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Opi Nail Polish Colors Chart – Hello friends. Today I’m sharing OPI’s new nail collection. For spring 2023, we have the Me, Me and OPI collections. The theme of this collection is art. At least as far as I can gather.

We all know spring collections are my least favorite, so I started looking at this one with some trepidation. Luckily, I wasn’t disappointed with this release and had a lot of brushes coming my way.

Opi Nail Polish Colors Chart

Opi Nail Polish Colors Chart

I bought this set and it looks like its hype is starting to take full effect so it’s booming in the market now. If you want to download this release, use some of the links I have shared at the end of the post.

Buy Opi Peru Collection Nail Lacquer Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountains Online @ Tata Cliq Luxury

The live video will now go live for channel members, before going live to the public on Saturday, February 11th at 3:00 PM ET. If you would like to join my channel membership for early access to videos (and other benefits), click here.

OPI is an original American brand. Lacquers are in 15 ml bottles and 3 are free. Blind and ring light

A ring light through the blind is a great trick. I know, I was surprised too. It applies perfectly and doesn’t feel chalky at all. It’s a bit blue, but not unusual for a pastel yellow.

It is a soft yellow color. It’s not bright enough to be mistaken for white, and it’s so bright that I have 0 interest in it. It’s beautiful, but I’m a bright sunshine yellow girl.

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The surface of this brush is slightly smooth. I think it was probably 3 coats as I had very light blemishes with two coats.

Cleaning your money is a good process. This is one of my favorite colors. I thought Frog Frog was green, unfortunately he was paler than pea green.

Although I don’t hate the color, I really like it. I’m disappointed it’s not Kermit green, but it’s a fun color on the nails.

Opi Nail Polish Colors Chart

The coverage is amazing, it goes on like a dream and I only need 2 coats to get the coverage.

Opi Nail Lacquer 15ml

Data Peach also has a nice layout. It’s a small crystal so you get a little sparkle with the glitter.

The color of surprise, shock and surprise, but I want to shine. It’s a very peachy color with a shimmer to almost golden sheen. So, peachy pink + gold glitter = how to make Nicole love the color Pearl!

As with the other ready-made diamonds in this release, you have to build them to achieve a nearly perfect fall. I have VNL marks after three layers.

I Meta My Soulmate was originally called Polish. It has a wonderful diamond pattern. It is on the thin side, but I had no problems with application.

Opi Nail Polish Discontinued, Beauty & Personal Care, Hands & Nails On Carousell

You get a clear print through diamond coating. If this bothers you, you can try wetting your brush and straightening it. I almost love the softness of this pink shade, but my dislike of pearly pinks is overcome by my love for pinks.

I sold my crypto good plan. It starts and stops perfectly, so you’ll want to build it up to get more space.

The base color of this polish is nice, but overall I’m kind. The shimmer effect is nice and has a sheen to it.

Opi Nail Polish Colors Chart

My photos show that I sold my crypto for 3 crores with gloss. It can be a powerful 3 to get even coverage.

Opi Brights Collection 2015!

Incognito mode has a beautiful design. It was disgusting, but nothing. It adjusts perfectly and has 10/10 usability.

I am really digging this shade. I don’t always like purples, but when they have a slightly dusty quality to them, it catches my eye.

Left Your Text has a nice jelly-like texture in red. Started a little but was even. If you don’t have a lot of free edge or don’t care about true VNL, the varnish can go through two coats.

Shimmer was silent for a moment. It’s a blink and miss glow type. It gave a bit of a shine, but I wasn’t really a fan.

Opi Summer Make The Rules Summer 2023 Collection Swatch And Review

My photos show 3 coats of LEFT YOUR TEXT in red with a top coat of glitter. I added a third hair to add shine.

NFTease Me has a good formula. I don’t know why, but I thought it would be a bit smoother in practice, but it wasn’t.

I personally find this gloss to be a light turquoise, but the photos make it look like a light blue. I tried to edit my photos to show the mani, but honestly I can’t get 100% of what I see in person. It’s subtle yet obvious.

Opi Nail Polish Colors Chart

Pink in Bio has a good formula. He did not feel chalky and adjusted himself well. It’s a bit too abrasive, but to minimize streaks, a floating brush is your best bet for fixing.

Opi Gel Duo Matching Color Combo

I found I needed three more coats to get coverage with my brush but it was there. Didn’t even expect to be photographed with it. If you’re less prone to light spots than I am, I can see this being passable at 2 coats.

I would call it a very intense pink shade. I can see why OPI would go with a white pink shade, it’s a pink shade in person.

The girl from Silicon Valley has a great plan. It was a little blue at first and the head was a little smaller than I expected. However, she adjusted anyway and it fixed my flakiness.

It’s a shame the cover is so one-sided. Given the full volume at first glance, this is quite surprising. I love this orange color. When I put this polish on, I got a lot of comments about it. It’s very bright and cheerful, but not neon bright.

Opi Gel Nail Polish Duo

Summer vacations are well planned on the internet. I love the base color of this polish. It is on the thin side so maybe 3 covers.

The gloss lacks flash and you lose the shine, but it’s not crazy. It has a blue tint to it.

Switching to portrait mode has a nice layout. It’s a solid diamond, so you get a lot of bang for your buck with it.

Opi Nail Polish Colors Chart

It reminds me of old school pearl polish which I don’t like. Absolutely. Between the base color (a pretty pink) and the pearly finish, it’s just not for me.

The Best Opi Nail Colors For Fall 2023

I think this is a potential 3rd brand if you need a small amount of light. It is better to close even if there is a possibility of penetration

As mentioned in the beginning of the post, I started watching them thinking I was bored and lazy. I don’t like summer collections. This being a spring collection and having some bad choices for polish names doesn’t make me happy.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the colors. Peach’s data was a surprise because I don’t like endings like that. I love Silicon Valley Girl, Internet Sharing and Share Cash.

The Me, Me and OPI collection is now available at all OPI stores. It is available in a regular everyday range and a gel polish and setting powder. If you want to get the set at a discount, use the BeyondPolish website affiliate code.

Opi Touring America Collection Sleekshop.com

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Opi Nail Polish Colors Chart

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