Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes – What better way to freshen up your home than with a fresh coat of paint? Choosing modern home colors is not difficult. New color, new you! But with so many elements on your home’s exterior (doors, window frames, siding), choosing the perfect color match can be difficult. That’s why we enlisted the exterior design experts at Brick & Batten for their favorite modern color combinations. Read on for seven foolproof color palettes to boost your curb appeal.

At Brick & Batten, we know that the exterior of your home says a lot about you, so it’s important to get it right. Our virtual exterior designers take a picture of your home and turn it into a completely customized exterior design. Learn more and get ready to turn heads.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

We start with the most classic of the bunch. Black and white is a timeless color combination that gives any home a dynamic look. Deep details and details really stand out when set against a clean white background. Take things a step further by adding a color tone or another material, such as wood, for visual interest.

House Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Collective admissions started in 2020 and are here to stay. This ultra-trendy color falls between black and light gray, so it’s neither too harsh nor too soft. For an extra vibrant look, look for colors with blue undertones. Charcoal really sings when paired with light and dark contrasting colors.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Deep, matte black is not for the faint of heart. This rich color really makes a statement and gives a distinct Scandinavian feel when used top to bottom, but it’s definitely on trend and many of the homes we design look great in the dark. The trick is to choose a variety of materials such as stone, metal and wood that balance the color. Then use potted plants and greenery to add color to the design.

A more neutral version of the soft sage green is making a comeback. With warm green undertones like Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Grey, this relaxing color feels both natural and sophisticated. It gives a calming feel when placed against a white background and looks perfectly at home with natural wooden features such as oak doors and shutters.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

A Dark Grey Color Palette Is Consistently Found Inside And Outside This Modern House

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2021 is Soft Ultimate Gray paired with Illuminated Electric Yellow. However, we think choosing dark gray and dark yellow will help provide the contrast and balance needed to really make the color scheme work on the exterior of the house. The company describes this relationship as inspiring and a sign of our hope for a bright future. Add some optimism to your home’s exterior by painting the details a vibrant yellow.

We always recommend that you sample and test paint colors before making a decision. Factors such as natural light, undertones and your property’s fixtures will have a significant impact on how color looks on your exterior. Our friends at Sampleize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75-inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your “real paint, no mess” samples from Sampleize here.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

There’s a reason this color combination keeps popping up again and again. This soft, livable palette is perfect for French cottages, Cape Cod cottages and modern farmhouses. When pairing three colors, look for a common undertone, such as the soft blue of Benjamin Moore’s Wedgwood Gray. This is definitely becoming one of our favorite modern home colors!

Exterior Paint Colors For A Better Looking Home

Embrace some brown! Try different shades of the same color family: urban bronzes, copper accents and warm beige stones. Earth tones are 2021 DO. Brown also works well in combination with charcoal for things like doors and planters.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Check out our list of the best paint colors of 2021 for tips on specific colors to consider when painting your home.

It can be difficult to know what colors will work when remodeling the exterior of your home. These trendy modern home colors are a good starting point. Brick & Batten’s expert exterior designers can create not only the perfect color palette for you, but the entire exterior design to implement. Submit your photos and let the transformation begin. The right paint colors can make a big difference in changing the look of your home’s exterior. Whether you’re aiming for timeless and elegant appeal or a vibrant and glamorous statement, we can help you find the right color and inspiration to suit your style.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Exterior Paint Colors

From classic neutral tones that represent sophistication to bold and daring colors that express your personality, our hand-picked collection of exterior color ideas will spark your creativity and enhance your home’s curb appeal. It will help to increase. Explore the home exterior inspiration gallery by color family, mood and style to find different color palettes and great visual examples to find the perfect colors for your home’s exterior makeover.

Find your perfect color! Explore, coordinate and review your color choices in room photos. Our tool makes it easy.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Need help finding the perfect color? Easily create the mood you want for your room with the latest color tool.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes & Designs

Here you’ll find inspiration, color tools, design tips and more to help you find color for your next project.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

The following products are required for proper preparation of uncoated and pre-coated concrete surfaces. Available in stores only at Home Depot.

The 9-inch x 1/4-inch polyester adhesive roll core has a tough texture, making it ideal for applying any type of adhesive to smooth surfaces. It can be used for dotting and applying sand colors.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Exterior House Paint Colors

*Important disclaimer: Coverage calculator results should be used as estimates only. Process Corporation cannot guarantee that you will obtain accurate results without verifying your measurements and assumptions.

Matte gloss has a low-gloss, reflective surface that is durable, easy to clean, feels good to the touch, and hides minor surface imperfections.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Eggshell enamel luster has a soft, velvety finish that resists dirt and grime as well as mold.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas For A Beautiful Home

High-gloss enamel gloss has a shiny, glossy appearance and a durable, glass-like surface that allows dirt and grime to rub off.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

A flat glaze is non-reflective and easy to apply and touch up. This will reduce the appearance of minor surface defects.

Satin Enamel Sheen Pearl-like finish that is durable and stain resistant. It is also resistant to moisture, fading and stains.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Sage Green House Exterior Ideas With Photos

Semi-gloss enamel is shiny and glossy with a hard and durable finish. Designed to resist wear and tear, it is also resistant to moisture, fading and stains.

High-gloss enamel gloss has a bright, shiny appearance and a durable, glass-like surface that allows dirt and grime to rub off. You should see the look I get when I tell you that choosing exterior colors is an exciting opportunity. Give your home a unique, personal look…

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

It’s a series we call the Sweet Sixteen, where we find recognizable home styles and bring them to life using 16 color schemes, similar to our Exterior Color Palettes card, to show you what you can do with your home. How to update and add your personal touch.

Modern Gray House Exterior Color Schemes

Let’s start with this typical home style, a small Craftsman-style bungalow. Craftsman architecture, also known as the Arts and Crafts style, has English roots but has been one of the most enduring and popular styles in the United States since its inception in the late 1800s.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Let us know if you want your home to be included in this series. To be considered, email our Color Marketing Manager, Shannon Kaye, at [email protected]. You should send professional photos of the front of your entire home right away. The extra detailed photos are great too! We’ll feature your home based on these 16 schemes on our blog and tag you (and your photographer, designer, etc.) on social media.

Our Sweet 16 series is back with popular front door colors and home color ideas for maximum curb appeal.

Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

Trending Exterior House Colors For 2023

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Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

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Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

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Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

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Modern Grey House Exterior Color Schemes

We all have our dreams, whether it’s just becoming a plant parent or creating an extraordinary green patio.

Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

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