Open Floor Plan Layout Ideas

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Open Floor Plan Layout Ideas

Open Floor Plan Layout Ideas

Large living spaces that connect the kitchen to the living room are more common than ever – but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to decorate. Just ask the experts! “Although the ability to live in one large, multi-functional space is popular, designing these types of rooms in a seamless, thoughtful, and harmonious way can be more difficult than it seems,” says Dallas designer Jean Liu of Jean Liu. Are. , Memphis designer Shawn Anderson agrees: “Open spaces can create many design challenges, but they don’t have to be intimidating.”

Open Floor Plan Design: 10 Pro Ideas For A Cohesive Look

If, like others, you feel confused as to where many of the walls went, read on. We asked 10 Southern designers to share their professional tips and lessons for success.

Birmingham designer Dana Wolter Interiors by Dana Wolter creates warmth and a consistent open plan with an oversized rug and consistent design. “We like to use one large rug as much as possible — or put two rugs together to make one larger rug — to tie the spaces together,” she says. “We also repeat the cushion fabric and color palette on each seating area for continuity and fit.”

Based in Dallas, Texas, Jean Liu Design Jean Liu uses color and careful arrangement of furniture to create a feeling of comfort. “Some of our top tips for making these spaces successful include arranging multiple pieces of furniture to make a large room feel cozy and maximizing the functionality of the space,” she says. “Once each group of furniture is complete, consider keeping all the pieces in the room in a matching color palette to unify the space. But there is no need to feel limited by the type of furniture. We like to balance scale and style. Leather, wood with stone, new pieces with antiques.”

According to Memphis designer Shawn Anderson, a harmonious and functional open plan is all about scale. “Having the appropriate amount of furniture and decor can make a den feel balanced and even intimate,” he says. “The best way to separate areas in a larger space is to create the visual effect of multiple rooms in one large space.” To use rugs.”

Open Floor Concept Design Benefits & Ideas

For designer Brian Olsen, planning a space is a very important step. “When your space is purposefully designed with furniture that invites you to come inside, you’ve laid the foundation for warmth and comfort,” she says. His best advice for success? Arrange multiple seating areas next to each other. “We usually achieve this by placing the sofas one behind the other or, if necessary, incorporating tete-a-tete or daybeds to connect the spaces.”

Charlotte designer Gray Walker of Gray Walker Interiors says, “When designing an open floor plan, I always look to create ease of movement by floating furniture, comfortable spaces and casual conversation areas and adding visual weight to the ‘shell’ on the plan. Try. In an open floor plan, from floor to ceiling “I love ceiling art with floating objects. There are many opportunities for drama in the intimacy of a large space. Each space is part of the whole, so keep your color palette consistent and use the same colors everywhere. “Open space.”

Designer Jan Showers of Dallas-based firm Jan Showers & Associates explains how she created a larger living space. “We used a great room and divided it into casual living, dining, bar and kitchen areas,” she says. “When the room is big enough, it really makes it a lot easier. I made small open spaces – so you have to make sure the scale is small. Scale has a lot to do with the whole setting.”

Open Floor Plan Layout Ideas

“It is more important than ever to define living space in an open concept. Otherwise, everything seems to be floating on the open ocean,” says Austin Avery Cox of Avery Cox Design.

How The Pandemic Has Changed New Home Design

Her best advice? She says, “I try to create depth, rhythm and visual relief through architectural elements like subtle changes in ceiling, open space and color, but I also like to rely on decorative elements like rugs, large lamps and coordinated furniture. I do.” , “My strategy is to control the chaos by dropping large anchors in your open space. If you feel intimidated by a big couch, colorful colors, a huge chandelier, or a large rug, get started! Play with scale, light and color to create spatial hierarchy and make your large space feel light and intentional.”

Roger Higgins of Nashville, Rt. Higgins Interiors believes in the power of color for open plan rooms. “If your space is painted one color, you can add visual interest and break up the space by painting doors or woodwork in a contrasting color, or painting the ceiling,” he says. “The way you turn on lighting can help define a space. For example, sconces can create a more intimate space in a space, while larger pieces of furniture can help define a seating group. Can.’

“One thing people don’t always realize about open floor plans is that they allow the kitchen to shine in the home,” says designer Mary Claire Kumba of Kumba Design Co. in Mississippi. “Plus, by carefully designing each element of the space, you can create a uniform experience in the kitchen and living room that accommodates families and makes it easy to gather. The kitchen and living room are perfect for an open floor plan because this is where families gather most.”

Dallas designer Ginger Curtis of Urban Studies Design considers open-plan living a big benefit. She says, “The concept of an open living room can be daunting when I’m looking at a big blank canvas, but I always try to remind my clients of the infinite possibilities that can come from working with larger spaces. “Can be born if done.” “The open concept has the greatest business flexibility. Know the most important places in your home and where your family gathers; once you understand that, the space plan starts to come together.”

Small Open Layout Decor Tips And 23 Ideas

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Open Floor Plan Layout Ideas

Open floor plans add flexibility to any home. In a traditional closed floor, rooms are separated by walls and doors. Each room gets its own privacy pocket, making it easy to separate different areas in the home. But with an open floor plan, the walls and doors fall down, leaving the rooms dark. Your kitchen can double as a dining room – and triple as a living room. And this flexibility makes it easy to multitask.

Ways To Embrace An Open Concept Home Design

Deborah Costa, interior designer and founder of Design Alchemy, says, “An open mind allows for uninterrupted entertaining – pour a glass of wine, watch the soup drip everywhere, and continue cooking the dishes…with family members or guests. Keep meeting.” “Open concept floor plans enhance the heart of the home by combining cooking and entertaining

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