Long Narrow Living Room Dining Room Layout

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Long Narrow Living Room Dining Room Layout – How to arrange the furniture in a long narrow room? This is a question I’ve been asked a lot over the years. This is a very common type of room here in the Boston suburbs – a long, narrow living room. These are typically front-to-back rooms in Colonial-style builders’ homes and are 12 to 15 feet wide and 25 to 30 feet long. Securing these proportions can be difficult. Awkwardly proportioned, they usually have about 6 windows and 2 doors, and often a chimney along most of the continuous wall.

Earlier this week I had a virtual consultation with a wonderful couple who contacted me with this dilemma.

Long Narrow Living Room Dining Room Layout

Long Narrow Living Room Dining Room Layout

I know you want a place to sit, and you wanted it yesterday, but when you start any decorating project, before you buy a room full of furniture, you MUST have a plan. It all starts with a plan. You can’t know where to wire the TV, where to hang artwork, or what kind of window treatment will work best until you decide how to arrange the furniture. Every design project we undertake begins with a floor plan. It is much easier and cheaper to move pictures of furniture on a piece of paper (real or virtual) than to drag furniture to different parts of the room or arrange things that do not fit properly in the space.

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Most people think about furnishing a room based on what fits on the walls and in rooms like this, with a few meters of wall space, the answer is “very little”! Even if it fit inside the walls, it would extend too far for a comfortable conversation in the room for that long.

This long, narrow sunroom that runs the length of the house was divided into 3 coordinated yet separate seating areas.

First, I asked my clients a lot of questions about virtual consultations. These are the same questions you should ask yourself when you start designing any space in your home. How do you usually use this room now? How would you like to be able to use the room? What activities take place here? How many people usually participate in these activities? What items are needed for these activities? What do you like about the room? What do you find frustrating? The answers to these questions will begin to inform the areas of the room. For this family, they wanted a reading/play area for 2-4, a TV viewing area for 4+, and a study/work area for 1. They also wanted to be able to accommodate 8 or more people for future entertaining. They liked that it was light and airy and that it had a bay window with a nice view.

By placing the furniture of the main seating group in the center of the room, we are left with two more areas for different activities. In that case, read/play and study. We decided to put the reading area next to the beautiful bay window. The room already had built-in storage to suit the bookcase space and the clients had a family piece, a bookcase behind the bookcase, which would work beautifully for the work area at the opposite end of the room and the opposite wall, in whatever design they chose, they could to maintain a photo gallery. .

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This design uses a pair of sofas in the main seating area. For a less formal option, replace a few swivel chairs and end tables with a couch and console. The location of the media center can also be the location of the fireplace.

The main seating area has a sofa and two swivel chairs for easy TV viewing. The console table offers a nicer view from the entrance than from the back of the sofa.

While it’s not ideal to have a major travel path between the TV and the seat, sometimes it’s necessary to achieve the best design. This layout offers plenty of casual seating and a nice view out the door, as well as plenty of room to walk around. And since the staircase wall is not centered in relation to the window wall, the piece is the perfect solution for its placement and direct visibility.

Long Narrow Living Room Dining Room Layout

Other options include replacing the chairs and ottomans in the library area with a game table and 4 chairs, or using a cantilever top table that folds back into the library area to open up for puzzles or games. With units that mount the TV on the exterior wall, you can also add a direct-vent fireplace underneath.

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There are many other aspects to consider when designing a room, colors, textures, styles, personality, window treatments, lighting plan, storage solutions and technology plan, but it all starts with the floor plan. So get out the tape measure or laser measure and outline the room, or cut out full size paper templates and move them around the room.

Or you can always contact us to design the best solution for you 🙂 We offer virtual room design services with everything you need to realize the design yourself, OR complete concierge level design from concept to beautiful finish .

Please note: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission on each purchase at no additional cost to you. I’m back with another DIY book, save us the space. My intention for this series is to occupy the reader’s space and (almost) offer tips and tricks to improve design.

I have to say that 90% of the suggestions I get from readers are based on living room design. Figuring out how to make the most of the space in this frequently used room can be difficult. Where do you put the TV? How much space do you need? Today’s design dilemma comes from Hannah, who is struggling with this very problem. She has a long, narrow living room and needs new furniture for the space. But what did you take and where did you put it? Let’s take a look at his performance…

Need Help With Furniture Layout For This Long, Narrow Living Room. How Would You Design It? (current Furniture Not Ours)

I have a lovely family room and I don’t know how to arrange the furniture or what to put on my huge blank walls. This room was more form than function for us, but now we are ready to buy new furniture and make the most of this space.

The real problem I have is finding wall art that isn’t mass produced and tacky but is also large enough for solid walls. Another trick is to have functional storage for internet and TV electronics to the right of the fireplace.

I looked at this room for a long time, coming up with different designs for the couch and seating in the space. I ended up coming up with two different options for Hannah and her family, depending on where she wanted to put the TV. (And as I know someone will ask, I use a free program from floorplanner.com for this.)

Long Narrow Living Room Dining Room Layout

I know people have strong opinions about TV placement (just look at the strong feelings about our bedroom), so I wanted to give Hannah two options. Before we move on to the living room design, here are a few things I would do no matter which option she chooses.

Narrow Living Room Decorating Ideas

Let’s start by leaving the TV where it belongs above the fireplace. Of course, I’m a big fan of Frame TVs (we have several in our house) and I love that this TV has art above the fireplace. You bet! The family might be able to watch TV from the kitchen, so I can see why there are advantages to leaving it on the stove.

The way the room was arranged before, the part in the middle of the room, the kitchen part and the rest of the house were closed off. I think it would be nice to open things up a bit, especially if Hannah and her family aren’t looking at the back of the couch.

Here is my friend and former blog friend, Bridget’s living room design. You can visit her entire home here. He also has a long, narrow living room and chose two sofas facing each other, with a TV above the fireplace.

When it comes to sofas, don’t forget to choose two different ones! I always love the look of a leather couch followed by a fabric couch. Also, I think it looks good when they have different leg profiles: one with higher legs and one closer to the ground.

How To Arrange Furniture In A Long Living Room

Ideally, you want to leave about 16-18″ between the sofa and the coffee table, so Hannah should go with a smaller table of 29″ or less. I like very much

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