Open Kitchen Dining Room Designs

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Open Kitchen Dining Room Designs – Perfect for casual family living or entertaining, these light, airy and beautiful spaces are versatile and fun. But for an open design that is attractive and efficient, it helps to understand the latest art and technology when choosing top designers. Here, 15 experts share their best strategies for living and cooking in the center of the home.

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Open Kitchen Dining Room Designs

Open Kitchen Dining Room Designs

In the new home, designer Jodie Cooper took the amazing lighting concept to the next level, using a custom-made “screen” suspended from the ceiling using chrome rods to illuminate the kitchen and dining room. “The partition also helps visually define the kitchen space without losing the loft-style feel,” she says. And he says: “Having a modern kitchen does not mean having a modern decor. By combining pieces such as retro dining chairs, Chinese antiques and a rustic dining table combined with Turkish patchwork rugs, we create decorations and elements.” ., which add a kind of bohemian style to the home and create an interior that I call ‘global eclectic’.”

Clever Ways To Lay Out Your Open Plan Kitchen

A modern addition, architect Robert Wilson carefully selected materials and furnishings to create a multi-functional space with a cohesive style. For example, a row of light fixtures hanging above the kitchen island serves not only as a visual marker that separates the work area from the adjacent seating, but also “introduces a bright but polished light,” he says. Tile throughout the room keeps the look simple and cohesive.

Perfect for weekend entertaining, this Hamptons Beach House family room/dining room has an intimate connection to both the kitchen and outdoor living areas. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors slide into the walls and open the dining/family room and living room to a spacious deck. Rooms can be completely open or protected from mosquitoes with screen devices that allow for summer air, spacious entertaining areas and reconnection with nature. “A consistent but not overwhelming blue trend continues in these low-level spaces: blue kitchen cabinets, plain blue rugs and accent walls, and blue,” note the architects.

With the concept of an open floor, the designers try not only to create separate spaces within a large space, but also to make the result appear uniform. In this home, the architects at Carlton Architecture + DesignBuild have done both with finesse. “We divide the individual areas with furniture groups and circulation. Common materials such as steel, white sawn oak cabinets and dark oak floors are used to connect the three areas,” they explain.

Large sliding glass doors with windows above extend to the rear of this open space, bringing natural light into the kitchen, living room, dining room and den. “The light from the rear of the property gives a sense of air and freshness and creates a wonderful space for entertaining family and friends,” says architect Robert Wilson.

Modern Kitchen Ideas We Love

For a family home in Houston, designers from Laura U Interior Design created a comfortable living space right in the kitchen. The team used colors and materials to create a cohesive look throughout the open space. “Although most of the color palette is neutral, we wove bright turquoise into every space: the pillows and rug in the family room, the bar stool frames in the kitchen, and the stunning chandelier in the living room. Breakfast,” they explained. . “Further unifying the entire space are the window treatments, which are a combination of Hunter Douglas Silhouette curtains and custom curtains with turquoise trim along the front edge. A sweet yellow and just a hint of orange accentuate the combination of colors as touches of gold and natural wood (a teak table and driftwood on island) add amazing beauty.”

Although this open-concept kitchen and dining room is located upstairs in a converted bag factory in Nashville, Jason Arnold’s design principles will work in any environment. “The kitchen opens into the living room, it’s a big open space that lends itself to entertaining and family life,” he says. Ditto to make the spaces look like that. It’s basically one big room with the kitchen on the other side. He wanted the the kitchen was informally incorporated into the space, so it didn’t have upper cabinets. partition. From kitchen to living room.”

Designing a house for a family can be a challenge, but designing a house to be shared by two siblings? That’s a completely different proposition, and architect Matthew Collins of Uptic Studios has teamed up to help open design. “The goal of the project was to create a modern tree house on Lake Coeur D’Alene in northern Idaho,” he explains. “Uptic Studios envisioned the shared living of two families, providing separate spaces for privacy and social rooms that conveniently bring everyone together under one roof. And we didn’t have to, we had to take into account not only the space itself, but also all the people brothers are chefs, and so we took that into account when designing the open plan kitchen and living room. We made sure to create a common room next to the kitchen to bring everyone together inside spaces with amazing views of the lake from almost every side.”

Open Kitchen Dining Room Designs

For a family home, the open, flowing spaces provide enough space to spend time together without anyone feeling overwhelmed. Architect Robert Wilson says: “Large bi-fold doors from the kitchen and living room lead out to the beautiful garden, giving this family a great connection to the outdoors.” Glass doors ensure that natural light is reflected into the living area with glass floors, creating a wonderfully bright space.”

Designs For Open Plan Living

Creating separate spaces in an open layout is easy, but making them separate yet interconnected can be difficult, says designer Jodie Cooper. Here, she cleverly achieves this light balance through materials (from the functional kitchen floor to the warm wood in the dining area) and color: a soft teal accent wall helps to differentiate (and add drama) the dining area. .

For a family with three children under the age of 12, a spacious family center open to the yard was just what they needed. “The open living space made sense for them because they really wanted a room that would be the ‘heart’ of the house and where everyone could gather and communicate, even if they had other jobs,” says designer Nelly Reffet. by Twinkle & Whistle Interior Design. To give the space a pleasant impression, Reffet carefully selected colors and materials. He says: “One of the potential dangers of living without a plan, especially in modern homes, is that a room can feel cold and uninhabited.” shapes, is a good way to achieve balance and create more living space.”

For the house located in the old growth woodlands and moors of the New Forest National Park, designer Wendy Perring of PAD Studio was tasked with improving the relationship between the house and its surroundings while minimizing the building’s impact on the site. “The main living space is open and designed to meet the changing physical needs of its occupants, but also to provide nourishment and inspiration through close contact with the home’s natural environment,” says Perring.

Inside a large open space (and this is especially important when the space has high ceilings) it is important to choose furniture and details that match the size of the room. Stylist Sophie Gunnersen of Studio Stamp says: “All the pieces in the room are big and bold and everything has a purpose. The bespoke dining table sits at bar height and is big and solid. The black AGA kitchen is “It’s an important part of the space: it enhances satisfaction and attracts many people with its warmth. “Vertical shelves along with soft green tiles break up the room.”

Is Open Concept Kitchen Design Right For Your Home?

Open living can work on any scale. Case in point: this beautiful house that Uptic Studios designed for retirees. “After decades of living on the family farm, our client was determined to move to the city to be closer to his children and grandchildren,” say the architects. “As an entertainer, she wanted a large, open room for parties, as well as plenty of wall and shelf space for family photos and a few personal items.”

Combining two or more spaces can create a sense of flow that makes any room appear larger. Example: a narrow kitchen that has been given new life thanks to clever design. The architect sums up the project: “Tear down

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