Paint Color Combinations For Living Room

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Does your living room look shabby? Small and crowded or large and inhospitable? Before you start sketching out an overhaul, consider a new paint job.

Paint Color Combinations For Living Room

Paint Color Combinations For Living Room

In high-traffic spaces like your living room, consider repainting every 5 to 7 years. Instead of using the same old color, be adventurous and try a new color to make the room look radically different.

Calming Colours That Perfect For Living Room

If you don’t mind doing it yourself, painting a room can cost less than $200, and in an afternoon or weekend of painting, you can make your living room look like a completely new space.

Dark shades may seem intimidating, but don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with a deep, dark green. Dark green can add depth to a room, making it calm and peaceful, like a forest in your home. If your living room has a lot of natural light, you don’t have to worry about it being too dark or cramped. Choose a dark green color with a matte finish, which will make the room’s walls look soft and spacious – any kind of gloss can make a room appear smaller.

Do you have commitment issues? Try painting just one wall to start. If you wish, then paint the entire room.

White gets a bad reputation for being bland or uninspiring, but in reality, it’s the opposite. If your living room is looking dull or dated, consider using a clean, bright white to liven up the walls. It’s an old standby, but it’s a classic for a reason: Painting your walls white can make a small, multi-wall living room feel larger and brighter.

Creative Ideas For Coating The Walls: Tips For Choosing A Paint Color

If your living room lacks natural light, white walls will reflect that, making the room lighter and calmer. And if you want to highlight other design elements in your living room, such as a bright sofa or a bold gallery wall, white walls allow these elements to take center stage.

Neutral gray is far from boring. Painting your living room an elegant blue-gray color instantly adds a touch of sophistication to the room. One of the best things about neutral gray is its ability to complement almost any design style: it will blend in with your minimalist living room or fit perfectly into your farmhouse-inspired living room. A good gray can be a great backdrop for any style.

Classic blue is back in force. It’s actually Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 and can make a bold statement in any living room. Although popular right now, classic blue is still timeless and elegant. It creates the perfect wall lampshade in your living room. Use it to create depth – it can help visually define different spaces in an open-plan home.

Paint Color Combinations For Living Room

If you want to make your living room walls a conversation piece in and of themselves, look no further than the funky mustard yellow. This shade is both retro and modern and can provide a contrast to the simple white design elements in your living room. As with other bold shades, you’ll want to go matte and make sure you have enough natural light for this shade to reflect light into the space.

Unexpected Paint Color Combinations You’ll Love

You want the mustard yellow, but extend the limited sunlight into your living room. Maximize what you have by strategically hanging mirrors to reflect and multiply the light that enters them.

Before you start renovating or completely redesigning your living room, try a fresh coat of paint in a new color. Although it may take a little effort, it is one of the best values ​​when renovating a room. It can breathe fresh air into a space that feels old, boring, small, or uninspiring. As the center of your home, your living room is where movie nights, intimate conversations, and lazy Sundays take place. When designing a space, paint color is one of the easiest ways to influence and express your personality. The best paint colors for a living room can change and adapt to any occasion, mood, and time of day. Although the process of choosing and purchasing paint for your living room is not an easy task (there are many samples!), we are here to help.

Neutral colors like white, off-white, and gray are the most popular paint colors for the living room. However, neutral colors (and living room trends) aren’t for everyone, so we’ve found some bold shades for those who like to stick to the center of the color wheel. Before choosing a color for your living room, it’s important to think about the type of living room you want. If you’re looking to make an impact, we recommend using a bold shade like a jewel tone or light blue. If you want to reflect light and make your living room appear larger, choose a neutral or soft light to help reflect light around the space. For a relaxing atmosphere, choose a deep color like forest green or navy blue so your living room feels cozy and cozy.

Whether you’re a fan of Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee like Leanne Ford or prefer a more sculptural color palette, we’ve got the 50 best living room paint colors to suit your decorating style.

Best Relaxing, Cheerful And Cozy Living Room Paint Color Ideas

In an empty-nest Cape Cod-style home of a couple, designer Lauren Nelson painted the living room walls in Farrow & Ball’s Dove Tale, a warm gray with purple undertones. This keeps the atmosphere neutral but welcoming.

Soft white with a light gray undertone can make your living room a place you want to spend all day. Take designer Sharon Rambam, for example, who decorated this living room with woven pieces in a neutral color palette to enhance the overall comfort.

Designer Garo Cadigan used Benjamin Moore’s Lakeside Cabin on the walls of this cozy nook. Pale German blue serves as a soft backdrop to the rich orange and gold decor and the taupe sofa.

Paint Color Combinations For Living Room

Reminiscent of the great outdoors and spas, sage green can make your living room welcoming. In this modern-inspired room from Brooklinteriors, Art Deco, Oriental and bohemian elements combine against a dirty Claire Martini-coloured backdrop for a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere.

Wall Colour Combinations For Living Room 2024

Bright yellow walls can instantly brighten up your living room, regardless of whether you have large windows or small openings for natural light. In this room designed by Taylor Ann Interiors, Farrow & Ball Lemon adds energy to the tropical yet modern space.

Create a moody, cozy scene by painting your walls and ceiling a soft ebony shade. For designer client Sean Anderson, comfort and functionality in the living room were essential for entertaining. He painted the room with Sherwin-Williams iron ore and layered objects that told the owner’s story to enhance the welcoming atmosphere.

This living room’s walls were designed by Melanie Turner and painted at Windswept Mall by Sherwin-Williams. The choice of furniture styles is unified by a common color that blends beautifully with the color.

Frosty blue walls—in Benjamin Moore’s Philipsburg Blue, to be exact—provide just the right amount of softness in this formal dining room designed by Jenny Wolfe. Gold-framed artwork and a patterned rug add warmth near the fireplace.

Designer Tricks For Picking A Perfect Color Palette

“It’s a happy, vibrant blue without being too overwhelming,” designer Rudy Saunders says of the paint on the walls of his Upper East Side studio. This is Fine Paints of Europe Jefferson Blue from the Dorothy Draper paint collection.

Designer Krisnaa Mehta wanted to create a living room ambiance in the heart of her home in India. A living room palette of sangria and blue provides the right inviting look for entertaining.

This sunny living room designed by Thomas Callaway exudes warmth, despite its large size and high ceilings. Callaway divided the room into zones to enhance privacy, then used a soft glaze on the walls to give the room a golden glow, as well as layers of rich, delicate fabrics.

Paint Color Combinations For Living Room

Designer Cecilia Casagrande chose rich, precious tones for this colonial living room in Boston. It’s classic but fresh. The paint color – Farrow & Ball Hague Blue – in particular, breaks through this duality between modern and traditional styles, making it perfect for a historic home. Casagrande also combined contemporary elements with more traditional elements to continue playing with this mix of old and new.

Dark Color Palette Ideas That Won’t Overwhelm Your Space

Atelier ND and owner Carice Van Houten used a variety of plant types to liven up the room and create an optical illusion with different heights and shapes. It really refreshes bold pastels and rich earthy tones for a unique combination. Pro tip: Don’t forget to paint the ceiling to create a more immersive feel.

Designer Anna Spiro made the windows in this corner particularly sunny by painting the frames a creamy yellow. Instead of painting the walls blue, she covered the floors

Dark black walls and plenty of warm gold and caramel tones make this living room designed by Ariene Bethea very cozy but also formal and regal: the perfect balance if your living room doubles as a family room. I have used Tricorn Black by

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