Living Room Dining Room Combo

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Living Room Dining Room Combo – Disclosure: I was lucky enough to collaborate with several brands to renovate this room. All links and brand mentions are included at the end of this post. And all opinions are my own.

To say that the past six weeks have flown by is an understatement! I have to start by saying a big thank you to Linda from One Room Challenge for believing in me and inviting me to join. I am grateful for this opportunity! When I started designing this room I knew I would be limited by the rent. So my goal is to increase the colors, patterns and furniture options! A few things I knew from the start: Compare with other changes. Seems too low. I didn’t open the first room. I did not update windows. I did not refinish my hardwood floors. To be honest, I didn’t even change the function of the room! But… I added a lot of new details and created some fun, easy projects myself, and if I don’t like the space, I don’t destroy it.

Living Room Dining Room Combo

Living Room Dining Room Combo

Thank you for sharing my enthusiasm and encouraging me over the past six weeks. It’s hard not to be humbled by this incredible team of designers. So thanks for your encouragement and kind words! Shall we go back to the beginning to make it more legitimate? The living room kitchen was also an interesting color when we first moved into the rental room.Low ceilings.75% of the shutters failed. But hardwood floors and lots of space.

Ikea Combined Living & Dining Room

The kitchen is naturally opposite, with a fireplace at one end. The room is large enough to have two separate areas. Therefore, the dining room is also a room. Although I like the new look. But I don’t want to replace every piece of furniture in principle. My green sofa is discontinued. I have nowhere to put it. And I can’t wait to share it. A colorful rug I bought a few years ago from a local rug store.

Let’s talk about what I do. My favorite detail is the mural on the far wall. It brings a lot of interesting textures and colors. Check out my post on how I was able to hang a mural without worrying about a security deposit. I didn’t want to cover the walls with large art. So I chose this bright pink “neon” sign. It has LED lights so it doesn’t get too hot. It says “Just Try It”, which is my motto for DIY (and eating, ha!).

I have a new dining table from Raymoor and Flanigan and love how the wood softens the space and feels a little more modern than the old blue farmhouse table. I found out last week that my dining room chairs and sideboard were pre-ordered. So I found a sideboard on Facebook Marketplace and a yellow chair from Ikea. A headrest is always part of my plans!

I am sharing the tutorial here. But I added a non-electric bubble chandelier to define the kitchen space a bit more and focus the eye more. You may also notice a new pink rug under the table. On my various vision boards, the color looks best under the dining room table. (rather than black and white) and this bright pink, vintage-style magnolia home for the Loloy rug fits the bill!

Refined Kitchen Living Room Combo For An Airy And Well Ventilated Room

Minted is one of our sponsors. And I was able to collect some beautiful prints to hang in the space. I’m obsessed with the Ladies of Color gallery wall (art by Juniper Biggs, Gloria Blatt, and Hayley Mitchell). Beneath the gallery wall are pleasant fur cushioned chairs. (Full tutorial here ) I used a delicate pink faux lotus fabric from Spoon Flower and it has a really bold pattern.

When we moved in I put a large gray sideboard with a mirror and pictures between the windows. Now I have replaced my sideboard with vintage brass shelves. I know how heavy it is. The shelf fits that wall really well and…helps me style the shelf.

Looking more closely at the cupboards, it was clear that I used my own things from around the house. But there are some excellent points that I must mention. The first is the famous Jill Rosenwald hand-painted green bowl. When I shared this on my Instagram story, I heard from dozens of you that it was a goal to own one of your own. I am happy and excited that she agreed to work with me on this piece.

Living Room Dining Room Combo

Elsewhere on the shelf…lamps plus an awesome black head. My hope is that this piece will help eliminate the weird colors in the room. I love bright, cheerful spaces. But I don’t want the room to feel too “childish” so little things like this help balance it out in my opinion.

Minimalist Dining And Living Combo

One of the reasons the copper shelves between the windows worked was because I decided to add curtains. I decided on this great black and white pattern from Brains Are Pretty… I wanted to change up the black and white in the other parts of the room and I love that this fabric has a print but also reads graphically if that makes sense. It not only hides unusual shutters. But it also helps raise the ceiling a bit (hopefully). I used a curtain rod from Luxe Holdups to create the illusion of height. Then hang a little wider than the window to fill a little wall space. And to add a little gimmick… this beautiful green fringe from Fringe Market is the icing on the cake.

I have worked with Hudson Valley and My Mitzi among other areas. This home and I love their clean lines. These René candle holders have brass shelves that fit perfectly into each other. and can be installed or embedded. I plugged these into the remote control socket. But we can upgrade to Amazon Alexa plug to have voice control.

Upon entering the living room you will notice a green sofa and a colorful rug. I painted using these colors while planning the rest of the room. The white coffee table is by Jonathan Adler via Facebook Marketplace and is the perfect size. I have two new chairs from Raymoor. I love that they bring a modern vibe and neutral colors to them. Yes. I said neutrally.

In front of the chair is my new and improved chair. I like having a chair instead of *any* other chair. I covered that chair in pink velvet. But I decided to add contrasting decorations and furniture. I love how it adds a little color to that side of the room. But cannot compete with other models in the region.

Ideas For Living Room And Dining Room Combos

I’m wandering around I’ve been here for a few weeks looking at this room and I don’t know if any of the rooms show up in these photos. I love how interesting the patterns and colors are in the room. I love how the colors match the rest of the house. I love how cheerful she is even though she is older. I hate finding lost socks!

Thanks to the amazing sponsors of the One Room Challenge, who helped us make big changes in six weeks. And I really appreciate their kindness!

Now… I make myself a cup of coffee and enjoy the gathering place of my designer friends. I am amazed at the hard work and change these people have made.

Living Room Dining Room Combo

And if you want to take a trip down memory lane… here’s my post from the beginning. Be it a studio apartment or a modern house. We all love the airy layout and sleek design of an open floor plan. However, it is difficult to create a clear division from one room to another while maintaining the essence of the open space. But the highlight of the open floor plan is the living room and kitchen. Here you can relax. Eat and enjoy with friends so it goes without saying that the living room and kitchen should be functional and beautiful.

Small Dining Room Ideas And Decorating Tricks

When it comes to arranging the dining room and living space it is important to identify each room as a separate space, otherwise you will be eating dinner on the sofa with a pop-up tray in front of the TV. Get started. you want

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