Painting A Living Room Two Colors

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Painting A Living Room Two Colors – Are you looking to make a bold statement in your space? You can’t go wrong with two tone walls. Instead of settling on one color, go outside your comfort zone and choose a few colors to up the style factor of your home. For inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite two tone wall ideas below.

The walls in this large dining room are bathed in a vibrant duo of mint green and white. Gold borders complete the look.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

Blue tiles by Popham Design add interest to the white walls of this 1950’s Moroccan home.

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In this traditional dining room, the walls are split between gray and white for a fresh, modern twist.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

In the dining area in London, wainscoting—along with painted 18th-century wallpaper walls and ceilings—enhance the design’s historic charm.

Dark gray—raised to the ceiling—and drawings in Benjamin Moore’s “White Dove” add drama to the grandeur of this Oakland home.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

Living Room Paint Ideas To Transform Your Space With Colour

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Painting A Living Room Two Colors

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Painting A Living Room Two Colors

2024 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year… New Discovery Cronut Sherwin-Williams’ two-tone walls are an easy and affordable way to create a fun accent wall. A combination of two different colors on one wall can create an interesting look in your home. From bedroom to bedroom, from large rooms to small spaces, two tone walls are a great feature in interior decoration.

A two tone wall is created by combining light color with black color. It is used to make the ceilings appear higher or to highlight a part of your house.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

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Maybe your interior style is bold and colorful or you prefer neutral color tones. You can create a half-wall in any color that matches your interior style.

There are a few things to consider when you want to create a two tone wall, and it’s not just the colors you want to use. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about a two-tone wall, from color choices to a simple step-by-step plan on how to create the perfect two-tone wall in your interior.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

A two-color wall can be painted in two ways: horizontal and vertical two-color wall. Which version is best for your home depends on what you want to display in your home.

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With a two-tone vertical wall, it creates a color-to-floor separation. This is a good idea if you have a multifunctional room and you want to highlight an area. Another benefit of a two tone vertical wall is that it will make your ceiling height appear higher.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

For example, when you have a long living room and you want to emphasize the dining room in this space, it would be good to add two vertical walls to create a nice dining area. Two colors can create separate areas while still having a large open concept space.

The most common two-tone wall concept is a two-tone horizontal wall, also known as a half-tone wall. By adding two horizontal walls, you can create an optical illusion, not only will your room appear longer, but by adding a lighter tone to the upper part of the wall, your ceiling will appear higher.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

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You need to decide what color you want to put on the bottom half of your wall and what color you want on the top. Many people put a darker shade on the bottom half of the wall and a lighter shade on the top half of the wall. By adding a lighter tone to the top of the wall, your ceiling will appear higher and thus make your room feel bigger.

But you can choose to paint the top half of the wall in black color. This will create a cozy effect and is definitely a great option when you have high ceilings in your home.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

Two shades of blue are used in the kitchen in this Scandinavian apartment. The darker shade is placed on top and the lighter shade is placed on the bottom. The two colors are not too far apart, so it is a subtle but very beautiful piece of painting.

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Another great example of dark over light is in this dining room. The story house has high ceilings and painting the upper part in dark color which creates a cozy room. Paint & Paper Library’s Steel V and Steel II are the colors used in this dining room.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

You don’t have to split your wall 50/50 if you want to use two color tones. In general, the separation is usually about 120 cm / 47 inches from the floor. But depending on what you want to use as a focal point, you can place the dividing line anywhere. For example, you may want to match your dresser with your bed or cabinet.

In this monochrome living room by VT Vonn, they line the wall painted with furniture. The split line is actually connected to a shelf.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

Neutral Living Room Color Combination To Recreate Your Space

You don’t have to follow the rules when creating a two color wall. With most of the walls painted in a “dark wine” shade, the living room designed by Farrow and Ball is in good shape. Only on top they added a second color, medium blue “Lulworth Blue”.

Choosing colors is the most important step in designing a two tone wall. You can choose various color combinations according to your interior style or your favorite color.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

An Edwardian house in England features this beautiful bedroom with a half-painted wall in white and light pink.

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When you use two neutral shades for your two tone wall, you can create a subtle yet effective color effect on the wall. Common neutrals such as grey, beige and black are popular neutrals for two tone walls. But you can think of a subtle shade of pink.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

This child’s room uses several shades from the paint company Dulux. The two neutral shades behind the seat are beige parchment paper below and Mount Albert gray above.

A small Scandinavian home office creates a very subtle two tone wall with a very light shade of gray combined with white.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

Living Room Paint Colors

Tone sur tone means using two different shades of the same color in your interior. So a ton sur ton wall means you use a light shade and a dark shade f.e. It combines light blue and dark blue.

A pink accent wall created with two shades from Farrow & Ball. The pink/dark red color below is the new Farrow & Ball Bamboosil color. The pink shade is called Templeton Pink.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

This sirloin green living room was painted by Farrow and Ball in two shades of green from the Nordic Edit line. The ceiling is painted “Arsenic” and the bottom wall “Mere Green”.

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If neutral color shades and tones are too safe for you, you can choose bold color combinations. You can combine a natural color with a bold color or – if you are really brave – you can choose two vibrant colors for a bold and colorful home.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

This kitchen uses a warm yet bold shade of yellow for its color blocking wall. The shelf lines are color coded and even the door is painted white and yellow.

A mud room in a Colonial Revival home makes perfect use of a two toned wall. The background is painted in dark blue/green shade. The dark colored area is a functional area used for hanging coats and storing boots. The white painted part on top is for decoration.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

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This living room not only uses color on the walls to create a dramatic effect, but the ceiling is also painted black, giving this room a dark yet cozy atmosphere. It is the right combination of light and dark colors.

A children’s bedroom in a colorful family home in London creates a two-tone wall with a hint of green.

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

The Dulux paint company created a bold dining room where the walls were painted in a green/blue shade called “Blue Glaze” in combination with the Dulux 2023 Wild Wonder color.

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Creating a two-color wall is very easy. These six simple steps will help

Painting A Living Room Two Colors

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