Modern Art Deco Living Room

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Modern Art Deco Living Room – As luxury interior designers, we know that the living room is often the center of any home. It’s a place where people gather to relax, have fun and spend time with their loved ones, and it should reflect your personality and lifestyle. One popular design trend that is making a comeback is the Art Deco style, and with a modern twist, this style can add a sophisticated and elegant look to any living room.

Art Deco, which began in the 1920s and 1930s, is known for its bold geometric shapes, sleek lines, and the use of luxurious materials such as marble, glass, and mirrors. This style is often associated with glamor and sophistication, which can add charm to any living room.

Modern Art Deco Living Room

Modern Art Deco Living Room

When designing an Art Deco-inspired living room, it’s important to keep the lines clean and simple, using luxurious materials that reflect your client’s taste. By combining modern elements with traditional Art Deco design, you can create an elegant and timeless living room. With the right combination of furniture, lighting and artwork, a large living room decorated in the Art Deco style will really come to life.

Interior Design Trends: Art Deco Design

To create a modern Art Deco living room, choose a color palette that reflects the style. Black and white is a classic choice, but you can mix in jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, or crimson red. Gold and silver accents can also add luxury to a space. When it comes to furniture, look for pieces with curved lines and geometric shapes. Consider adding decorative elements such as antique light fixtures, decorative mirrors, and metal artwork.

Next, focus on furniture and lighting. Choose pieces with clean lines and a sleek, modern look, such as a low sofa or an armchair with metal legs. A glass coffee table or a mirrored side table can add charm to a room. For lighting, choose a statement piece such as a chandelier or floor lamp with a geometric base.

For accessories and accents, consider adding Art Deco-inspired pieces like a geometric rug, patterned pillows, or a metal wall clock. You can also add glamor with luxurious velvet curtains or a mirrored tray on the coffee table.

Incorporating artwork into a modern art deco living room can also be a fun way to add character and interest to the space. Look for abstract or geometric pieces that reflect the style, or consider adding a statement, such as a large-scale photo or colorful abstract painting. To make the room look more decadent and inviting, consider adding a few extra touches, such as an Art Deco-inspired floor lamp, a carved vase, or a set of metal candlesticks.

Art Déco Interior Design, A Trend That Persists

Finally, remember the finishing touches that will make the room complete. Add a little greenery with a fig or snake plant and consider some blankets or pillows made from luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk.

Overall, a modern art deco living room can be an elegant and sophisticated space that reflects your client’s personality and lifestyle. By choosing a color palette, choosing the right furniture and lighting, adding the right accessories and accents, you can create an elegant and comfortable space. Finally, complete the space with a rug and some art that ties all the elements together.

Art Deco has a strong presence in the dynamic city of Miami. With its bold geometric shapes, elegant lines and luxurious materials such as marble, glass and mirrors, Art Deco adds a touch of charm and sophistication to any room. In Miami, you can find Art Deco influences in many of the city’s famous buildings, such as the Fountainbleau Hotel, the Eden Roc Hotel, and the interiors of private homes and businesses. Whether it’s a sleek, modern kitchen with Art Deco-inspired cabinets and backsplash, or a living room with accents like a mirrored coffee table or a geometric rug, Art Deco can add a little charm and sophistication to your Miami space.

Modern Art Deco Living Room

Margarita is an interior designer, luxury decorator, renovator, furniture curator and experience creator. Margarita’s unique skills develop from her strong educational background and European and Latin American sources of inspiration. Now with design studios in Denver, Miami, Montecito, Aspen and Barcelona.

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Margarita Bravo is an interior designer, decorator, renovator, furniture curator and experience creator based in Denver, Miami, Montecito, Aspen and Barcelona. Margarita’s approach to interior design and project implementation is at the intersection of her clients’ ambition and creativity…

Margarita Bravo is a full service interior design firm specializing in residential and commercial interiors. We are customer centric. Our approach is simple: we listen. We design, build, decorate and inspire homes and spaces that match your personality and lifestyle… Living rooms are the heart and soul of our homes. It is even difficult to estimate how much time we spend in this room. From intimate gatherings with friends to watching Netflix on a rainy weekend, this is the room we associate with warmth and relaxation. This is the place to kick off your shoes and grab those fuzzy socks grandma gave you for your birthday. It’s an escape from reality where you can relax with the latest book and a glass of wine after a long day.

A room full of warmth and relaxation doesn’t mean we have to ignore style for function. With so many interior design trends out there, it can be difficult to narrow down which style or styles you want to incorporate into your living room while ensuring that the room serves its primary purpose.

One of our favorite design styles to incorporate into your home is the Art Deco look. It tends to be categorized as a chic and elegant style, but what we love is the ability to incorporate small aesthetic elements to instantly elevate a room. Trust us, when we say small, we mean it. We’re not suggesting that you turn your living room into a room straight out of The Great Gatsby. However, if that’s what you want, we recommend going for it.

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First, let’s do a quick refresher on Art Deco style and Art Deco furniture. If you think this sounds familiar, that’s because this style has taken over the design world in recent years. It made its debut in Paris in 1925 at the Modern Exhibition of Arts Decorative and Industrial. Nearly a century later, Art Deco remains a favorite of the world’s leading interior designers. Like everything in history, it was heavily influenced by an earlier style, the Art Nouveau movement of the late 19th century, known for its organic, expressive lines and textiles derived from nature. However, by the early 20th century, this style was increasingly considered outdated. The Art Deco movement was born to embrace modernity and this new era.

Known for its use of geometric, flexible shapes and bold colors, Art Deco interior design is charming and attractive even in small doses. The beauty of this style is that you can go all out and create a vintage 20’s style room, or you can add an art deco element or two and get the glamorous look you want.

We’ve already told you how the Art Deco period was full of geometric shapes, but that doesn’t mean animal motifs weren’t popular too. Nature-focused Art Nouveau design isn’t just disappearing; Instead, they were reinvented and combined to create a more modern design. Today, nothing expresses glamor and luxury like leopard print. We

Modern Art Deco Living Room

Dare you even say that leopard print is neutral? If you’re interested in simple patterns, try some decorative pillows on your sofa. If you’re a minimalist, why not make a statement with an animal print rug? We also love this leopard print chair.

Art Deco Interior Design: The Powerful Touch You Need In Your Home

Not a fan of animal print? Another bold pattern that showcases the elegance of the Art Deco look is stripes. It’s a repeating geometric pattern, but it seems more manageable than some other patterns from this period. We love the simple and decadent look of an entire room covered in stripes. Pro Tip – If you’re renting or don’t want to take a leap of faith when it comes to permanent changes, use peel and stick wallpaper. No previous DIY experience is required.

Half or full golden sun shapes appear above buildings, rooms and even elevators. Currently, the two most popular jewelry items that incorporate sunlight are casts and mirrors. Have you ever seen a mirror with a small round mirror but a large beam that seems to stretch forever? It is more of a home decor than a functional mirror, making it a design staple for many people who want to use Art Deco design. For maximum glow, top your dress with a tan mirror with two decorative cupcakes.

If you’ve ever walked the streets of Miami’s historic Art Deco district, you definitely have

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