Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

Open Kitchen Living Room Designs – Combine your living room and kitchen into one seamless space with our easy guide to planning outdoor kitchens

If there’s one trend we’re really grateful for, it’s open-plan kitchens. We love layouts where kitchens and living rooms complement each other. Increasingly, our lifestyles are becoming more fluid and the boundaries between different roles are gradually blurring. We love working from the comfort of our home office as well as a super soft couch. We love fast cooking as much as agility. In our opinion, open plans not only look great, but also adapt easily to different needs. If you want to give it a try but don’t know how to go about it, here’s a quick guide to getting an open kitchen design right.

Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

1.    Plan your kitchen so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your living room. This will result in a cramped living space when your guests arrive.

Open Plan Living Room Diner Kitchen

2.    An open kitchen design makes your home look bigger and hence it is the best choice for modest sized homes. Even big houses can use it

3.    Since you are combining two rooms, you need to make sure that the style, materials and color palette are consistent in both rooms. This results in a space that flows smoothly from one room to another.

4.    Effective planning of your lighting is essential. The kitchen requires more lighting to ensure safe cooking, while the living area requires soft lighting, especially when entertaining. There should be a balance between the two to allow both areas to be lit equally.

5.    The kitchen area should be as tidy and uncluttered as possible. This includes a toaster, food processor, blender, and more. means everyday tools should be kept in the closet.

Designs For Open Plan Living

6.    Increase the height of your platform if you don’t want your activities to be seen by people in the room.

7.    When planning your kitchen, remember to follow the golden triangle of stove, sink and refrigerator. This way, you will know how to pack your dishes and equipment. Sorting out this triangle will help you figure out exactly which part you want to hide.

8.    If you have a large enough space, you can use a folding glass door. This gives you the flexibility to open up or separate areas that allow natural light to pass through.

Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

9.     Indoor plants can make a big difference between a kitchen area and a dining/living room. It will also help mask any odors.

Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Ideas

10.    The best way to avoid the view of the kitchen from the living room is to create a seating arrangement where guests do not face the kitchen.

When considering an open plan kitchen, choose color schemes that can extend from the living room into the kitchen. This helps create synergy between the two camps.

Your open-plan kitchen doesn’t have to have a kitchen island or a U-shape to create an edge. A dining table in the center can serve as a border between two spaces.

If you’re not sure about a completely open kitchen, consider building a window-like frame around it. This creates a visual border between the two spaces.

Modern Open Kitchen Design

When combining the two spaces, remember that your kitchen should always be clean and tidy. Keep everything in cabinets so that your appliances and dishes are within easy reach. A UK renovation and interiors blog helping renovators and decorators get the most out of their home decor projects.

Choosing the perfect layout for your home can be difficult, especially when it comes to things like an open kitchen and living room. Where do you start with this space? There are many layouts you can experiment with in a large, empty room, but there are a few key points to remember to make sure you get the right layout for your needs.

Since each of these rooms requires a layout that maximizes usability and functionality, coordinating them together and maintaining a harmonious flow throughout the space should be your top priority.

Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

In this article, you’ll find 10 thoughtful ideas on how to bring your living room and kitchen to their full potential, depending on your unique space. We’ve also added some furniture and styling ideas to complete the look. Fun!

Open Kitchen Design: Pictures, Ideas & Tips From Hgtv

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Here’s a way to organize your living room and kitchen. This home uses suspended structural beams to visually separate each part of the open-plan space, as well as frame the natural light that enlivens the room.

To the left of what we see in the picture is a large kitchen that opens behind a corner 3-seater sofa. The low back of the sofa allows the space to flow from the kitchen to the other end of the range, which is a great tip to remember when trying this out in your space.

We absolutely love this open plan living room and kitchen, what’s not to love? The owner tore down interior walls to free up the space and allow for flow, and also kept the wood-burning fireplace that serves as a room divider (there’s plenty of space in between) and a cozy living room.

Interior Design For Open Kitchen: Amazing Open Kitchen Designs Ideas

To the right of this image, the kitchen occupies one side of the room and is nicely balanced by the color palette used in the living room. Spaces are visually divided by changing flooring and soft furniture.

If you are working with a large extension for the combined kitchen area of ​​your living room, we advise you to make the most of the furniture in the middle of the room to define each area separately.

In this great example, the owner chose a kitchen island to occupy the center of the kitchen area, separating it from the living room with a long hallway.

Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

What we love most about this layout is that you can share the TV with your family while you cook dinner and get everyone in the same room.

Open Plan Room Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

A way to really take advantage of your space to a whole new level! Each of the spaces are neatly divided into sofa, dining and kitchen areas, but you still get the flow and harmony of the open-plan lounge that leads out to the garden thanks to the large bi-fold doors.

Using the length of the dining table as a room divider, separating the living room from the kitchen, is a smart way to fill an open space without being too busy, and this type of setup is good for both casual and formal entertaining.

This layout is perfect for smaller homes and apartments as it maintains an open plan feel on a smaller scale. Although the kitchen is quite compact, it is housed in a small breakfast bar, which adds structure to the open plan, but also connects the kitchen’s relaxation area with the living room.

In such an arrangement, try to fill most of the space with open furniture and nothing heavy, otherwise you may feel cramped and unorganized. It shows a beautiful open plan design and how it can be done in a smaller property.

Open Floor Plan Design Tips From The Experts

We love open-plan living rooms and kitchens (which is why we’re sharing this post), but sometimes you just can’t get the layout right. In this context, compromise is good.

This home incorporated an open-plan feel with an arched doorway, but retained some of the wall structure to create a stunningly decorative kitchen and living room layout.

Using the same color palette in an open-plan space is key to maintaining harmony and flow, so designing one space should be your top priority.

Open Kitchen Living Room Designs

If you don’t have a large room to plan your layout, you can still make an open plan living room and kitchen combination. change the layout to something more flexible.

How Do You Guys Feel About An Open Kitchen/living Room Floor Plan?

With this layout, you can get the best of both worlds in terms of closet placement and furniture organization, but you’ll also have flow between rooms, opening up all the possibilities for how you want to use the space. to relax.

Supporting the sofa to the kitchen peninsula is a way to combine the two environments in a practical way. Not only can you watch TV while you cook (always a bonus for cozy evenings), but it’s great to chat with your guests or partner while you prepare a meal to share.

We love to see a kitchen used for such casual socializing.

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