course! Send us 3-5 photos at hello@ and we’ll show you how your photos will look with our presets, along with a video of how we edit them.

A. Our presets are for everyone who wants cheerful and bright phone pictures! We include step-by-step instructions on how to download, install and use presets. We’ve gotten great feedback about how easy they are to use, especially from moms

A. No monthly fee! You have the option to upgrade to the free Lightroom app for additional features, but they don’t have to use our preset collection.

Jd Bright & Airy Presets

A. After purchasing our preset collection, we will email you all the presets and instructions on how to use them. The main part? They are yours to keep forever! Get a new phone!

A. Our prepackaged collection is created by a real designer with you in mind! We’ve spent hours testing our presets on photos from photographers or non-professionals to make sure our presets look amazing in every photo! We have tons of reviews that prove these are the best Lightroom mobile presets on the market! There are no clear, clean presets like this anywhere else! Lightroom presets are usually light and airy to mimic film such as Fuji 400 or Portra 400. The style is usually characterized by soft, pastel colors and often uses natural light as the main light source when being caught. The picture. Other terms used to describe this style are whimsical, romantic, light and airy, and cinematic.

We’re excited to introduce Pastel Pack, our light and airy pack of Lightroom presets for photographers. Check out some examples of our cake recipes below.

Light And Airy Lightroom Presets

The light and airy look is more than just an editorial style. Perhaps more than the other major styles of wedding and portrait photography, this style encompasses all elements of photography such as subject, clothing, composition, scenery and lighting. While there are no “rules” to follow when creating light and airy images, here are some general points and general guidelines:

Bright And Airy Lightroom Presets Bright Presets Wedding

Simplicity is the key to achieving a light and airy look. The mindset to look for opportunities such as visions, reflexes, gestures/movements etc. It is less important. Instead, aim to create a simple, clean aesthetic, focusing on visual expression and lighting.

Light and airy pictures are often ideal for images with a pastel color palette. Clothing styles and backgrounds often feature natural browns, delicate greens and pinks, baby blues, and other “soft” colors. Of course, this is not always true, but again, this is just a general guideline that leads to the appearance of a light and airy image.

Light and airy photos work best in portrait/photo direction. Most photographers in this style shoot both portraits and landscapes, with the proportions of a set of photos usually more vertical.

The main reason for this is to aim for a clean, simple aesthetic, with the subject taking up most of the frame in many photos. Again, there are exceptions and these are general rules, but you’ll see less “big wide angle shots” and “ambient shots” and more mid-range crops that focus on subject expressions and details.

Light & Airy Lightroom Presets, In

In light and airy photography, you will see more use of natural light than in other photography styles. It is clean, simple and consistent with the concept of natural beauty.

Rather than changing the light too much, light and airy photographers usually rely on finding the right scene and shooting at the right time of day and in the right weather. Keep in mind that there are still many cases where a light and airy photographer uses flash, and many advanced photographers use it subtly while maintaining the appearance of natural light.

We hope this gives you an idea of ​​our light and airy Lightroom presets. As you can see, this particular style is more than just an editing style. It is an entire style of photography, and some might even say, an entire philosophy that embraces clean, simple and natural beauty. For more information, see our cake packages. “I am very happy with this collection. I have several pre-orders from other companies and these are my favorites! Well done.” – Juan R.

Light And Airy Lightroom Presets

The bright and airy de luxe Instagram preset collection includes ten presets designed to update your social media images for consistency and branding. This collection is ideal for bright, white, light and airy scenes. These presets work for photos taken with both a professional camera and a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android Enhance and brighten your social feed or Instagram with a look that only Instagram presets can provide.

Bright & Airy Lightroom Presets For Mobile & Desktop

2. Beauty: Edit your photos or videos at home or on the go using our presets in the Lightroom desktop or mobile app.

Presets are basically a configuration of settings, designed to achieve hours of quick editing looks by changing them globally with one click. On average, our presets vary between 30 and 50 positions.

Actions are a pre-programmed set of multiple software commands, executed one after the other, to make specific changes to an image. Actions can be stacked, executed one after the other to create a more dynamic editing. Tasks are usually complex and because of this, the practice saves a lot of time for the user by changing each one individually to achieve the desired result. Our actions are compatible with Photoshop CS6 and later (including CC and 2020) and Elements version 15 and later.

An overlay consists of an image (.jpeg or .png) placed over the original image as a layer to enhance it. The user usually combines layers to create a realistic composition. Overlays are versatile and can come in many forms, from seasonal (rain and rainbows, snow, fog, sky and leaves) to everyday magic (glitter, flashing lights, bokeh, confetti and pixie dust ).

Best Bright Light And Airy Lightroom Mobile Presets

A LUT is a tool that allows filmmakers, editors and colorists to apply specific color levels to film/video (raw log image) or images. Our LUTs or Color Lookup Tables are presets in .CUBE format designed to sort color film clips. They can be used in most video editing programs and any photo editing software that allows adjustment layers to target lookup tables for color grading. We’ve included some common programs below, but if you know your software can support .CUBE LUTs, feel free to use them!

Software – Users must have at least Adobe software to use this collection. Check your compatibility here!

Note: AI Adaptive Presets, Tool Presets and some effect presets may be excluded for iOS. Additionally, AI presets only work on updated subscription software. Please do not forget to read completely

Light And Airy Lightroom Presets

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