Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

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Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior – Choosing mid-century modern paint colors often takes more time than painting. But if you choose the right palette from the start, you can save yourself a lot of grief.

A defined color palette would be nice if I painted my living room not once but twice to get the right color….

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

For inspiration when creating a color palette, it’s helpful to look at other mid-century modern homes and see how the colors look against each other.

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So today I’m sharing eight classic MCM color palettes, from neutrals to brights. Hope you find something inspiring to update your home!

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Mid-century modern design is known for opening up the atmosphere with large windows, atriums and natural elements. A neutral, earthy color palette will do.

For the bedroom, try a light brown or white wall color with dark gray and wood accents. This modern color palette will create a relaxed atmosphere.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Eichler Exterior Redux — Mid Century Modern Interior Designer

Robin’s Nest by Benjamin Moore is a gorgeous neutral aqua shade. Light, airy and not too bold. Pair it with bright white and dark gray pieces.

Do not shy away from bright colors. While I prefer to keep my walls neutral, these bold palettes are fun for furniture, art, and other accessories.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Any of these colors can be paired with neutrals such as white or brown to create an attractive front door.

Exterior Historic Colors From Sherwin Williams

This guest room uses shades of orange and turquoise on white and off-white. Turquoise goes well with light orange, as well as red orange, such as Benjamin Moore’s Tawny Day lily.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

From coral bathrooms to pink bedrooms, pink was very popular mid-century, and it’s still going strong today.

Try pink and bright green for a classic 1950s look. This color palette just suits me

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Exterior Paint Color Ideas For A Beautiful Home

Pink also goes well with pretty colors like green. In the master bathroom, I painted the walls pale pink and taupe, complementing them with blue accents on the windowsill.

When it comes to exterior paint, Mid-Century Modern homes typically feature basic neutral colors such as grays, browns/darks, or off-whites.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

I used Sherwin Williams’ Shagbark Solid Stain in Cold Blue to create a salon feel and match the turquoise accents throughout the house.

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I have also seen beautiful MCM houses painted in navy blue or brick red. Check out Eichler’s original paint colors for mid-century palette ideas.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

A note. The Pratt & Lambert paint colors are no longer available, but I shared similar options in my palette ideas in this article.

I love how my exterior paint colors turned out! But it would be easier to settle on a smaller palette for the interior.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Modern Exterior House Colors For 2022

If I were starting over, I would choose fewer interior colors. I would stay on the lighter side with one light brown, one white and two pastel accents.

This can be difficult to avoid when renovating a mid-century modern home. But I hope you find colors that will decorate your home and make you happy.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

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Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

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Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Curb Appeal Tips For Midcentury Modern Homes

Summer is here and it’s a great time to refresh the look of your home with color.

While some towns lack true midcentury gems, there are bungalows from the 50s and 60s, as well as homes from the 70s with simple architecture based on midcentury modernism.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

The color of your home has a big impact on adhesion and doesn’t change very often, so it’s a good idea to spend some time planning the right colors to create your mid-century style home. dreamed

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To start, get a general idea of ​​whether you want a light house, a dark house, or a mid-tone. If you’re not convinced, check out Pinterest for inspiration (check out this board to get you started) and shop around for mid-century modern or mid-century modern properties to see what you like.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

The weather will play an important role in this decision. One of my favorite vacation spots, a mecca for mid-century homes, is Palm Springs, California. Most of the houses are painted white against a backdrop of sunny skies, cool blue pools and palm trees. I liked the look.

Compare that to where I live in Calgary, Canada, where it snows 6 months of the year and has no whiteout effect. In cooler climates, consider using richer, warmer colors that will look great year-round, like the Oregon home below.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

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Your home will tell you what paint will look best. Look for defining elements such as roof, brick, stone, wood accents, gutters and cornices. Unless you plan to change them, they should be considered part of the overall palette.

Work with shades to create beautiful complementary colors with stone or brick. In the example below, painted siding enhances the green tones of the stone and creates a soft exterior palette.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

For red-brown brick, you’ll be more limited to working with soft browns or rich chocolate browns. Brown-gray or brick-gray allows you to experiment with blue, green and neutral shades. Of course, you can also paint your brick, in which case complement it with a trim or coat color depending on where it is in your home (see #3 below).

Mid Century Modern Exterior Renovation Ideas

Be careful if the roof is visible, as this is a large area of ​​one color that will affect the exterior paint colors you may choose.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Brown roofs are the most restrictive to work with, especially if they are red and you want to stick with neutrals like brick. If you have strong reds on your roof, I’d avoid blues and greens as they intensify the color, but not too much! (Remember, your roof doesn’t have to be the star of the show, just a supporting actor!)

For blue or green roofs, try to find colors of the same shade to create a more cohesive scheme. Black and gray roofs have the most flexibility for color choices in the body of your home.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Exterior Paint Midcentury Split Level

Your landscaping can also play a role – avoid a red house if you have a beautiful red maple tree to show off. A charcoal or navy house is the best choice to show off your fall beauty.

Think about your neighbors, too—you don’t want to match them, but you also don’t want to stand out as the only pink house on the block.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Sunlight will change the color of your paint a lot, so try a few different options, and I recommend trying it on the exterior walls of your home by painting 2’x2′ squares.

Mcm Exterior Paint Colors

North-facing walls or shaded areas are less visible because they receive less sunlight, while south-facing walls are more exposed to the sun. Be prepared to go lighter or darker to get the look you want.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Test your switches morning, noon, and night to make sure you’re happy with how they look. Run away from home to see what they look like from afar, not just up close.

If you’re crafty enough, this is a great DIY project that will make a big dent in your wallet. However, be realistic about your ability and time to do this, as preparing and painting the entire house is a lot of work. Be sure to use the services of professional painters.

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

Paint Colors For A Modern House Exterior

If you’re feeling a little edgy, I’ve rounded up some mid-century-inspired exterior paint combinations that you can rock with confidence.

Don’t forget to post pictures of your finished house – I’d love to see how you improve the adhesion with the exterior paint!

Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior

If choosing an exterior paint color still seems like a daunting task, help is just two clicks away. The Custom Exterior Palette package gives you the confidence to choose paint colors, accessories and lighting to create a modern home you’ll love coming home to.

Exterior Paint Ideas And Home Inspiration

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Mid Century Paint Colors Exterior