Nyc Apartment Living Room Ideas

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Nyc Apartment Living Room Ideas – For wall mounting – storage space, tables, TVs – needed. Listed at 2 Sutton Place South.

Living in a small New York City apartment requires some sacrifices, but decorating doesn’t have to be one of them. Of course, decorating small apartments can be tricky – for example, how to make it functional but not uncomfortable, or how to infuse it with character without looking cluttered. These nine small apartment decorating ideas will help you beat the odds and create a living space that looks as sleek as it is small.

Nyc Apartment Living Room Ideas

Nyc Apartment Living Room Ideas

Whether it’s shelves, hooks or a pair of bedside tables, wall pieces offer practical seating without taking up valuable storage space or floor space. Having as much open space as possible gives your home some much-needed breathing space (and reduces the likelihood of trips and trips).

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This is one of the most popular ideas for decorating a small apartment, and for good reason – mirrors have a wonderful illusion effect, catching light from around the room and instantly making it look bigger and brighter. Hang mirrors on the wall, lean them on the floor, and sprinkle your space with metallic and lacquered accents. The more reflective surfaces, the better.

Whether it’s a coffee table or drawers to match your TV, invest in pieces that can serve multiple purposes. We love this luxurious bed from IKEA, which offers drawers under the bed for storing bedding and other bedroom items, saving valuable wardrobe and shelf space.

If you’re lucky enough to attract lots of natural light, play it up with sheer curtains and lots of mirrors. But even if your home lacks natural light, you can make this small apartment feel airy and bright with a combination of layered lighting, including an overhead curtain that fills the room with warmth and sunlight.

It may sound counterintuitive, but trust us: a large rug makes your room look bigger, and a small one – you’ll get the idea. Choose a rug that’s large enough to match all the furniture in your room, and don’t shy away from bold colors or patterns. A graphic rug strengthens the space and makes it more comfortable.

Our New York Apartment

It is not always necessary to use every piece of furniture. For example, if you only use your desk on weekends or set up your dining table only for special occasions, consider pieces that you can combine. This wall table/table brings rustic style to any living room or kitchen.

Like our advice on small rugs, don’t just stick to small pieces of furniture. You don’t want to fill the room with too many oversized pieces of furniture, but you do want to be sure and add at least one unique piece. For example, in a small living room, you can combine a simple sofa like this with a dramatic chandelier above it.

Neutrals are a great choice for small spaces, making them look light and airy. But if you love color, don’t feel like you have to avoid it—just make sure you stick to a solid color scheme. Although it takes courage, we’re big fans of dark walls in a small bedroom – it makes things feel like a cozy cocoon.

Nyc Apartment Living Room Ideas

Draw the eye to make the ceilings higher – and your small apartment has become bigger. The easiest ways to do this are hanging plants, stunning floor-to-ceiling wallpaper or sweeping curtains (or all of the above). To make your windows look taller and wider, hang curtains well above the top of the window and extend them a few inches on each side – then let the fabric gather on the floor.

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Are you inspired to find your next place in New York? Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, search for New York apartments below. Hello everyone! I can’t believe we’ve lived in this apartment for almost a year! I wish the decoration could be done sooner, but I can finally say that the living room is finished.

I live in a one-bedroom apartment, 700 square feet, so apart from the bedroom and bathroom, the living room is the main part of the house and is completely open. I tried to use every wall and corner of this space as much as possible. it can be made as multifunctional as possible. The living room is our office, bar, dining room and simply the place where we spend most of our time, so it had to be functional and harmonious.

A living plant wall is the focal point of the living room! Since we first built it in Brooklyn (almost 2 years ago!), it has grown and matured. Check out my step-by-step guide here. We have less than 20 plants of various sizes occupying every spare corner of the living room.

A new sectional sofa was the last missing piece in this space! Originally we had two couches (one large and one recliner) arranged in an “L” shape. We quickly realized how big of a gap it was. This style opens up the living room and is the best way to sit on the sofa (Yara basically treats the day bed as her own personal puppy bed).

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I ordered an Asher two-seater sofa from Interior Define with a stretcher, ecru fabric, and walnut legs. The sofa is beautiful and very comfortable! The only downside was the ship time…waited almost 4 months for this beauty to arrive. If you’re moving soon or just thinking about remodeling, keep shipping times in mind when ordering larger pieces of furniture. Due in part to COVID, delivery times for many furniture items are longer than usual.

A round coffee table, a leather sofa (perfect for extra seating), cream cushions and deep rust blankets complete the living area.

Surrounding the sofa on the green wall (easily our favorite change in this apartment) is a media console, TV, bookshelf and floor-to-ceiling mirror. It’s a Hovet mirror from IKEA, and it’s gorgeous. I can’t tell you how hard it is to find an affordable mirror this size! It’s almost 6.5 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide with a metallic aluminum frame and costs just under $125 after tax…it’s a steal. You can find smaller options at West Elm, CB2, and AllModern for almost 3 times less.

Nyc Apartment Living Room Ideas

We placed our large table along the south-facing window. Jordan and I wanted our own work space, and without thinking about how to fit two desks together, we decided on an 8ft. dining table to share! I wrote a whole post about our workplace here!

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Behind the sofa in the living room is my favorite cart! I have a detailed post here about styling the stroller and how I made these special pieces of art.

I am working on a very unique ~ home tour that is due in May! I can’t wait to share my whole journey with you. As always, thanks for reading! I only share my interiors and other homes that inspire me @home on IG.

If you’re moving, renovating, or just looking to change your space, I offer a personalized virtual interior design consultation! I’ll create a layout, flooring, and shopping list for your space to help you create the room you love. Find out more here or click the button below to get started 🙂

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Best Small Dining Rooms From New York City: Polished And Space Savvy

Read on for Jamie’s 20 New York City apartment decorating tips and ideas to turn your space into a home that never sleeps for the bustling city.

You might immediately think of a studio apartment, but some of my favorite apartments are studios.

If you set up your studio right, it can be the perfect living space. Here are some tips for decorating your small studio in New York:

Nyc Apartment Living Room Ideas

Instead of hanging the curtains above the window, hang them as high as possible – think ceiling to floor. Using such a vertical space will create the illusion of height and your room will be taller.

An Updated Look At Our Apartment Paint Colors

I always recommend that clients use trays to categorize items on their tables. You can use this technique in a similar way when it comes to your studio apartment. Simply use rugs as “trays” to mark different areas: dining room, living room, bedroom, etc.

Instead of taking up space with a floor lamp or table lamp, use a wall lamp. Apartment Therapy has the best wall sconces that don’t require you to rent and move your apartment.

Buy smaller pieces of furniture. Consider a

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