Modern High Ceiling Living Room

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Modern High Ceiling Living Room – With a luxurious redesign and expanded storage space, this high-ceilinged apartment is now a comfortable home for this family of six.

Although the home has impressive 15-foot ceilings, it lacks personality and needs more storage space for this family of six.

Modern High Ceiling Living Room

Modern High Ceiling Living Room

To meet the family’s desire for a bright and luxurious aesthetic, the designer created a coffered ceiling to highlight the room’s height, installed a marble-patterned display cabinet, added details to give plain surfaces more character, and wrapped the room in dramatic curtains. . .

Modern High Ceiling Living Room With Staircase

A custom built-in dining room was created for this space, combining indoor storage, display areas for the homeowners’ favorite items, and a dining area. Mirrored panels on the back of the unit reflect the rest of the room, creating a brighter and more spacious look.

In a loft bedroom, a more comfortable effect is achieved by surrounding the bed with a custom-made cabinet that stores the hosts’ watches and handbags, and a niche that doubles as a bedside table.

A subtle wallpaper behind the bed frame adds texture and shine and ups the glamor factor of the room.

Designed for productivity, the workstation features a large desk, multiple compartments for storing materials and documents, and an easy-to-use whiteboard for quickly jotting down memos and ideas.

Beautiful Living Room Interior With Tall Vaulted Ceiling Loft Area Hardwood Floors And Fireplace In New Luxury Home Has Large Bank Of Windows Stock Photo

To accommodate two children comfortably in this small space, the designer took advantage of the room’s high ceilings and suggested a bunk bed with padded headboards and a translucent railing to let in light on the second floor.

Constructed of solid plywood and clad in glossy marble-look laminates, the unit features shelves for kids to display their favorite toys and books, while providing plenty of enclosed storage space to hide clutter.

Renozone has been making dreams come true since 1998. With their proven professional skills, customer-focused service and attention to detail, they ensure they meet their clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Whether it’s creating your dream home or giving your business the best chance for success, Renozone is proud and ready to serve you. The high ceiling living room is a truly stunning and luxurious room with the perfect combination. This fascinating project is created from all elements.

Modern High Ceiling Living Room

In this large room we see a neutral color palette with a heavy emphasis on beige and gray.

A Black Minimalist High Ceiling Living Room

A central stone wall with a design and built-in fireplace plays an important role, and a built-in mirror that reflects the large chandelier gives this room an unparalleled dimension.

The symmetrical shape in which this rover is designed gives this space a rough shape. This austerity is broken by the large windows, as well as by the combination of the boujerie in black tones covering the wall with the balcony in the living room.

In addition, we can break the symmetry of these rooms and see two armchairs in front of the sofa, which will eventually add brightness to the room even with dark tones.

It is a project conceived by Ferris Raffauli, an award-winning and renowned master designer and artist who designs ultra-luxurious homes and lifestyle creations for elite clients worldwide. Shared artwork about apartments for Ferris Raffauli. He designs from exterior architecture to interior design. His design is a true work of art.

Great Room With High Ceiling And Mid Century Modern Design Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 145493602

Color contrast arises only through its scale. We see a wonderful room where luxury knows no bounds, a dream home where all the materials are in perfect harmony and the pieces fill the entire space and yet shine on their own.

Covet House inspired living room design and the way all the elements are in perfect harmony is truly magical and artistic.

COVET HOUSE has more than 1000 products in stock. If you are in a hurry to complete your project or pressed for time, we have a solution for you. Download the complete stock list today and choose your favorite designs. Download PDF Nothing says luxury more than a living room with high ceilings. There is something so luxurious and sophisticated about the towering height of the high ceilings that it literally makes anyone swoon. However, designing this space can be challenging. Since there is so much extra space, it is incumbent to decorate it proportionately. Recently, a customer faced the same problem and decided to seek help to breathe new life into her closet. Read on for amazing results!

Modern High Ceiling Living Room

This living room with high ceilings was large and required attention, but also presented some challenges. Therefore, the designer had to find smart solutions to make the most of the space. And to achieve such outstanding results, the designer must consider several things:

Eclectic White Living Room With Vaulted Ceiling

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The client came in with a clear idea of ​​what they wanted their space to look like. He loved the modern interior design style with all the industrial touches. But she thought about how to incorporate these elements into the room. Additionally, the living room is spacious but lacks character. The existing furniture was old and he wanted to breathe new life into the space through a complete renovation. Above all, you can tell from her inspiration gallery that she’s looking for a modern living room with high ceilings and industrial-style furniture.

After the client made contact, two very talented interior designers worked with a brief and developed an initial mood board concept. Both ideas are unique and try to capture the core of the client’s needs. However, Berkley’s vibe immediately caught the customer’s attention and he decided to go ahead with her.

The choices provided by the designer perfectly matched the spirit of the client’s living room. She incorporated some rustic elements to give the living room decor an industrial look. In addition, the more modern components immediately met the client’s desire for a modern space. The customer moves into the interior of his dreams in just a few simple steps.

Design Of Cozy Modern Living Room. High Ceiling Room Interior. 3d Render Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 46189949

The end result of this modern living room with high ceilings is simply stunning. It looks like it was taken from a luxury interior design magazine. The designer has made some key changes to give the interior an industrial yet chic look. First, dark wood floors add a lot of character to a room. Second, long curtains starting at the ceiling help flatten the width of the room. By changing the center panel of the fireplace, the overall design felt more modern and modern.

While decorating the room, the designer used rich textures. For example, a sofa with clean lines and leather upholstery gives a modern look to a classic sofa. Additionally, textured dark leather armchairs add dimension to the room. Wooden furniture such as coffee tables, side tables and bar stools are perfect for the floor and fireplace surround. A fur rug and linen curtains make the room feel warm and inviting. To accent the overall decor, an arched floor lamp and a modern Sputnik chandelier create a modern overall look.

A tulip dining table with a wooden top for the dining room will definitely enhance the decorations and make them more stylish. Additionally, copper-accented chairs, an attractive lamp on the sideboard, and abstract artwork and sculpture help give the room a modern vibe. Finally, the entire space is punctuated by a modern pendant light that draws the eye upwards and gives the room more height.

Modern High Ceiling Living Room

Decorating ideas for a room with high ceilings suggested by the designer include a kitchen renovation. As the old furniture was completely outdated, the new design provided enough space to effectively implement the style. A dark color update will definitely look great on the cabinets. Plus, a quick upgrade of hardware and finishes maximizes space. And updating the countertops to white veined marble perfectly balances the dark cabinets. By adding just a few elements, the kitchen now fits perfectly into the living room with its high ceiling.

Grand Foyers With High Ceilings

Every interior design project with its complete package to simplify the entire implementation process for customers. First, designers work meticulously to create a functional layout and mood board. Later, when the design is finalized, realistic 3D renderings help the client visualize the space. Finally, each design package includes a shopping list with exclusive designer discounts and one-time purchases.

Are you looking for a decorative bedroom with high ceilings, but don’t know which pieces will work best? Our creative interior designers have selected some of the top offers exclusively for you. Now you can bring that same look into your living room.

Interior design can achieve such amazing results

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