Light And Airy Living Room

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Light And Airy Living Room – For some unknown reason, this year I am paying more and more attention to what spring has to offer. Tiny buds are sprouting all over the trees, sweet flowers are sprouting and the warmer weather is making me feel like spring this year. I’m so glad you’re here for my LightAiry Spring Living Room Tour…I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to share it with you, so thanks for stopping by!

If you missed my spring bedroom tour last week, you can do so here. This post contains affiliate links. See my full disclosure policy here.

Light And Airy Living Room

Light And Airy Living Room

I think this might be my favorite look in my living room so far. There are so many interesting details that I am amazed. I’ve been looking for a new spring/summer rug for a long time, along with a few other things, and this is the end result. I love how everything came together, but I also used oldies but goodies like my pillows, throws and accessories.

Light Airy Living Rok

I am very pleased with this rug and how it has transformed my living room into such a light and airy space. It is woven but a bit soft. Not very soft, but good enough for a natural woven rug. The background is cream white and dark blue. But the look is so soft and airy and will look good anywhere.

I also added this jute pouf. I already have a little brother that I move around the house, but for the price it’s a perfect upgrade to a 30″ coffee table. It’s big enough to put a small tray (or a book like me) on it for essentials or whatever. Nope i can understand how wonderful you guys make this place look and feel!

I put together a collection of several small pieces for my ottoman/coffee table, including my favorite faux eucalyptus stems. I can’t get over how real they are! And their new favorite bone beads. But I took an old vase (like a vase) that I like and placed it on top of an old home decor book.

For pillows, I used only what was available. You have already seen some, but of course the location may be different. On this side of the couch, I used a favorite pillow from last fall, this blue and white basic pillow, a blue and white wide stripe ( similar ) from Home Goods, and this peach and white polka dot pillow.

Light Airy Living Room Images, Stock Photos, 3d Objects, & Vectors

We also used this fun, lightweight, oversized cotton throw (wow, that was a lot of adjectives), but this throw is really stylish and deserves to be featured again this spring!

On the other side, you will find a pillow that I also used last fall. I love the subtle pattern on this pillow and the nice shade of blue that complements the space.

I love the light and airiness of the room in spring and summer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Light And Airy Living Room

If I go back to the other side of the room you can see a different look on the rug and I’m still using my new faux olive tree. I love how realistic it is and I love the life it brings to my living room! You can see my review of it in my TV/gallery post here.

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The living room with the TV is mostly unchanged except for a new lamp, a bunch of artificial peonies and I always pull out my Grapewood branch this time of year. You can see the entire recent edition of this wall here.

I’m so impressed with the style and texture of this lamp…it’s so good! And this is one of my favorite lighting designers. I recently picked it up on sale and am hooked!

Across from the living room is our little kitchen for rent…I’ll save you the trouble, but I love what I’ve got stored in here for spring, with several stems of faux eucalyptus and my favorite rattan tray!

This is the end of the tour. If you’d like to check out my current tips for contemporary spring decorating this year, you can do so here. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed the tour and as always I’d love your feedback!

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Grab | Jute pouf | Eucalyptus Stems Bone Balls | Book | Sofa | Blue and White Basic Pillow | Cushion in peach dot | Blue patterned pillow | Similar blue and white striped pillow | Similar curtains Similar rods | Floor lamp Peripheral wall | As a media cabinet | White table lamp | Artificial olive | Gallery of wall frames | Summary prints one, two and three | Artificial peony group | round rattan tray | Deaths like those & tw0 | Dishcloth | A similar death in the book | Round rattan train Spring is still a few days away, but its easy breathing can already be felt. Here are some ideas to decorate your living room in spring, try them and your space will fill like spring and fill you with happiness!

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Light And Airy Living Room

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The living room is decorated for spring – with green table tops, green cushions and a chair, elegant and refreshing

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Light And Airy Living Room

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Light And Airy Living Room

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First of all, the spring room should be spacious and filled with light – so large windows and neutral colors will help you. If it is not possible to add a screen or open the windows by removing the curtains, you can add some mirrors to reflect the light and fill the room with it, or several layers of light add art. Choose colorful decorations and furniture: pink and emerald pillows, colorful curtains and carpets. Floral patterns are the best choice for this season to have everything in bloom outside and inside. Bring in floral cushions, blankets, hang curtains and place rugs, and you don’t need to change anything else – spring will be here! If you don’t want to change much, put one bright chair, add some colorful bedspreads and pillows that you can change later, put a printed rug on the floor and some flowers and greenery – artificial or natural, no. business Don’t forget greenery and real flowers to liven up the room, if possible, add it too. Find some more ideas below and choose your own!

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Pastel spring living room with blue sofa and brightly colored pillows, yellow armchair and bright flowers and candles

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