Modern Farmhouse Rustic Living Room

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Modern Farmhouse Rustic Living Room – When it comes to describing the style of our home, it can be hard for me to choose just one. Our home is a true blend of modern / mid-century decor and farmhouse furnishings. I love the freedom that modern farmhouses offer when it comes to creating a home that suits everyone!

The problem is that most homes today are an eclectic mix of items collected over time and arranged to best reflect the homeowner’s style. Gone are the days when you only had to have one design style in your home, instead there are multiple design styles that can be combined in unique and amazing ways.

Modern Farmhouse Rustic Living Room

Modern Farmhouse Rustic Living Room

For many new homeowners, it can be difficult to choose not just one design style, but several! Where to start? In this post, I’ll share all of my modern farmhouse living room design tips and tricks that I’ve collected over the years of incorporating this style into our homes.

Best Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas To Try In 2022

And be brave. I’m not an interior designer with a degree, lots of money, and unlimited resources. I am like you. Someone who loves design and looking at beautiful pictures, takes risks and tries to create something “Pinterest-worthy” in my house for years. If I can do it, so can you! I promise.

Our home is far from a modern farmhouse when it comes to space. Our living room has thick casement windows, then traditional colors with farmhouse touches, and nothing that screams farmhouse or modern except for the old school thin wood floors. When it came to conveying the farmhouse feel, I relied on the furniture to create a natural, textured feel.

A few years ago my husband built me ​​a modern farmhouse coffee table. I originally painted the wood blonde, but when we moved into this house I painted it golden oak to match our floors and craft table. As for the craft table that my husband also made for me, we use it for all of our daughter’s crafts and the sounds, chips, glitter, markers, etc. that come with it. We love how it adds to the beautiful farmhouse look. goes to us to desire.

These two pieces definitely give the living room a farmhouse feel. It depends on the color of the wood. Warm wood tones that are unpolished, glossy, but slightly rough and knotty will go a long way in giving your living room a country house feel. Of course, you can also attach barn doors or rustic natural beams to the ceiling, but this can be very difficult and not always possible with every floor plan.

Create A Modern Farmhouse Living Room In 10 Easy Steps

Your furniture, rugs, curtains and pillows and blankets are all made of fabric. So if you’re looking to give your farmhouse living room a contemporary feel, look for plain and simple fabrics that reflect your rustic style. Transform your farmhouse into a modern style.

In our living room, I paired a farmhouse coffee table and craft table with mid-century faux leather chairs. It really is a true blend of modern home and farmhouse, as the shape is modern and the arms and legs are rustic. Everything comes together evenly.

We also used large, simple, modern elements in our living room. To underline our modern touch, we have always chosen simple shapes that look clear and harmonious.

Modern Farmhouse Rustic Living Room

Another way to give your walls an elegant or modern style. I love adding shelves to our walls to create a unique, layered look. I stuck with clean and simple floating shelves because I like the look of empty wall shelves with decorative consoles underneath. Then I covered it with modern and farmhouse decor, like primitive antique brass candlesticks and vintage velvet books. It perfectly complements round modern mirrors and boho accessories for a relaxed look.

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

I am often asked about choosing window treatments for a modern farmhouse living room. In our house, we use bamboo blinds, which are clean and simple, but the same shade as our primitive coffee table and craft table. I added curtains to our large bay window, and even though modern homes don’t have curtains, I love the comfort the extra fabric brings to our living room.

I never tire of the combination of unique, eclectic accents and clean, simple, modern lines. I almost always have a variety of boho pom pom pillows, patterned blankets, lots of potted plants, and my favorite home accessory, a copper bunny lamp found in my vintage book. Combining this eclectic touch with lines, grids, solids and borders perfectly complements the modern farmhouse look you’ve been waiting for.

As I mentioned earlier, we bought this house with beautiful light oak floors. But the house, built in the 1970s, is not original. If you are cleaning and renovating your home, I love the timeless look of natural thin hardwood floors in light oak – golden oak. If your home is finished and your flooring isn’t fancy or modern, you can always add a large rug to accentuate your style.

Geometric rugs are trendy, and there are many affordable traditional rug designs available online. Or I would do a modern farmhouse, but I prefer a modern rug in our living room and a traditional (cheap) printed rug in our kitchen.

Rustic Modern Country Farmhouse Furniture Ideas!

We don’t have a fireplace in our living room, but if we did, I would choose a simple, sleek frame and rustic thick beams for the mantel OR a large stone or brick casing and a modern, sleek mantel. Every home, regardless of its style, should have something of nature in its interior to feel comfortable and lively. Plants can be bought just about anywhere these days, my favorite comes from Home Depot because who can beat that price? You can also go to your local park or take a walk in your garden and collect some twigs and place them in a vase on your coffee table. Nothing stays where you stand, fake is good too! I use it all the time, especially in the winter, and I love Michaels and Target for their selection.

To achieve a modern farmhouse style, balance heavy furniture or light decor with distinctive rustic pieces. For example, we have a bronze floor lamp with a twist arm that provides a lot of light but doesn’t look too intrusive in the room. I also keep things in light, neutral colors as much as possible and almost always keep most of my rooms white, with added contrast in the rugs, side chairs, and some of our decor. It makes everything feel light and fresh and your living room will no longer look like a traditional country house.

When it comes to decorating, texture is your best friend. Any home that isn’t designed and doesn’t come from a big furniture catalog is full of texture. Combine textures in pillows, rugs, blankets and window treatments to give your home a designer look.

Modern Farmhouse Rustic Living Room

The most important thing to remember when implementing modern farmhouse style in your living room is not to overdo it. If you have one or two pieces of rustic furniture, keep the rest out of the light and air. For your walls, use light, neutral colors like classic gray from Benjamin Moore, simple white from Benjamin Moore, or alabaster from Sherwin Williams. Don’t forget to complement your rustic pieces with modern centerpieces like side chairs or contemporary lamps. And use fun textures and colors for your pillows and decorations to make your living room unique!

Country Living Room Ideas

These are my favorite modern farm rooms that always inspire me when it comes to decorating my living room!

I love Katie’s bright, modern farmhouse living room. Her entire home is beautiful and she shares many affordable homewares and furniture.

She is a must follow on Instagram and often transforms her living room and family room with lots of modern and beautiful furniture and decorations.

If you haven’t heard of Shea McGee, I’m excited to introduce her to you!

Contemporary Farmhouse Decor Ideas For A Modern Rustic Vibe — Lord Decor

Shea and his design team have created some of the most amazing modern farmhouse designs. Not only are they busy building beautiful homes across the US, but for many clients, Shea also has a show on Netflix and has modern farmhouse decor at Target!

Another famous designer I love is Joanna Gaines and her team at Magnolia. Joanna always creates the perfect mix of modern and farmhouse in her home and I can’t believe how creative she and her team are!

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Modern Farmhouse Rustic Living Room

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