Living Room Floating Shelves Pictures

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Living Room Floating Shelves Pictures – Whether you live in a studio apartment or a sprawling mansion, you have endless interior space to work with. There is only so much floor space for furniture, appliances, decorations and most importantly, storage. The smaller the space, the fewer opportunities to store and display your favorite items. Here come the walls. An underutilized feature in any room, the walls provide much needed vertical space. If you’re not sure how to use your vertical space, we recommend floating shelves. Named for the floating look they get from the hidden hardware, the floating shelves are elegant, minimal and great for decoration or storage.

The best ideas for floating shelves combine functionality with style. Regardless of your decorating style, floating shelves can be incorporated into your space. You can use them in the kitchen to store extra dishes or dispense with cupboards. In the bedroom, choose floating shelves as part of the closet or use them to display family photos or a collection of books. The possibilities are endless. Floating shelves, due to the “lack” of visible mounting materials, take up less space than traditional shelving systems.

Living Room Floating Shelves Pictures

Living Room Floating Shelves Pictures

Now that you know all the options for floating shelves, you may be wondering where to hang them. We’ve got 15 designer-approved floating shelf ideas for you. Read on for the perfect shelf inspiration.

Fresh And Functional Living Room Wall Shelves

In the kitchen of Beautiful Home editor Joanna Saltz, cookbooks are not only close at hand, but also easily accessible. This is the perfect storage solution for those of us who remember good book covers from their titles.

Treat your shoes as an investment and not as a pile in the closet. With a series of floating shelves, designer Tasmin Johnson ensures that this customer always knows what they have. Place seasonal shoes on the top shelf, out of sight until you need them.

Want to add character to your new build or embrace the original era of your old home? Choose floating shelves made of reclaimed or antique wood. Unique knots and grains make each board unique.

Floating shelves are a great addition to any room in the home, but they are especially popular in the kitchen. They make it easy to grab items while cooking and cleaning, as do closed cabinets, plus they give you extra space to display your design. In Justina Blaney’s kitchen, floating earthy inlaid wood shelves are enhanced by a glossy green backsplash. Xwne Rustic Floating Shelves 60 Inch Long 8

Create a cozy reading nook in your bedroom using bold color, plush fabrics, sentimental artwork and, of course, readily available books. In this bedroom designed by Arent & Pike, rows of floating shelves provide a home for the resident’s collection.

Whether your space has a custom alcove or you’re looking to update an existing feature, consider floating shelves as your solution. They allow you to make practical use of wasted pasture. Here, Emil Darwish emphasizes this space by giving the floating shelves a bright orange-red background.

Don’t forget to play with profile types in the same way you experiment with colors, combinations and different materials on your floating shelves. For example, a thick shelf looks more solid on the wall, while a thin floating shelf is more elegant and allows your decorative items to take center stage.

Living Room Floating Shelves Pictures

Equal parts preppy and bohemian, contemporary and timeless, this Anna Spiro Design kitchen is an eclectic dream. A separate floating shelf that fits under the hood is visually appealing and simplified.

How To Decorate Floating Shelves

In a small powder room, a floating shelf can be a lifesaver for essentials like washcloths, hand soap, candles and tissues. Interior designer Gail Davis installed a simple glass shelf below the mirror for a symmetrical display.

You can squeeze into small spaces with a tulip table, choose fun accent chairs and consider a built-in bench. Floating shelves with a casual gallery wall or design will clutter things up without taking up precious space. This breakfast nook designed by Arent & Pike proves it.

Create a gallery wall with more depth by layering it with floating shelves instead of hanging framed artwork. In this room designed by Alberto Villalobos, composition and metal objects are quite evident, but you can fill yours with decorations and books to fill the negative space.

Floating shelves can be bold and overwhelming when designed in a certain way, but the emphasis on material and form also makes them a minimalist’s dream. In this space designed by Shapeless Studio, wall-to-wall floating shelves create a neutral, linear and clean display – almost like a gallery, but still accessible and grounded.

Stylish Floating Shelf Above Couch Ideas

Two floating solid shelves serve as pedestals to support vases in this colorful dining room designed by Corey Daman Jenkins. This trick is perfect for a narrow wall in the dining room, hallway or entryway.

Floating shelves blend seamlessly with white walls in this neutral Scandinavian studio apartment. If you work in a small space and want your floating shelves to disappear instead of becoming a distraction, take inspiration from this space.

Why settle for floating shelves when you can attach a floating compartment to the wall? It strikes a balance between bohemian and sleek in this living room.

Living Room Floating Shelves Pictures

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Plate walls are our favorite fall decor trend 22 Stair Railing Ideas to Enhance Your Space 27 Stylish Basement Renovation Ideas 25 Wall Cladding Ideas That Really Add Charm I added some amazing DIY floating shelves to our living room and today I’m sharing the full tutorial! Here are all the details on how to make floating shelves for your space.

Earlier this week I showed you the new DIY floating shelves I installed in our living room. I’m here

I am excited to install them and share them with you and I am very happy that the project is finally finished. While I was working on how we put them together, I got a lot of questions on Instagram Stories, so I wanted to share a quick tutorial that shows exactly how it’s done.

Easy Ways To Build Floating Shelves Without Expensive Tools

A project like this might seem daunting, but I promise it’s surprisingly easy to build your own floating shelves. Plus, they change the look of your entire room!

I mean, I can’t be the person who rolls her eyes every time I see her.

If you read our custom fireplace guide, you’ll notice that it’s basically the same idea. We just put small boxes on the shelves (with beveled edges you won’t see the seams) and then attach them to the wall with a board. The main difference between the two plans is that the shelves have support panels built into the main board – nobody likes a bent shelf, so we want to make sure everything stays nice and secure.

Living Room Floating Shelves Pictures

Note: Because each location is different, I do not provide exact measurements or shipping quantities for our shelves. You just need to measure the space where you want your floating shelves and go from there!

Clever Ideas For Floating Shelves In Any Room

The first step to adding DIY floating shelves to your home is figuring out how big you want them to be. I’ve seen similar tutorials everywhere that use 2x4s for support and then build a whole shelf around them. This means the finished shelf is about 6 inches thick. I really wanted something a little less sturdy, so we decided to rip the 2×4 in half (using a table saw) for our supports, allowing the shelves to be about 4 inches thick instead.

This is purely personal preference and not a required step – do whatever makes you happy, but know that if you’re using full size 2x4s for support, you’ll want to use 1x6s for the front and sides. Supports more than 1×4.

Once we’ve decided how thick the shelves are, we measure the space to see how long we want. And to keep things simple, we plan to only use 1×12 board, making them about 11.5 inches deep.

After cutting our boards, we tilt our table saw to a 45 degree angle and cut the edges of our boards. This isn’t the most important step, but it creates a more finished look in the end! If you choose to do this, you will make all four sides of the front 1×4 and the top, bottom, and side 3 sides (one side should be against the wall). In the picture above you can see what one of the upper parts looks like after it is popped. Wallniture Bora Long Floating Shelves, Wall Bookshelf Living Room Decor Book Shelves For Office, Kitchen Organization Bedroom Decor Burnt, 48

When assembling the shelves, start by inserting all the side and front pieces

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