Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

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Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel – I’m so excited for today’s post because I’m talking about one of my favorite topics… paint! We all know that changing colors can be time consuming, and as we all spend more time in our homes, many of us are looking for ways to make our spaces whiter. Although loneliness and isolation are difficult for many people, they also take a toll on people’s relationships with their homes. Living with them encouraged us to question what our homes mean to us and how we want to feel when we live in them. He started a lot of home and painting projects, with new paint at the top of the list. As an architect, it’s been great to see so many people getting inspired to build homes that bring them joy and inspire them to change the environment.

Today, I’m here to continue to inspire all types and weather lovers – this is for you 🙂 I’m happy to announce my partnership with Sherwin-Williams®! Next year, I’ll be sharing projects and color ideas, and launching a collection of my favorite Sherwin-Williams colors… “Moody Edition.”

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

Whether you want to go bold or you’re ready for a little change, I’m sure you’re inspired to bring some fun and exciting colors into your space. I know that when you hear the words “interior” you think of a “dark” place. This is not the case. You can do awesome things that aren’t just black (

Traditional Color Palette, Sherwin Williams Interior Paint Palette, Pre Selected Paint Color Palette, Home Paint Color Palette — Moonlit Interiors

Let’s start with the most neutral of the group: SW 7046. Not one to dislike color or space, this is one of my favorites. It’s a beautiful color with great depth and great versatility that makes it work in almost any environment you can imagine. These are neutral and great for sorting casual items, fine fabrics, styles, and more. I like how this place looks:

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

Now, you know I love greens and this ground olive is so good, my friend! Not too muddy, not emerald… just perfect. I love the color on the kitchen cabinets, countertops, countertops, really everywhere. Sarah Sherman Samuel recently used it in her son’s room and it blows my mind! It is important to know the compatibility with marigold.

Speaking of marigolds! It’s been everywhere lately and it’s one of the colors of the year, folks. I’m confused. Not only is it a strong color when it comes to large-scale use in the space, but it also works well as an accent to other colors. Whenever I paint a landscape, I always paint a yellow marigold or mustard mixed in one way or another. Kurry SW 6671 is a deep, rich golden yellow that gives me all the joy. It looks good in green, purple and burgundy.

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

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I want to love it and have plans to bring it home in a big way.

There’s no denying my affinity for purple/plum shades, so I had to put them in my rotation. Borscht is very red in appearance, while Burgundy has a lot of color, and both are good. This is another color family I love this year and I can’t wait to show you what I have. How beautiful and inspiring are these colorful posts:

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

The Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2020 is one of my favorite colors in their entire collection. It’s a blue color that, despite its name, doesn’t stand out to me. I love the contrast between the sea and the dark.

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Listen to me. I realize that red is not a color that anyone would think too much of, but it is possible. Moss Rose SW 6291 is a deep purple color that is rich and beautiful. Imagine if a dark millennial grew up and got her life together… this is what she would look like. I’m a big, big fan. In my opinion, the key to nailing this color in a room is to take it floor to ceiling and style it, or use it in a new and unexpected way.

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

Well, I really like this brand. If we didn’t have black walls, I would paint our house THIS. The dark brown and green color always gives me that. It is more beautiful and fresh than black. I am now trying to convince three of my friends to stop painting something in their house like this!

So I can’t have a Sherwin-Williams color list and I DON’T SHIP Cyberspace SW 7076. It’s popular for a good reason and is a good choice for those looking for something more than political gray, but it’s not enough. going there is black. This is one of those colors that looks good on everything from walls to tiles.

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

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Last, but not least, we have black. I shared my love for the Tricorn Black SW 6258 on my favorite black photos and it’s my favorite black color. It’s super, super dark. Yes, that’s a big word… I said what I said! I didn’t know how big this black was when we painted the walls, but you can put your money down that I had color this month. More than a friend. If you want to enter the black wall, choose the Black Tricorn. Trust me.

Hello friends, it has! My favorite colors are from Sherwin-Williams. Whether you want to go bold or you’re ready for a little change, I’m sure you’re inspired to bring some fun and exciting colors into your space. If you want to get one of these (

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

) individual colors, you can order 10 different colors online and Sherwin-Williams will deliver them to your door for free! You can learn more about this topic. And if one of those styles is your jam, just call your local Sherwin-Williams store, put your design on the phone, and drive off to experience the painting experience. It’s simple and easy!

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I’m also happy to share my Sherwin-Williams code with you! You won’t find it anywhere else, but here, because this code is exclusive to me, AND you can use it in addition to the latest products! Yass! Simply share the barcode number with the store clerk over the phone when ordering.

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

*This article was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting my favorite brand! For the past year and a half, we’ve been using a lot of color – and I mean a lot of color. We use Sherwin Williams light color throughout the line and have tested many colors. Of course, there are colors that I am close to, but I also try to use colors that make me feel good. Ironically, some of the brands I initially hated have become my favorites.

It’s no secret that I love coral. This is the main feature of our website. I love the shade because it’s the perfect balance of pink and orange. It’s about the vertical side, and depending on how you use the reduced color, you can add color or text to the material below.

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

New Sherwin Williams Designer Influenced Paint Colors!

This is the way I tried to do it first because I didn’t like it. Well the joke was on me because now I’m confused. I think happiness might be my favorite Sherwin Williams brand. I love how it walks the line between green and yellow. It gives me warm citrus and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

If I’m going to go red, I want it to be red in front of you. True red give me that. It is red. I like the extra money to shoot.

Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

This style is equal parts fun and relaxing. Refreshment is a blue-green sound that can be heard as a breath. It works great when used as a base color or as an accent, but it’s so pretty that I tend to go big when using shadows.

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Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Color Wheel

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