Most Popular Living Room Colors 2020

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When designing your living room, it’s important to carefully consider the color of your walls – the right color can completely change the look of the room. Warm tones such as creamy beige, chocolate brown, rust red or desert color energize the space and instantly make it feel cozier. Calm tones such as whites, natural greys, greens and clean blues create a sense of calm and help small spaces feel larger. Whatever mood you’re trying to create, we’ve rounded up the best living room colors, including links to our favorite shades from Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Clare.

Most Popular Living Room Colors 2020

Most Popular Living Room Colors 2020

Our list doesn’t shy away from color: we have sunny yellows, soft pinks, bright blues, purples and green living rooms (from light to dark). We can never forget classic colors such as elegant beige and warm white. We also dabble in bold colors like black, green and midnight blue. As you browse through these living room color ideas, you’ll find a selection of trendy colors, including some 2023 colors of the year like Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush and Behr’s Blank Canvas.

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Whether you’ve just moved in or your living room needs a modern makeover, you’re sure to find a color tone that appeals to you. who knows They might inspire you to check out some of this year’s best design trends.

Described as a coral pink, Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color of the Year, Raspberry Blush, is an exciting choice for the living room. The charismatic color works well as an accent wall or an entire room.

Although deep and dull, navy is still a timeless color for any interior. Pair it with browns, tans, and white, and of course, a gold accent.

White is always in trend. Here, interior designer Jessica Risco Smith uses colorful furniture — like a green couch and a blue wardrobe — to contrast with bright white.

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Fix a small space with a dark color, like Sherwin-Williams’ Rookwood Shutters Green, which also has a hint of blue to match the sofa. Tip: Get a flat or shell color on the walls and ceiling, and a semi-gloss on the trim, baseboards and cabinets.

Black is a great way to introduce color without being too bold. Pair it with warm things like cream, tan and taupe.

Look for a soft white shade in Behr’s 2023 color of the year, like a blank canvas. The color of the paint is described as a warm color, including a light yellow tone.

Most Popular Living Room Colors 2020

From light to dark, mix in a few shades of pink to make the interior just as beautiful, with Noel Gates, principal designer at Beam and Bloom Interiors.

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The badge on the right can make a statement. Cologne-based interior designer Jean Lin has done this by combining colors with warm woods, red rust and natural textures.

Using just one color, such as Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray, is a no-brainer for a living room, especially when accentuating details like moldings and a brick fireplace.

Choose an elegant shade and go with a unique style, as interior designer Mary Patton does here. It looks good on walls, ceilings and built-in wardrobes.

Make any space cozy with warm white. Here, interior designer Jessica Nelson goes for floor-to-ceiling white.

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Giving it an elegant feel, this bright interior features peach walls and an attractive wallpaper. To complete the space, interior designer Francesca Grace has two statement pieces: a green sofa and a large gold mirror.

If you’re feeling bold, choose a shade of pink that matches perfectly with the black and white gallery wall.

Keep it light and bright with this shade of blue-green painted even on the fireplace brick.

Most Popular Living Room Colors 2020

Believe it or not, brownies don’t have to be boring. Chocolate brown color forms the wooden panel in this living room and serves as a counterpoint to the beige tones of the space.

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You can’t go wrong with taupe walls whether you want to play with the serenity of your living room for the holidays or create a relaxed atmosphere for everyday enjoyment.

This warm red color looks great for the holidays, but works well for year-round wear. Combine with warm white furniture, rugs and coffee tables.

Instead of choosing one chic color, choose a few. Emulate the beauty of the rainbow by painting a wall in green, yellow, orange and pink.

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Transformative Living Room Colors

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Most Popular Living Room Colors 2020

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Behr’s Color of the Year 2024 is here! 9 Best Air Purifiers of 2023 11 Best Air Purifiers of 2023 According to experts, the easiest way to update your home is with a fresh coat of paint. No matter what room you’re in (bedroom, kitchen or bathroom), adding a new color to your walls or furniture is an inexpensive and no-compromise way to make a striking change. And since paint is completely reversible, it’s one of the best ways to incorporate some of the latest interior design trends into your home in just a few years.

If you’re ready to make a big change this year, look no further than the top colors for 2020, which change colors from red to clay. To get those color ideas, we asked interior designers which colors they expect to see in abundance in the new year. Whether your style is modern or traditional, minimal or extravagant, there is a 2020 color for you. And if you need more affordable ways to spruce up your space, try one of these home decor projects.

The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is none other than Classic Blue, which will be seen in homes everywhere in the New Year. “At the same time, symbolizing the sky, [Classic Blue]’s certain qualities of contemplation highlight our threshold to be a reliable and stable base to move into a new era,” said the brand.

One of the biggest color trends of 2020 is white on white, but the concept is boring. “While the envelope may seem sterile at first, it becomes more subtle and layered,” says interior designer Breeze Giannaccio. “We’ll see classic whites against clean, modern whites, the age and depth of this color combination.”

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Since the term “millennial pink” was coined around 2016, the color has become an interior design phenomenon. “Blush will continue to be huge in 2020 because of its ability to mix with warm tones and add an elegant touch to any room or piece of furniture,” says interior designer Abbey Fenimore of Studio Ten25.

Burnt orange and rust add a splash of color to any space; just make sure you use them sparingly. “Think about your front door or guest bathroom,” says Giannacio. “A place where you won’t encounter color every day.”

Moody colors such as peacock blue, charcoal and black-on-black will take center stage in the new year. “We’ve been celebrating gemstones for a while now, and 2020 will continue to tease beautiful envelope colors that have a calming and uplifting effect,” says Giannaccio.

Most Popular Living Room Colors 2020

Along the same lines as navy blue, other classic masculine colors such as brown and green are expected to have a moment. “They are timeless, elegant and beautiful,” says Giannacio.

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In 2019, Sherwin-Williams named Cavern Clay Terracotta the color of the year, and in the new year you can expect to see the warm color of putty painted with old plaster, ceramics and clay. “One of the emerging design trends is an appreciation of patina and age, and one way to incorporate that is through color,” says Giannaccio.

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