Neutral Colors For Interior Walls

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Neutral Colors For Interior Walls – Neutral colors rule the world of interior design because they offer unparalleled versatility. Here are 15 of the best neutral colors that work anywhere, everywhere!

When was the last time you walked into a house with bright neon paint on the walls? It took me years.

Neutral Colors For Interior Walls

Neutral Colors For Interior Walls

Unless the wall color is a deep neutral shade such as pale blue or green or navy (such as Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy), many people prefer dark wall colors to neutral colors.

The Best Neutral Paint Colors For Any Room

Designers have been using neutral colors for years because people love them and they have a timeless and beautiful look that cannot compete with other colors.

Neutrals are king in the world of design because no other color family has the flexibility, flexibility and solidity that neutrals offer, allowing every interior design detail to shine through and take center stage.

And choosing a neutral paint color, especially for the main areas of your house, is the basis of choosing a paint color for the whole house.

Therefore, I dedicate this post to neutral color palettes that have proven their versatility and beauty time and time again. If you’re looking for neutral colors, this list of 15 colors is exactly what you need!

Behr’s 2024 Color Of The Year Is A Dramatic Neutral

Some people hear neutrals and think they are boring, but they have come a long way in the last 15 years. We ditched the dimensional yellow “builder’s beige” of the 90s and went with the cold gray of the early 2000s.

We now have a variety of popular neutral families (white, off-white, grey, beige and gray), with a wide variety of shades within each family. These colors may seem simple, but they have an incomparable (and sometimes unexpected) depth and beauty.

Whenever you choose a new paint color, you should try the actual color in your home first!

Neutral Colors For Interior Walls

The easiest and fastest way to do this is Sampleize! Now I only use them for color swatches. No mess, no sample paint pots left. Plus, this mix of real paint and sticky rectangles is easy to move around the room and easy to store for future use!

Why Neutral Colours Are Important In Interior Design

Well, if you’ve done it before, you know how difficult it can be. And if you’ve never done it before, take my word for it: choosing a specific shade

Each shade has subtle differences (called undertones) that allow it to stand out from the crowd in its own way. The best thing is that we have many options to choose from. The downside is that all these options make it difficult to choose just one color.

Each color family has the potential for certain sub-factors, and it’s important to be aware of what you see in neutrals:

Everything from your furniture to your decor to your light fixtures, pulling undertones can greatly affect the look of a color. After closing on your house, you may think you bought a fancy can of grease, only to find that when you look at the walls, you suddenly see pink.

How To Decorate With Beige & Gray (or Warm & Cool)

Avoid this frustrating situation and choose colors that work well with your home and lighting. Whether you’re painting your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, use large swatches to see all the colors you like before you buy!

Don’t choose neutral colors in an empty space. If you choose a neutral color, make sure the undertones match the existing finishes in your home! This can be countertops, cabinets and flooring. Sample your existing items!

With all that in mind, here’s a primer to get you started on the walls!

Neutral Colors For Interior Walls

If you’re looking for an essential neutral color for your home, you’ve come to the right place. I share a variety of shades (15 in total) and each one is a popular choice for designers and homeowners.

Neutral Nuance Paint Color Collection

Be careful. I’ve published color reviews of many of these options to provide more information and depth, as well as some examples to give you a better idea of ​​how they behave. Click on the links provided for more information!

I think this is one of the best full whites on the market. Clean and tidy, yet warm and inviting. Dove White (OC-17) has a yellow undertone that gives it a soft creamy white character. It is a favorite for cabinets, trim and molding.

Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) I’m pretty sure it got its name because it’s lovely! That’s why it’s one of the most popular oils available (and Sherwin Williams’ most popular color).

This soft, warm-toned greige offers versatility as it can vary between beige and gray and has soft blue-gray tones. With an LRV of 60, this neutral color provides rich color and good saturation without looking too dark in low-light rooms.

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Light French Gray (SW 0055) A beautiful true gray from Sherwin Williams. It won’t dominate any room, but in LRV 53 it’s a little darker and deeper than most of the shades in this list.

This gray color offers a nice balance of warm and cool with a subtle purple undertone to create a versatile and timeless shade. Looks great on walls (family room, bedroom, bathroom, etc.), cabinets, and furniture.

If you’re looking for a warm white that doesn’t look cold or stark and creates a neutral background for your art and decor to shine, alabaster should be at the top of your list! Alabaster (SW 7008) is a soft white color with a touch of cream that brightens the room while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Neutral Colors For Interior Walls

This popular neutral color is a warm, versatile beige-leaning greige. Like its gray, true gray, it can change between beige and gray in different light conditions.

The Best Paint Colors For Dark Rooms

Edgecombe Gray (HC-173) has a gray-green undertone that gives it a soft quality, while its LRV of 63.88 makes it attractive and airy.

This shade is one of my personal favorites! Simply White (OC-117) is a bright warm white with soft yellow undertones and has an LRV of 89.52. It’s a versatile shade that doesn’t feel like cream (unless it’s close to white, which is cool), making it popular for trim, ceilings, and kitchen cabinets.

Very popular) gray in the design world for good reason. This shade is one of my personal favorites because it provides a beautiful and timeless backdrop against the white and allows the accent colors to shine.

With 55.51 LRV and warm undertones, it’s versatile enough to be used in any home decor style.

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Sea Pearl (OC-19) is a warm white favorite of many designers. It has yellow and gray colors, but it doesn’t rely too much on one, rather it looks soft and attractive.

With an LRV of 76.43, Sea Pearl makes a room bright and fresh without looking too bright even in natural light.

An accessible beige (SW 7036) is almost as popular as a sweet gray. This greige has an undertone of gray and beige, although it leans more toward beige than gray. However, the mix of undertones makes it a sophisticated shade as people love its chameleon nature.

Neutral Colors For Interior Walls

With an LRV of 58, it has enough saturation that it may look too dark for some people in low-light rooms, but it’s distracting in rooms with natural light.

A Word About Neutrals

Neutral paint colors are not limited to light or deep neutral colors. Some beautiful dark neutrals provide a neutral background and pop of color, and Iron Ore (SW 1069) is one of my favorites.

With an LRV of 6, it’s a charcoal gray shade that many describe as a soft-looking black. Its soft blue-grey color only appears in certain lighting conditions, giving this color an interesting depth and beauty.

Owl Gray (OC-52) is an attractive gray color that appeals to many homeowners because it can vary slightly with changes in light throughout the day. Its blue and green undertones are warmer than most grays.

With an LRV of 65.77, it’s a reliable and elegant favorite for people looking for light gray color and depth.

What Are Neutral Colors & How Can They Work In Your Home?

Pale Oak (OC-20) may not be the most popular greige listed here, but this rich and beautiful shade is done very rarely. This beautiful soft greige has an LVV of 70 and pink and yellow undertones that give it a sophisticated look that fits any home decor style and can change dramatically in different lighting conditions.

I highly recommend using color swatches to test first and make sure there are no dramatic or unwanted undertones in your home.

Repose Gray (SW 7015) is one of the best neutrals because it is a balanced gray with brown and soft undertones, giving this shade a soft, inviting look and just the right amount of warmth. Underneath it and the saturation in the center (LRV 58), you can slightly switch between a warm or cool slant depending on the colors you pair it with.

Neutral Colors For Interior Walls

Ancient Gray (OC-23)

Popular Interior Schemes

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