Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Ideas

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Determining the perfect layout for your home can be difficult, especially with things like an open kitchen and living room. With all this empty space, where do you start? There are many layouts that can be tested with a large living room, but there are some important points to keep in mind to ensure that you get the accurate layout for your needs.

Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Ideas

Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Ideas

Because each of these rooms requires a layout that maximizes usability and functionality, configuring them together while maintaining a harmonious flow throughout the space should be your priority.

Ideas For Your Open Plan Dining Room

In this post you will find 10 sensible ideas on the best way to arrange the combined living room and kitchen for full effect depending on your specific size. In addition, we have included some furniture and styling ideas to complete the look. Enjoy!

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This is one way to organize living room and kitchen layout. The house uses suspended structural beams to visually divide each part of the open space and even frame natural light, making the room come alive.

On the left that we can see in this picture is a large kitchen that opens onto the back of a three-seater sofa. Because the back of the sofa is low, it allows the atmosphere to flow from the kitchen to the other end of the extension, which is a great tip to keep in mind when trying to do it in your own space.

The Pros And Cons Of Open Plan Living

We absolutely love the living room and open kitchen layout, what’s not to love? The owner knocked on the inner wall to open and drain, but kept the fireplace, which served as a room divider (with a lot of open space) and also a cozy living room.

On the right side of this picture, the kitchen occupies the entire length of one side of the room and is in good harmony with the color palette used in the living room. The space is visually divided by alternating floors and softer furniture.

If you are working with a large extension to your shared living room/kitchen, we recommend placing a lot of furniture in the middle of the room to define each area separately.

Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Ideas

In this interesting example, the owner chose a kitchen island to occupy the center of the kitchen area and separate it from the living room with a large hall.

Small Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Ideas

What we really like about this layout is that you can share watching TV with your family while you prepare dinner and bring everyone into the room for social time.

Is there a way to take your space utilization to a whole new level! Each area is nicely separated into the sofa area, dining room and kitchen, but you still get flow and harmony through the open living room that leads to the garden through two large doors. .

Separating the living room from the kitchen using the length of the dining table as a partition is a smart way to fill the space without being too busy, and this type of arrangement is suitable for both casual and formal entertaining. .

This layout is great for smaller houses and apartments because it retains the feeling of an open but smaller project. When the kitchen is small, they are installed in a small breakfast bar that provides structure for the open plan but also connects the kitchen cooling area to the living room.

Ways To Make An Open Concept Living Room Feel Cohesive

With a layout like this, try to keep most of the space open with furniture and nothing too heavy, otherwise you risk feeling cramped and cluttered. This is a great open source design project and just shows how it can be achieved on a small property.

We love open-plan living rooms and kitchens (which is why we’re sharing this post), but sometimes you can’t get a full open plan. Coordination is good in this context.

The house gets an open plan feeling with curved doors, but retains some wall structure to design the kitchen and living room with great results.

Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Ideas

Using the same color palette in open spaces is key to achieving cohesiveness and flow, so perhaps space should be your design priority.

Modern Kitchen And Living Room Design. Open Plan Design Idea Stock Image

You can still manage the living room and kitchen together if you don’t have a big room for your layout. As long as it is not a load-bearing wall, why not remove the wall between the two to turn your current layout into something flexible.

With a layout like this, you still get the best of both worlds in terms of closet layout and furniture arrangement, but you get a flow between rooms that opens up all kinds of opportunities for how you want to use the space for socializing and relaxing. . .

Sofa support up to the kitchen peninsula is one way to unite the two areas in terms of practicality. You can not only watch TV while cooking (always rewarded for a warm evening), it is also good to be able to talk with your guests or partners while preparing food to share.

We love seeing the kitchen used for social gatherings like this, and all the natural light from the roof lights makes it an even better place to spend an afternoon with a slow cooker.

Small House Design Ideas With Open Concept Kitchens And Living Rooms

If you have a large room where you want to combine all your social spaces, combining everything in one large combination will work very well.

The breakfast bar in this room overlooks the open dining table, both lit by natural light streaming in through the double doors. The dining area becomes quite cozy with a carpet that is maintained by the color palette, and the same tone is used in the high back sofa, which moves away from the rest of the area but does not divide the space too much.

Sometimes with extensions you have a lot of space to fill and don’t have much of a plan. We like how this house has every corner of the room with elements that serve a different purpose, but connects it all together with light wood and also ensures that every place feels light.

Open Plan Living Room Kitchen Ideas

The sofa opens onto a single patio that overlooks a typical dining area and a modest kitchen island, so the entire area is versatile and can be easily moved as well. The possibility of changing furniture later is something to consider as your life changes too.

Layout Ideas For An Open Plan Kitchen And Living Space

From spacious to small kitchens and architectural features, there are many great ways to plan and organize your open plan shared kitchen. What caught your attention? Do you like a spacious yard? Or work with some extra walls to give it more structure? What do you do with your home? Let’s start the conversation! By Kiran Singh August 14, 202117 May 2018 Leave a comment on The Pros and Cons of Open Plan Living

Living with an open plan is the perfect way to integrate the kitchen, usually in the backyard with other rooms and gardens, to create a spacious, light and multi-purpose space. In recent years, open plan living has become a popular choice when it comes to remodeling and redesigning kitchens. It has many benefits, including adding value to your home.

A study conducted by the National Association of Real Estate Agencies shows that open spaces and kitchen renovations are among the top four home improvements that add value to a home. In the Houzz UK report last year, based on the results of the Houzz community survey, 54% of homeowners make their kitchen more open to other rooms, and 35% smashing walls and Open the room completely. Additionally, in a recent Houzz poll that asked, “Yes, to open a kitchen?” The results were in favor of the idea, with 840 “yes” votes and 230 “no” votes.

The popularity of the open plan lifestyle has increased due to the opportunities created for more connected places to create family memories, parties and dinner parties. But what happens when the party is over? Does life have an open plan? Harvey Jones, contemporary kitchen expert, investigates.

Open Kitchen Living Rooms: The New ‘open Space Concept’

Open-plan living gives the homeowner a social space – an area that can be used for more than just preparing and cooking everyday meals. Taping on the wall to combine the kitchen and dining room helps bring light into your home. This is where the plan quickly unfolds.

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