Living Room And Kitchen Combined Ideas

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Living Room And Kitchen Combined Ideas – Today’s kitchen is more than a place to prepare food. As housework increased and ‘living’ became the new ‘going out’, our kitchens became the center of our homes. A place for cooking, a modern kitchen is a place for work, relaxation, entertainment and dining.

If you’re looking to add flexibility to your multi-functional kitchen, we’ve put together a collection of smart interior design ideas to give your kitchen versatility, no matter how you use it in your home. From integrating bathroom furniture into your kitchen, to using light to open up open spaces, you’ll find great ideas and small tweaks to transform your kitchen to fit your lifestyle.

Living Room And Kitchen Combined Ideas

Living Room And Kitchen Combined Ideas

A breakfast bar is more than your morning bowl of granola. This popular kitchen style is richer, more suitable for catching up on emails with a cup of strong coffee, and for catching up with friends over a pot of tea. The breakfast bar can be a place to help children with their homework and provide food.

How To Fit A Dining Table In A Small Living Room

Smaller than a dining table, not to mention better in terms of space, this wide surface can be the focal point of modern kitchens where family and friends gather, perhaps while dinner is being prepared. A breakfast bar can be designed to fit into your kitchen space and can be used to open up more connected areas. For example, defining the food preparation area from the large living areas in the open space.

Choose a timeless breakfast bar, built from materials that are made to last, to ensure that it will last a long time, even if it is used a lot. The durability and natural beauty of marble countertops make marble an excellent choice for a breakfast table. Natural materials, such as marble, stone and wood, are common materials in terms of design, suitable for many colors and interiors, as long as you are ready for a change.

Opening up your home to add kitchen, dining and living areas is an interior design option that can increase the value of your property. Removing partition walls and connecting different areas of your home together has many benefits, from letting light into the home and making most of the photos square to promote a more “intimate” style. Without a dividing wall, parents working in the kitchen can keep an eye on the youngsters while they finish their homework. Guests can communicate with their guests while preparing dinner behind the fireplace. Living with an open plan brings people together easily.

It is better to live with an open plan, but sometimes everyone needs privacy. Even the combination of your living room and your kitchen can be uncomfortable. These functions can be easily modified. Like the breakfast bar mentioned earlier, room dividers can be used to overlook different areas, provide privacy and create a beautiful space in the design.

Open Kitchen Living Room Concept Ideas In 2024

While some kitchen appliances and tools are essential in any kitchen, others are more expensive – and less attractive. Having a separate bathroom is a great way to avoid sitting with the washing machine in full view of your bed.

Keeping large appliances, such as dryers, fridges and freezers to a minimum, is about the importance of ensuring that your living space is not flooded with locks, noise and the attraction of white goods. A separate utility room will reduce noise and help make your kitchen/dining room a feast for the eyes and ears.

Light is very important for interior design. In most rooms, lighting must perform several functions. From strong lighting to ensure the home chef cooks and illuminates the workplace during the day, to create a pleasant dining environment and comfortable areas for relaxing at home, the right lighting has many functions to achieve.

Living Room And Kitchen Combined Ideas

We recommend including various lighting options that can be adjusted independently. This allows families to choose the lighting they need, depending on how they use the room.

Impressive Open Plan Living Room Ideas

The lights and walls, directed to the sides of the kitchen, make it easy to cook and prepare food in a popular way. Now, hanging lamps with interesting shades above the coffee table look great, making it a great way to socialize and create a focal point in your dining room. Now the unique table and floor lamps are the perfect choice for living areas in your open space, creating a pleasant light or a large lamp, depending on the activity and the time of day.

From breakfast bowls to kitchen cabinets, John Lewis of Hungerford manufacturers know how to create furniture that meets the demands of a busy lifestyle. With decades of experience, we design and manufacture beautiful furniture designed for modern homes.

Whatever your kitchen ideas, our experts can help. View our range of kitchen furniture on our website, or contact an expert at John Lewis of Hungerford to discuss your kitchen design ideas today. From simple information to a guide to getting the most out of your home design with smart layouts, our builders and installers are always happy to help.

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Living Room And Kitchen Combined Ideas

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Open Kitchen Living Room Ideas

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