Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray – Finally we talk about the bedroom, I show you the new ceiling with wallpaper. This wallpaper is the jumping off point for this whole room. With the paper on top, I can start thinking about other places. To me, the texture looks bold with cream, gold and blue, but because it’s high on the ceiling, surrounded by a sea of ​​white on the ceiling, it fades a bit. I know the new blue gray color on the walls is the way to go with the wallpaper!

First, I had to choose a new blue gray color for the walls and ceiling. We’ve had a lot of snow in Chicago (it’s been a crazy season!) and of course, on the day I was looking for paint samples there was a big snowstorm. But, I didn’t let that stop me! I put on my snow gear and went to the local Benjamin Moore store. Fortunately, only a few left!

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

I took a wallpaper sample with me to find a blue gray color that would complement it. In general, if I’m trying to find a paint color to match a specific cabinet color, swatch, or other design elements, I can have a sample of the store’s paint color matching. He just put it in the scanner, and boom … you have a color game! But since there is no blue color in this wallpaper, they cannot monitor it properly. (Note: I later spoke to Erin, the wallpaper designer, and she told me the blue was Benjamin Moore, “Blue Springs.” Well, I painted that room. I know now!)

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So the game plan is to look at the swatches and see a light blue with warm undertones. I don’t want to read too purple and I don’t want to read cold. However, I’m really aiming for a light blue gray color with a warm feel! I looked at the swatches and took four sample colors home with me to try on the wall.

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

I always like to paint samples directly on the wall and put them in various places around the room. I know people paint chalkboards or swatches and move them around the room, but I like to see colors on the walls. I’ve never had the problem of painting swatches and seeing the original colors below, so I’m not happy about it. This is similar to this job. I did not sand or prime paint samples for this project. I just painted it.

After looking at the swatches on the wall, I decided that Benjamin Moore “Boothbay Grey” was for me. Not too purple, not too gray, and with hints of heat. Yes yes!

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

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Remember this recent blog post about common painting mistakes? I talked about how people often ignore brightness when choosing a color. Since I knew that the ceiling and walls would be painted, I decided to use two similar colors.

For the ceiling I used matte because our ceiling isn’t perfect and I knew that brighter lights would highlight it again. For the walls, I used shells because I really like the walls and they are durable. (Note: I also went with the best color that BM doesn’t, which is the Aura line. I don’t think the brand means much compared to the actual color. Choose the best you can afford. walls and one gallon for the ceiling) .

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

I talked to someone at a paint store and asked them the best way to work with two colors of the same color. He said he will paint the ceiling first (two coats) and it doesn’t matter if the matte overlaps the wall. Then, he told me to cut the ceiling shell and paint the walls normally. So that’s it.

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Before painting, I prepared the room. Finn and Finn removed the old mattress and box spring; I removed the headboard and bed; And I cleaned up all the dust bunnies hiding behind the furniture.

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

My Dyson vacuum, with its small attachment, is the perfect companion for removing all the dust from the baseboards behind the furniture. Cleaning this place is great! After all the dust came in, I removed the vents and vents, and used masking tape around the windows and doors.

Then, it’s time to paint. I followed the directions from the paint shop staff…painted the ceiling first and worked my way up. I’m very nervous about the texture glue, afraid of tearing or breaking, then slowly move it on the wall. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

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I found that using a roller extender really helped me. I had to climb the stairs to cut the wallpaper. The rest of the ceiling and the upper part of the wall has been finished with a roller. This saved me some time, but this project still took me through the day, alone. My mom dropped Rory off at her cousin’s house that day and they left at 8am. When they came back at 5:00 PM, I cleaned up. It takes a long time! Watch all seasons from

Below is my back looking at the ceiling as if I was sleeping in bed. Isn’t that awesome?! I’m so glad I took this color scheme up to the edge of the wall because it’s now a real showpiece in this room. Stand out and add a unique element to your design.

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

Before, I felt that the black fan was too hot for everything white and cream. Now, I think it works well with the new blue gray color. It contrasts well with the warm tones of the paint and wallpaper.

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I took these photos in the morning before the sun came up and I think they represent the true colors you see in this paint. It never reads gray to me, it’s very blue and sometimes it can read a bit green. I’m so glad I don’t see purple in this tone!

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

The color changes a little during the day, like most people, and I like it regardless of the light or time. It’s just a beautiful color.

Look, I’m sitting in this bedroom and I’m not angry! This look won’t last long and as soon as I’ll be sleeping in my new king size bed I’ll see a new look here. I like that!

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

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Now, it’s time to start setting up this space. The carpet from Loloi is beautiful. It has a lot of green undertones and I think it complements the blue gray color very well. Next, I’ll share the scoop on the new king size bed we chose and show you the new furniture in the room. Slowly but surely we are getting there!

I’m Casey Finn, the voice behind DIY Playbook. I am married to Finn and mother of Rory and Ellis. Together we create your dream home in Chicago, one DIY project at a time. There are several colors that can be used such as blue gray. Whether you’re looking to paint your bedroom or want a bright color in your living room, there’s something for everyone in this list of blue paint colors.

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

If you want something relaxed and comfortable, then blue gray color may be suitable for you. For those who are often shy but want to try something new, blue gray is a great place to start. Blue adds a pop of color, while gray helps tone. This makes it less bright and dim.

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Because it is gray, many colors below can be neutral. Many lean more towards blue, but there are also heavy options. Think of it as a nice denim color on your favorite blue jeans. Many of these shades of blue go well with all other colors.

Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

Below is a blue gray color that is gray with a strong blue color, or blue with a strong gray color. It’s easy to see the color of a color if you look at all the colors and see the darkest color. If it’s navy gray or charcoal, you’re on the right track!

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Paint Colors For Bedrooms Blue Gray

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