Open Floor Plan Living Room And Kitchen

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Open floor plans add flexibility to any home. In a traditional closed structure, rooms are separated by walls and doors. Each room has its own dedicated pocket, making it easy to separate the different spaces in your home. But in an open floor plan, walls and doors collapse and the rooms fade together. The kitchen can double as a dining room or triple as a dining room. And this flexibility makes it easy to accomplish many tasks at once.

Open Floor Plan Living Room And Kitchen

Open Floor Plan Living Room And Kitchen

“The open-concept lifestyle allows you to entertain without hassle: pour a glass of wine, check what sauce is simmering in the oven, prepare appetizers, all while connecting with family or guests…” interior designer and Deborah Costa, partner. The founder of Design Alchimie says: “The open floor plan adds a focal point to the home by combining the kitchen and living areas into one.”

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An open floor plan for multitasking makes life easier. But decorating it can be difficult. How should you arrange your furniture if you don’t have walls to guide you? And how do you decide which rooms to combine?

“Planning is the first and most important step when decorating an open floor plan,” says Jenna Schumacher, principal designer at Insert Design. She explains, “Without a defined ‘room’ to dictate its use, we need to develop a harmonious design that maximizes functionality, balances the scale of the pieces, and celebrates their interconnectedness.”

This may seem like a tall order. But with the right inspiration, it can get a lot easier. So to help you organize your open plan carefully and easily, we asked six interior designers to share their best open plan design ideas.

When designing an open floor plan, it can be difficult to decide which rooms to combine. Is this a popular choice? Connect the kitchen to the living room. “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” says Costa. “People are no longer limited to cooking. They want to tune in to what’s happening in their living rooms.”

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Additionally, more storage space means your kitchen will be less cluttered. “A living room or den that is open to the kitchen gives you the opportunity to get outside,” says Emily Davis, principal designer at Emily Davis Interiors.

Open the doorway to set the scene in your open concept home. “Having an open entryway to the dining and living rooms creates an immediate sense of flow to the home,” says Davis.

Without walls, how can you tell where one space ends and another begins? “Use rugs to create different zones in your space,” says Catherine Staples, founding designer of Easy Aspen & Ivy.

Open Floor Plan Living Room And Kitchen

Kristine Renee, interior designer and co-founder of Design Alchemy, agrees: “A rug under the coffee table in the common living room or under the table in the dining area is great for defining zones.”

Kitchen Design Ideas For Open Floor Plans

The biggest advantage of an open floor plan is that you can customize it to fit your needs. So, if you work in the kitchen or living room, enjoy a formal workspace.

“More and more, we are incorporating computer spaces into open alcoves right off the kitchen,” says Renee. “These are ideal spaces for adults to access the computer or for children to do homework without cluttering the kitchen counter or dining table.”

How to safely separate two spaces in an open plan? Get a room divider. If you want to buy something pretty enough for decoration and keep the space connected, you can choose room dividers that are either short enough to be transparent or tall enough to be transparent.

Value ceilings are not only a fun way to decorate a space, but they are also great for breaking up open spaces. “A coffered ceiling can create some separation in a space by defining it without structurally separating the space,” Staples says.

Incredible Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Ideas

You can place wooden beams on the living room ceiling and leave the kitchen ceiling as is, giving the space a separate yet connected feel.

Give your living room more flair by expanding it into a game room, game room, or other entertainment area. “We love family rooms with comfortable seating and storage for toys and games,” says Erin Coren, principal designer at Curated Nest.

If you want to give a room a more private feel without completely closing it off, try using storage furniture. “Closed storage solutions like dressers or shelves can break up open spaces,” says Coren.

Open Floor Plan Living Room And Kitchen

Why limit yourself to a relaxation area? An open floor plan allows you to create different types of lounges, giving guests plenty of space to mingle.

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“Ditch the formality and center the room around conversation,” says Costa. “Think of a space like a lounge or hotel lobby and create different moments and opportunities to come together.”

Think of the space as a lounge or hotel lobby and create various times and opportunities to gather together.

Combining a kitchen and living room is a popular option, but combining a dining room and living room is also a good option.

“We love the flow of the living and dining areas,” says Coren. “We opened the dining room wall into the dining room to allow for better traffic flow from beverages to dinner.”

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In any open plan, stairs are your friend. because? The different levels allow you to easily divide the space into small corners and enjoy the flexibility of wall-free interiors.

Want to gain some of the privacy of a closed floor plan without building walls? Take advantage of cased openings such as doors or open arches.

“Case-shaped openings can work wonders for creating visual separation between spaces,” says Davis. “Because the openings in the shell are wider, you feel connected.

Open Floor Plan Living Room And Kitchen

When setting up an open floor plan, remember that you are responsible for what rooms are in your home. So, if you want a kitchen and a bar in your home, make sure you have both spaces. “Our customers love having a separate beverage area in an open floor plan,” says Costa.

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If a home bar isn’t your thing, make room for one. Add a wine room for wine lovers or a bookshelves nook in the family room for book lovers, Staples suggests.

Lighting can be a great way to create flow and separation in an open floor plan. The key is to vary the lighting from corner to corner while keeping the overall setting cohesive.

“Make sure the lights you choose work together but have their own identity,” says Coren. “This will allow for an aesthetically beautiful flow while allowing each piece to have its own moment.”

What are the classic ways to organize an open floor plan? It is a combination of three rooms into one. “Our clients love combining common living, dining and kitchen areas for a seamless flow of daily activities,” says Renee.

Benefits Of An Open Kitchen Floor Plan

By placing the kitchen, dining room, and living room in the same space, you can make your stay more complete without wasting even a second.

Unless your stairs are tucked away in a corner, they’re probably in a good location to act as a boundary for your space. Utilize stairs and treat them as partial walls. Used in a floor plan to divide different spaces without completely separating them.

Is there a designer-approved way to separate the combined kitchen and living room? Slide it into your showcase. “We placed a cupboard behind the sofa to eliminate the long row of sofa backs,” says Coren. “This breaks up visual lines, adds interest and texture, and adds storage space.”

Open Floor Plan Living Room And Kitchen

No home is complete without a dining area. If you don’t want to dedicate an entire room to a table, you can at least make space in your kitchen. “Because entertainment is no longer a formal business, some people choose not to have a formal dining room in their home,” Staples says. “This allows for more communication when hosting and preparing meals for the company.”

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What is a thoughtful way to separate different spaces in an open plan? Decorate your walls differently. “Using different paint colors or different wall treatments can create visual separation,” Staples says.

Paint different areas different colors, line them with different materials, or cover one area with wallpaper while leaving the other area bare.

Placing sofas back-to-back does not make sense in every home. However, this is a great way to encourage relaxation in open spaces. With one sofa facing the kitchen and the other facing the dining room, you create space for pre-dinner and post-dinner conversations, giving guests an easy way to cozy up for the evening.

If the kitchen is connected to another space, such as a living room or dining room, try using an island to separate it.

Open Floor Plan Design & Ideas

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