Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

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Most Popular Wall Paint Colors – Mia is also an editor at The Spruce. She previously covered home decor and luxury lifestyle as an editorial intern at Unique Homes magazine.

Color is often the first characteristic that defines the decoration of a space. It sets the tone for the rest of the room, whether you choose to decorate the space with a jewel green or offset the walls with a creamy white. Color works its magic in your room to create the right mood, but where should you start when deciding which color to choose?

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

There’s no one better than interior designers to update us on the latest and greatest color finds. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite decorators to share what colors they love to work with the most, from rich blues to creamy beiges.

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“This is the charcoal gray of choice,” says designer Sarah Reid of Arbor & Co. and we can see why. Behr Digital is a beautiful slate shade perfect for adding a whimsical accent to your room, whether it’s in the form of a feature wall or tall fireplace, as shown here.

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

You always need a great white, one that covers without streaks and does the job of creating the neutral space of your dreams. Reid loves this tried and true favorite, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. “Our whole house is this color,” she notes. “We use that color for every customer when we suggest white.”

If you want to get into the green frenzy, look no further than Behr Herb Cornucopia. This dark olive shade is earthy, bold and neutral at the same time, and Reid loves using this shade to break up her designs.

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

The Most Popular Paint Colors In America

White walls will always be in style, and don’t be afraid to keep them consistent throughout your home. Take a note from Laura Genevieve of Blanco Bungalow: When you find the right white, stick with it. “I like white,” he says. “I was asked literally every day what shade of white I used to paint the interior and exterior of my house and I understand – I struggled with which shades of white to use. The winner was Behr Ultra Pure White.

“We decided on a matte white for the walls and a semi-gloss for the interior,” he continues. “Our house was so dark and depressing when we bought it, with purple carpets everywhere, purple and yellow walls, and a faded moss green exterior. I wanted the cleanest, brightest white to make it feel like a clean, fresh space.”

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

For a classic shade that’s always in style, try Benjamin Moore’s Newburyport Blue. The color is elegant and classic, making it perfect for a formal living room or elegant reading nook. “I like that depending on the design of the room, it can act as a color or a neutral.” It’s a great classic navy,” says designer Michelle Gage.

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For this bedroom, designer Iman Stewart knew she had to go with a color that made a big impact, and Sherwin-Williams Isle of Pines does the trick. “I like to incorporate my love of color by choosing vibrant focal walls that complement my clients’ culture,” she said. “Isle of Pines is one of my favorite greens and I love it with a flat or low sheen. It’s a great way to be bold as this color has a richness that’s perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.”

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

To balance the intensity of the previous shade, Stewart paired the green with Sherwin-Williams Canvas Tan. Having this color throughout the room gives the eye a chance to relax and focus on other accents, such as carnival-inspired costume masks and luxurious velvet curtains.

Stuart took this mantle from soft to crisp with a coat of classic Benjamin Moore Simply White. She notes that this shade is very versatile, as she uses it in several of her projects to achieve a clean, modern look. “This is one of my favorite whites,” he says. “It goes really well with everything and is a great color to freshen up a space. “Simply White is light, bright, airy and perfect for a stage project.”

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

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Reid calls this light gray, Shade 32 by JH Wall Paints, a playful shade to try on a piece like a fireplace. As JH specializes in chalk paint, the paint is mixed with natural mineral pigments and provides a mineral, matte and velvety finish.

When working on a hair salon renovation, Stewart knew the space needed some conditioning, but she didn’t want an overly busy shade. Enter Benjamin Moore Victorian Mauve, a slightly dusty mauve that’s soft, soothing, and striking.

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

“This soft, blush mauve is not your typical hair salon wall color,” explains Stewart. “They tend to say that the blank canvas is reserved for art galleries and hair salons, but that’s not the case with this app because we wanted to keep it in line with our clients’ brand. Victorian Mauve is a great choice not only for commercial projects, but also for a teenage girl’s bedroom. It’s a classic, timeless color.” For many people, choosing new paint colors for their home is an exciting but often daunting prospect. Just being in front of rows and rows of these swatches can be enough to raise the levels of ‘stress. However, you’d be surprised to find that even with the seemingly limitless options available, some shades work much better than others. We spoke to paint industry experts to learn about their top sellers. Here are the best interior paint colors in america today.

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White is a perennial favorite among homeowners, and it’s not hard to see why. “White can do a lot to brighten a room, make a small space seem larger, or provide a blank canvas for any design style,” explains Erika Woelfel, vice president of color at Behr Paints. Behr’s Polar Bear is a consistent best seller.

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

A softer, warmer interpretation of pure white, versatile antique white is reminiscent of parchment paper and frothy coffee. Kelly-Moore’s Antique White is a beautiful and well-named example. “It’s the perfect background for colorful and neutral room accents, as well as art displays,” says Mary Lawlor, color marketing manager for Kelly-Moore.

A step down the white spectrum, classic beige is a warm shade with yellow undertones, like Behr’s popular Navajo White. Beige pops when cut with bright white and is a natural choice for pairing with browns, rust reds and blues. “Timeless neutrals like Navajo White are consistently among our best sellers,” confirms Erika Woelfel.

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

Popular Interior Paint Colors

The calming quality of blue in the home is undeniable, as is the popularity of shades like Sherwin-Williams Aleutian. “Aleutian is a dark gray-blue that evokes a misty morning rain,” notes Sue Vaden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. The versatile blue works in cozy bedrooms, spacious living rooms and anywhere in between.

In recent years, pale gray has become the neutral of choice in many homes, and it’s easy to see why: gray lets the room’s decor shine, while the color itself does the its own style statement. “Our most popular color in 2017 was screen gray,” says Sue Vadden of Sherwin-Williams. “It’s a modern color with a cool, refreshing vibe.”

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

As our affinity for gray has grown, Americans have turned up the volume and deepened their selection of shades to charcoal that sometimes borders on black. One of Pratt & Lambert’s best sellers is Rubidoux, “a warm, sophisticated gray that works as a stand-alone background or accent,” says Ashley Bunbury, senior designer at Pratt & Lambert.

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The popularity of green for interiors is based on the color’s association with the natural world. Not surprisingly, one of Benjamin Moore’s best-selling colors is a soft garden green, Guilford Green. “It’s one of our best-selling colors and complements a wide range of materials, fabrics and furniture,” says Andrea Magno of Benjamin Moore’s color and design team.

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

It is the pattern we reach for when we want to elevate the mood of a room or when we want to create a playful and happy atmosphere in our home. Ask Sherwin-Williams’ Sue Vaden about her company’s best-selling Friendly Yellow. “It’s a pale yellow that brightens up any space with its cheery, welcoming tone,” she says.

Feeling overwhelmed by the rainbow of paint chips at the hardware store? Think about the space you’re painting, from the interior style to the purpose of the room. These guidelines will help you narrow down your options. Of course, just because some design rules say one thing, it’s still your space and it’s about what you want!

Most Popular Wall Paint Colors

Most Popular Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Believe it or not, even with the plethora of color options available, a select few shades outshine all others in popularity. We spoke to industry experts to find out their best sellers. Click to view now! As the center of your home, your living room is where movie nights, intimate conversations and lazy Sunday afternoons take place. When designing a space, paint color is one of the easiest

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