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Mid Century Modern Home Tour – Today’s appeal of the mid-century modern (MCM) style is to mimic the look of homes built in the mid-20th century, from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Bold geometric lines, futuristic shapes, bright exterior paint colors and wide windows define this new and classic style. Home builders incorporated modern architectural ideas from famous architects of the time, such as Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, and the father of American architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Although MCM design shares some similarities with American Ranch style homes, the design philosophies of the two styles are different and should not be confused.

Mid Century Interior Design: 7 Tips For Creating A Timeless Modern Home

With a few touches of MCM, your home will shine in the 1950s in the best way, while feeling retro and elegant. Considering the latest fashion trends for these homes, there has never been a better time to renovate your home in style.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Great news! You don’t need to tear down the walls of your home or make major structural changes to bring out the beauty of MCM. Here are some practical but manageable renovation ideas that you can implement this fall.

The MCM style is based on flowering plants and natural garden materials such as stone or wood. You can start your retro fortune here with a little “hard work”.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Mid Century Modern Houses With Tips To Design And Decorate Yours

To ensure a true landscape design, consider plants that are native to your climate. If you live in a desert area, stick to low-water shrubs and plants and avoid weeding. A big part of MCM style is integrating it into the natural environment.

The large windows in the living room and dining room, in particular, are a key part of MCM’s appeal. Floor-to-ceiling windows, including glass doors or large picture windows, are a good place to start. Not only will this help you achieve the MCM look, but you’ll also get a natural glow throughout the day. This is a success!

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

To break this pattern, choose blank windows. Sliding glass doors, bay windows and casement windows all allow you to enjoy the sunshine and summer breeze.

The Stylish Renovation And Expansion Of A Mid Century Modern House

Simple and geometric silhouettes define true MCM homes. Clean lines, flat planes and a lack of rounded edges create a look straight from the 50s and 60s.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

You can achieve this look without major changes by choosing the right material. Chairs and tables with legs and geometric frames can add a modern feel to any room in the house. Choose furniture in natural wood or metallic colors to get closer to the mid-century modern spirit.

Consider adding a corner water fountain, benches and patio chairs to your outdoor deck or balcony. These features help people recognize the MCM inspiration of their home, even if it doesn’t match the style of the room.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

The Homestead Residence In Kansas Gives Nod To Mid Century Modern Design

A thoughtfully designed front door can complete the look and make the most of your home’s renovation. MCM front doors have clean lines, simple shapes and dark colors. In fact, it is better to paint your door in a completely different color than the walls.

You’re in luck – modern thick doors are great. Even better, Window World’s custom and colorful front doors are made of fiberglass skins that won’t bend or warp like traditional wooden doors.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Don’t forget the garage door! A sliding door with a round panel or a geometric, ribbed design can seal the deal and complete your door. Amar Stratford is a perfect example of a garage.

Inside The Most Comprehensive Compendium Of Midcentury Modern Architecture Ever

It’s up to you to renovate a simple, charming and elegant mid-century modern home. The ideas above are just the beginning – contact Window World today to ask Yana Shafer, co-founder of Design Studio Malief Shafer, to open the doors to her home on the East Side.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

When Yana Schafer and her sports media major husband, who founded Malyev Schafer, an American and British interior design agency, with Olga Malyev, were not really ready for the purchase of they started to see the list.

They immediately fell in love with the home’s West Coast mid-century style, but most of all they loved the central mirror inspired by the work of Richard Neutra, which became a favorite feature of family.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Mid Century Modern Home Tour The Collected Look

“It’s a beautiful moment when you enter the house and see a tree growing inside,” Yana says. Realizing that this was a rare find on the East Coast, the couple decided to stay and move to New York City with their children, ages 11, seven and three.

Pops of color from the marble coffee table in the center of the room help complete the look.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Located in Short Valley, New Jersey, the 557-square-foot mid-century style home was originally designed in 1974 by renowned local architect Lawrence Sterne, known for its expansive gardens and lush green space. with trees.

Are Mid Century Modern Homes Making A Comeback?

The glass dome in the middle of the open living room with natural greenery provides a nice contrast to the modern style of the home.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Yana wanted to respect the old spirit of the house while introducing modern features. This approach guided each step of the transition.

Paying homage to the architecture and decor of the 70s, the family home has been given new life. The places that were once dark and heavy are now filled with light.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Fresh Touches Brings New Life To A Midcentury Modern House In California

In contrast to the black exterior, the interior has a calming effect of high ceilings, freshly polished and oiled floors and light walls.

The original dark wood ceilings and beams, a paneled living room with a fireplace, decorated in a retro geometric style, and stone-patterned walls have been preserved during the renovation.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

In the main living room, the use of dusty rose was inspired by the onyx coffee table – a piece with a great history from the heritage of the Puerto Rican actress Mary Col√≥n, who played the mother the lead of Al Pacino in the movie “Peace. .”

Mid Century Modern Home Tour Spotlights Indy Southside

This tone is used in other decorative items such as the handmade rug, the old windows and the mixed painting by Tom Bostelle, to create a harmony that is visible throughout.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

The kitchen (with cream-colored walls and a quartz backsplash) and the great room have tones of gray-green, while the dining room, with its many shades of brown and gold, nods to to the classic mid-century palette.

“The day we first came to look at the house, I noticed that the original dining room had a Paul Evans 70-seater dining table from Direction,” recalls Yes. I bought it for my dining room last year, just in a different fabric.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Austin Mid Century Modern Home For Sale Asks $1.6m

Inspired by the blue walls maintained by the previous owners (who lived in the house for 45 years), the design of the children’s room also has an animal print rug, which creates a safari decoration.

Combining light and dark wood materials adds a sense of depth and contrast to the cream palette in the living room.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Collected by Yana over the years, mid-century and antique furniture, such as the living room’s drop tree found at the Jersey Shore, add to the home’s charm.

House Tour: A $110k Renovation For The Perfect Mid Century Home

Bernt Petersen chairs and ottomans, Milo Baughman dining tables, Murano glass and copper bowls, and antique wood and metal consoles are among the treasures found in the various spaces of the art gallery. contemporary. By John Acton, Sasha Merrett, Susan Auber and Richard Royce.

Mid Century Modern Home Tour

Mixing and combining different elements in a perfect balance and unexpected, this home rich in history has undergone a revival.

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Mid Century Modern Home Tour

House Tour: A Mid Century House In California With A Curved Roof

Submitting my notes above and saying “I’m done!” By clicking I confirm that I understand and accept SPH Media’s Terms and Privacy Policy as amended from time to time. If the houses reflect the period in which they were designed, they are mid-century modern designs. Futuristic is an idea created by those who believe that writing can be a way to change society to create a better society. Characterized by flat planes, large glass windows and open spaces, these houses, built between 1945 and 1970, reflect simplicity and unity with nature and encourage residents to embrace the world. Learn about new ways. If you’re looking for mid-century modern homes in Virginia, Washington and Maryland, you’ve come to the right place.

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Mid Century Modern Home Tour

The Mid-Century Architectural Style, with its unique style and emphasis on simplicity and harmony with nature, had a strong impact on many cities in the United States, including Washington.

A Midcentury Modern Home In California Gets A Beautiful Remodel

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