Living Room Design With Sectional Sofa

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Living Room Design With Sectional Sofa – Welcome to our gallery featuring an incredible variety of living room pieces in every texture and configuration imaginable.

As a piece of furniture, the sofa set has become something completely transformable for living rooms. These innovative seating arrangements offer an on-the-fly transformation that more permanent furniture sets can only dream of.

Living Room Design With Sectional Sofa

Living Room Design With Sectional Sofa

Whether U-shaped, L-shaped, semi-circular or folded into any pattern, the living room sofa set has become a staple for modern families who want versatile comfort in their lives.

Small Living Room Sectionals For Every Style 2023

In this collection you will find mid-century modern sofas with cushion backs, camel backs and all kinds of sectional sofas, often combined with fine materials for the floor, walls and table surfaces of these living rooms.

We hope these interesting designs generate ideas for both you and us.

This luxurious suite features beige L-shaped living rooms near a spacious sliding terrace. A high vaulted ceiling with fine stonework and exposed beams completes the look. Shop this look.

This spacious living room has naturally lit floor-to-ceiling glass and a large beige L-shaped sofa with tracery arms on a white patterned rug on a wooden floor. A second living area and full formal dining area also share the expansive space. Source: Zillow DigsTM

Comfy Lambswool Modular Sofa For Living Room, Boucle Sectional Sofa With Toss Pillow

The ultra-modern living room features white cushions and glass shelves on a gray wooden floor, a metal-framed unit centered around an innovative wood-and-metal coffee table.

The living room has a leather back with camel cushions and divided pillows in an open space with a large white fireplace under a vaulted ceiling. Shop this look.

Here’s another ultra-modern living room with a white sectional sofa centered around a single round white nesting table on a brown patterned rug. In the background, a metal and glass staircase rises above a dining area with a “heavenly” chandelier.

Living Room Design With Sectional Sofa

A set of white L-shaped sofas with purple and blue pillows and rounded armrests anchors this modern living room on a large blue rug on a natural wood floor. A matching white dining set with a glass table separates the room with floor-to-ceiling windows and fairy lights. Shop this look.

Comfortable Modern Farmhouse Sectional Sofas For Your Living Room

The almost all-white living room features a huge U-shaped sectional sofa with upholstered arms and back on a dark wood floor.

The unique and ultra-modern design of the living room features exterior walls made of floor-to-ceiling glass, metal-framed chairs, as well as a spiral staircase and a kitchen area in the distance, with a gray L-shaped sofa. Foreground. An upholstered sofa sits around a black oval coffee table on a textured tiled floor. Source: Zillow DigsTM

Double sofas in the living room are combined with simple gray coffee tables and minimalist decor in this white room with padded backs and chaise longue elements.

A set of upholstered gray sofas sit on a gold patterned rug beneath a high vaulted ceiling in this lush living room, surrounded by a stone and wood fireplace in front of a carved wooden coffee table. Shop this look.

Furniture Trends From High Point Market

Cherry hardwood floors in this high-ceilinged room support a large beige leather couch in the living room, with floor-to-ceiling windows that look out to equal-height bookshelves under a ceiling detailed with gold chandeliers.

The comfortable living room furniture set includes a brown back cushion with colorful pillows in various patterns centered around a carved wood coffee table with a glass top on a rug that fills the room. Shop this look.

The bright and sunny space features white and gray lounge sofas arranged around a glass coffee table on a white wooden floor. A black stone wall contrasts this floor-to-ceiling outdoor space.

Living Room Design With Sectional Sofa

This cozy space features a set of simple and uncomplicated upholstered sofas with a built-in chaise longue and matching gray leather stool on a natural wood floor. Shop this look.

Living Room Furniture Layouts That Make The Most Of Your Space

Another great example of modern texture mixed with classic nuances: a concrete wall space flanks floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing natural light to spill over the gray wooden floor, and a white upholstered unit with two large matching benches surrounds a black glass coffee table. .

A spacious living room with tons of textures and tones, including a black leather sofa with a chaise longue on a brown patterned rug on a natural wood floor. Huge two-story windows brighten the modern-looking space. Shop this look.

White U-shaped units surround an elongated glass coffee table in front of a large stone-walled fireplace in this glass-walled living room.

A modern semi-circular sofa sits around a Yin-Yan table in this living room with cherry wood paneling, a wavy wide-paneled floor and wall. Shop this look.

Signature Design By Ashley O’phannon 29402s2 2 Piece Sectional With Chaise

The wide open space is the focal point of this upholstered sofa in the living room, surrounded by rich dark wood furniture on a beige marble floor. There is a high ceiling with exposed beams above the room which it shares with the kitchen area.

A large, modern L-shaped white leather sectional sofa completes this cozy living space with dark hardwood floors, an entry fireplace, and a large black and glass coffee table.

A white sloping ceiling over a dark wood floor in this living room, which features a modern brown armless sofa with red cushions and cow print cushions. In the middle is an old wood and glass coffee table with a white rug and to the left of this a cowhide chaise longue. Shop this look.

Living Room Design With Sectional Sofa

A modern white leather sofa with matching armchair surrounds a tiered wood and glass coffee table in this modern living room with a chunky chrome arc lamp and white shelves above a gas fireplace.

Creative Sectional Sofa Ideas For Your Living Room

The cozy living room features a white wicker sofa with a chaise lounge wrapped around a rustic wooden coffee table with four matching ottomans. A brick wall and floor-to-ceiling glass provide a variety of textures and natural light, respectively.

The ultra-modern living room features a long white upholstered area surrounded by a large gray minimalist ottoman and receives full natural light through floor-to-ceiling glass panels. There are white shelves and a media stand on the left dark wood wall. Shop this look.

This cozy yet open living room features a modern gray L-shaped unit with accent pillows on a dark brown marble floor with almost matching dark wood furniture and cabinets.

Earth tones in this living room with a gray L-shaped unit on a brown marble floor centered around a natural wood coffee table. On the carpet in front of the furniture, under the large projection screens, there is a media center made of natural wood.

Contemporary Living Rooms With Sectional Sofas (pictures)

This compact white living room has a dark wood floor beneath a white semi-circular cutout. On a zebra rug, with a gray armchair to the left. Shop this look.

The huge marble-floored living room has a full wall of floor-to-ceiling glass, a modern brown L-shaped sofa that rests on a black rug, a reading dining area at the back and a bar area at the back. final

This open, structured living room features a gray L-shaped armless sofa centered around a stylish glass and metal coffee table, with exposed beams above and Greek column floor lamps on the sides. Source: Zillow DigsTM

Living Room Design With Sectional Sofa

This bright living room with a brick fireplace surrounded by light wood floors, a textured wood paneled wall under a white balcony has a large natural wood coffee table with metal legs and a brown sofa with chaise longue. In the background is a dining area with an exposed beam above. Shop this look.

Living Room Decor Ideas

Curved glass naturally illuminates this space, with an L-shaped leather sofa with a brown cushion surface, a gray fabric armchair and a black leather pouf in front of the ottoman.

This living room features a large dark hardwood floor, a stone fireplace surrounded by a large wood-burning fireplace, a U-shaped sectional sofa upholstered in beige, a red leather ottoman, and a camel-back sofa.

A mid-height L-shaped framed natural wood wall rests on a patterned rug from a matching sectional sofa with a suspended hearth in the center. Source: Zillow DigsTM

The spacious open-plan living room has a soft leather semi-circular sofa with a large ornate coffee table on a white rug. Natural wood floors connect the space.

Cozy Sectional Sofa

Modern details in the brick-walled living room include a white L-shaped sectional sofa with colorful patterned pillows arranged around a glass coffee table on a black and white round rug. A white counter top bar area, a dining table with red seats and large built-in dark wood shelves complete the space. Source: Zillow DigsTM

The circular living room features a mid-century semi-circular area to the left and a bright, multi-colored rug with sun motifs to the right, paired with soft orange upholstered chairs. A round glass coffee table takes center stage in this sunny space.

A modern minimalist design in this high-ceilinged room with a stone fireplace surround, floor-to-ceiling windows and a modern white U-shaped sofa with two round poufs and a black glass coffee table. Source: Zillow DigsTM

Living Room Design With Sectional Sofa

This ultra-modern space features several white living room sofas with unique swivel backs centered around a circular carpet mirror detail on the ceiling. Red leather and wood details contrast with the black decor and light wood floor.

Loft Sectional Sofa With Chaise, Right Facing, Beige

Truly unique in this collection of evenly divided living rooms, this two-story living room features a white L-shaped sofa upholstered in cherry wood, a minimalist square coffee table, double black wicker stools and a pair of gray armchairs in front of a full height window. Overlooking Central Park. Source: Zillow DigsTM

Here’s a cozier space, with an L-shaped sectional sofa with cushions, a large dark wood coffee table and a wicker chair by the white fireplace.

A multi-textured living room features a white L-shaped sectional sofa on a soft white rug on a dark marble floor, a second-floor balcony, and a leather armchair in the foreground. Source: Zillow DigsTM

Another cozy living room features a light mocha addition and a matching fireplace, a round dark wood coffee table and a white rug in the middle.

Peak Living 4810 4810+27 2124 Concrete 2 Pc Sectional

The naturally lit living area is lined in cherry wood, features camel leather upholstered furniture and a carved wooden fireplace that reflects organic curves.

A tropical-themed living room is complemented by gray upholstery.

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