Living Room Light Gray Walls

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Living Room Light Gray Walls – It’s been a while since I shared the first pictures of my new home in South London. It’s not the nicest thing (creepy nightmares and endless delays) so I didn’t feel like sharing too much because there wasn’t! But with the builders out before Christmas, we can decorate and build our homes.

I am very excited to open up the living room as the first place to finish. After the builders painted the ceiling and whitewashed the walls, it didn’t take long to apply the final coat of paint and see the real difference. Between Christmas and New Year I painted the tiles on the first floor white and after a few days of drying we were ready to put the furniture back in for New Moon and New Year. There’s still work to be done, and it’s still a work in progress, but it’s a big change.

Living Room Light Gray Walls

Living Room Light Gray Walls

Do you remember how it was before? The sitting room and kitchen were two separate rooms – the sitting room was the first door on the right as you entered the hall, and the kitchen behind it looked out onto the garden. The living room was small and cramped, a bit plain and uncomfortable, while the kitchen was northern, dark, with pale walls, wooden kitchen units and bolder black tiles. They didn’t function as two separate rooms, you spent all your time in one and the other, you couldn’t connect or talk if one person was cooking and the other was relaxing on the couch. .

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Almost immediately we decided that the wall had to come down. We close the door to the living room, and you enter the big, big, open space from the kitchen. This means that the sofa can go directly in front of the fireplace without obstructing the path behind the door. The old shelf had to go, and the hearth dam surprisingly hides the boiler behind it.

I wanted to hide all the ugly additions that various owners had made over the years to restore the room to its former glory. Unfortunately, there are no more period details, so we want to celebrate and respect things like the beautiful bay windows and the original floorboards that are hidden around the roof.

Taking a lot of inspiration from the bright Scandi houses I love to blog about, I wanted a light and airy space with neutral colours, monochrome accents and a mix of old and new furniture.

I’ve wanted white painted floorboards for a long time and I’ll blame it on hours of scrolling through Pinterest, so this was a no brainer. I didn’t want the room to look too dull and clinical, so Farrow and Balls decided to paint the walls Blackand, a beautiful, soft, light grey.

A Scandinavian Apartment With A Light Green Bedroom

For furniture, I had an IKEA sofa from my previous apartment and a favorite vintage chair, so that was all I needed to update the look. I wanted the space to be simple and comfortable. It is a sign of minimalism, and at the same time it expresses my own taste, which I have picked up from my various travels and antique markets, and everything I like to have around. I couldn’t wait to open all the books, cut out the postcards and buy the plants! Of course the thread has to be somewhere… What I meant was:

Room Inspiration – 1: Farrow & Ball Blackened, 2: Farrow & Ball Cornforth White, 3: Farrow & Ball Skylight, 4: Sinnerlig Lamp, IKEA, £40, 5: Raskmolle Rug, IKEA, £120, 6: Brighton Cushions, Happy + Co, £45, 7: Bead Cushion, BeadandReel, £15

Before the destruction of the landmark … the shelter burned down in an old fire. The ancient boiler was moved to the kitchen, leaving a nice clean opening for the wood stove. On the first day of work, the wall collapsed and suddenly we could see through the gap what our new living space would look like. The kitchen is already lit, and the two rooms are larger.

Living Room Light Gray Walls

A lot happened before the place was plastered (when we shared the kitchen remodel, the exhaust nipple was removed, and new windows were installed to avoid replacing the PVC). I think the plastering was the real breakthrough moment – when I saw the devastation disappearing, the rubble moving and the living room really starting to turn into a livable space. Suddenly you can really see and appreciate the detail and shape of the exhaust chest.

Dark Accent Wall & Light Gray Walls

It was a great feeling when I opened the can of paint. I’ve never used ferro or bubble paint before but I was really impressed with the coverage, I only needed two coats.

The big deal was the floors – they were a real labor of love. It would have been much easier and cheaper to get a laminate or something like that, but I decided these were the boards I wanted for a long time!

Several boards had to be taken from the reclamation site to fill the holes, but the builders did a lot of sanding, so they spent several days polishing and painting.

Now you don’t have to do this, but for some reason we say that unwanted guests can get out through the smallest of holes, and because of drafts I fill in all the gaps between the floorboards. There are different ways you can do this, using small strips of wood for larger holes, grinding and mixing sand and sawdust with resin or paint, or using DraughtEk strips. I spent several hours filling the gap with Ronsel’s High Performance Wood Filler, which worked very well and dried very well. I can then use a small hand sander to smooth out the filler.

Light Grey Walls In An All White Apartment

Also, it is important to plot the solution that binds at any node with points so that they are colored. After the floor was thoroughly cleaned and mopped, I applied one coat of white wood primer and three coats of Farrow & Ball all-white floor paint. I used a brush to buff the first coat, removing any small dings and cracks, and then used a roller for the top coat. It is recommended to leave the top coat without the furniture for a few days, it will dry to the touch and come off, but over time the paint will really dry and scratch the legs and furniture items. Stop.

Floor grooves and ball paint have a semi-gloss finish and provide a clean, smooth surface. It is washable, so it can be cleaned around the sofa and in hard-to-reach places like the kitchen. The paint dries very quickly and is water-based with minimal VOCs, so it is odorless. And the skirt is made in the same color.

The only problem I’ve found is that the white color shows up any dirt and grime, so I have to be a little more careful when cleaning!

Living Room Light Gray Walls

And here is the final result! I’m very happy with the look and feel of the place now. The room is huge, the ceiling is even higher, and light pours in through the window. It’s almost like I’m in a completely different place, looking at my previous photos, I can’t believe the change and I’m finally getting to this stage. I’m tired of clutter and living in an upstairs bedroom while realtors build all my worldly possessions. After six months of living here, it feels great to finally unpack and actually have an everyday space. Use and enjoy.

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There are a few things you need to do to complete the space, but I don’t think you can immediately create a finished space – the rooms that suit you and your home will all be added and subtracted. Also, time spent in one place helps. You. Find out what you need and what you need. I would like to do some art on the walls, but I don’t know what yet. That’s why I like to use neutral colors on the walls, they are a little easier to match and change with accessories and furniture.

Next, we put window blinds at the top of the list so it doesn’t look like we’re in a street show. Then place fireplaces, hearths and wood stoves that need to be filled or covered. I would love to have shelves in the closet and in the hallway, but that would be much needed storage. But for now, we’re happy to have a place to go home to and relax at the end of the day.

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