Metal Roof For House Colors

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Metal Roof For House Colors – Call it provocative, vibrant or bold: For homeowners, metal roof color trends for 2018 are all about standing out from the crowd.

With more color options than any other type of roof, metal roof color trends set the latest tone in homeowners’ style preferences. And there’s no time for subtlety this year as many homeowners are moving away from traditional earth tones in favor of bolder colors.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Metal Roof For House Colors

The emergence of the bold color trend may be due to the fact that the Pantone color of 2018 is ultraviolet. But while no one is predicting that homeowners will choose to install a purple roof, there is certainly a tendency to choose unique color options that make a strong impression.

What Color House Goes With A Metal Roof?

Dramatic color effects are becoming more common as homeowners opt for soothing tones and strong color choices, including bright reds, crisp whites and moody deep blues. Multi-toned and raw organic colors such as copper, titanium and bright stainless steel also attract attention for their rich color and unique appeal. As the focal point of the front exterior, people who understand that the roof can be a canvas for individual style, and metal more than any other material gives people a variety of options to explore.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Regardless of the latest color trends, it’s important to carefully consider colors that can be unique but will also stand the test of time. As the most durable roofing material on the market, it is a fact that homeowners will live with their color choice for more than 50 years. So while there are many beautiful new colors out there, it may be wiser to choose a more traditional color, especially if the homeowner is staying in the home for a long time.

Try it MRA offers a free online visualizer on its website where homeowners can upload photos and see how their home will look with different types of color options and roof styles—a great way to try before you buy. The metal roof panel system comes in a variety of colors from grey, brown and black; classic shades of green, burgundy and brown; for shades of blue, bronze and galvalume. Color options vary by region, product and size, so check availability for your project.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Metal Roof Color Combinations

Metal roofing is most often painted – with a baked finish which usually has a 40 year paint guarantee and a 30 year fade/lime guarantee.

Modern ceramic paint means that a black metal roof reflects 25% or more of the sun’s rays – putting this rich finish at the forefront of color choices.

Metal Roof For House Colors

It looks great with warm finishes like wood, stucco or vinyl siding – you might hear about Forest Green, Evergreen or Hunter Green depending on your area.

Metal Roofing Buying Guide

Sometimes called Rustic Red or Colonial Red, Terra Cotta is the perfect shade of red. Some tin roofs are available in lighter or darker Terra Cotta colours, so ask for a sample for details.

Metal Roof For House Colors

The perfect color of sand/stone, stone (or light stone) is combined with white or light sides, as well as with medium and dark side structures.

While your first thought might be a warehouse or office building, a bright red metal roof makes a nice finish on log homes, colonials, and townhouses.

Metal Roof For House Colors

House And Roof Color Combinations We Love

The white metal roof reflects up to 67% of sunlight (depending on shade and layer) and is popular in cold and hot climates, simple or advanced in design.

Found in farmhouses and cottages across America, burgundy is usually paired with lighter shades such as gray, white and stone mixes.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Often known as Sahara Tan or Sierra Tan, this “khaki” color matches the natural color of stone and stucco, as well as most shades of brick.

Is A Red Metal Roof Right For Me? Plus Design Ideas

A blue or dark blue metal ceiling is best combined with light colors – gray, white, pastel. A tree or a real wooden house may be suitable.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Wood, brick or horizontal sides – dark brown, white or ivory – brown are available in a variety of colors, textures and materials.

In addition to the traditional, the selection of Galvalume, Galvanized, Metal and HD coatings provide a unique appearance while maintaining the life of the metal roof.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Color Trends In Metal Roofs & Walls: Best Paint & Colors In 2021

The metallic finish has metallic flakes for a realistic metallic finish – Penny Copper is the most popular, although other metals are available. Copper Penny fits into almost any home design and color – versatile and unforgettable.

Textured HD metallic ceiling finish, also known as “Crinkle” or “Frost” offers a unique classic color. The luxurious texture must be seen and felt correctly.

Metal Roof For House Colors

For those who want the appearance of a rusty metal roof, without stains, corrosion and short life; The ticket is a painted tin roof with a unique “rusty-metal-roof” look.

Best Roofing & Siding Color Combinations

Galvalume is a durable zinc-aluminum alloy glitter that offers superior corrosion resistance. Painted sheet metal roofs usually start with Galvalume, followed by priming and painting, but the Galvalume itself looks amazing – from many angles it will look almost white, from other angles more gray. Not as “blank” as galvanized.

Metal Roof For House Colors

The galvanized roof is original – 100% galvanized with glitter in different sizes and shapes. Often chosen in corrugated or 5V-Crimp profile, it also works well for steakhouses, rustic wooden houses and others.

Take the next step – contact one of our experts or explore our full range of sheet metal roof systems. What colors are trending in the architectural metal roofing and wall systems industry today? Discover the color trends of 2023 and find inspiration for your upcoming projects.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Metal Roof And Siding Colors

Color trends really affect how we buy consumer goods – from clothes and shoes to furniture and paint and everything in between.

Color trends also exist in the architectural metal roofing industry, especially as homeowners and property owners will see sheet metal roofing for decades. In 2023, some design and color trends have been around for a long time, but some newer ones might surprise you.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Whether you are an architect looking to define a trendy color for your project or a home/property owner shopping for a new metal roof, choosing the right color is important.

Metal Roofing Panel Colors & Finishes

At Sheffield Metals we constantly follow color trends (with the help of paint supplier Sherwin-Williams and coil coating company Precoat Metals) and track the most commonly purchased sheet and coil colors. Additionally, with a full-time architectural department comprised of people with extensive experience in the architectural metal industry, we often provide design and color recommendations for various project applications.

Metal Roof For House Colors

So, what metal ceiling colors are popular in 2023? Let’s dive into some of the options dominating the market today.

The first color trend – which has been at the top of the sales list for many years – is a favorite among architects and houses/properties: matte black.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Dark & Medium Bronze Or Brown Metal Roofing: Pros, Cons, & Photos

In fact, the matte black paint manufactured by Sherwin-Williams Coil & Extrusion Coatings has seen average growth of more than 20% over the past five years.

According to Precoat Metals, one of the most important trends is the matte finish in general. Precoat claims that the number of matte finishes has doubled every year for the past five years.

Metal Roof For House Colors

So why matte black? What does the color do to a spool bought in bulk? Let’s talk about why this color is first on our list this year too.

Choosing Colors For Metal Roofs

Black is versatile and can be used in many architectural styles for residential and commercial applications.

Metal Roof For House Colors

In 2023, the modern farmhouse style continues to dominate the home design and construction market. This exterior design style has been popular for the past 5-10 years due to its appealing aesthetic, ability to blend well with other elements, and use in home improvement TV shows. Many modern farmhouse exteriors have white walls/sides and a black roof (or black sections of the roof).

In addition to modern farmhouses, matte black is an excellent choice of ceiling and wall color for several other architectural building styles, including modern, contemporary, Cape Cod, colonial, Tudor, and others.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Things To Know About Metal Roofing

Black alone offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. In addition, it is a color that will never go out of style in the interior and exterior architecture industry.

Another interesting part about black is that it gives a dramatic look without being bright or flashy. Black differs from lighter shades (such as red, green or blue) because it is more subtle and natural.

Metal Roof For House Colors

But black doesn’t just blend into the background; instead, it can provide much-needed contrast with brighter or different colors, helping to draw the eye and create deeper visual interest.

Pros And Cons Of A Metal Roof House

Just as black can be a good contrast, it also complements many common exterior colors, including white, gray, green, blue and brown. Black is a neutral color, which means you can pair it with almost any building or other exterior features, such as siding, trim, gutters, doors, window frames, signs, landscaping and more.

Metal Roof For House Colors

Choosing a color like matte black gives you more design freedom, which is important because metal roofs are designed to last four decades or more. The timelessness and versatility of a black roof provides flexibility if you want to update or change the exterior style in the future.

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Metal Roof For House Colors

Colour Classic 0.4 Red Color Bond Stone Coated Galvalume Zinc Roofing Sheet Milano Shingle Shake Type Metal Steel Roof Tiles

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