Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

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Painting Interior Doors Different Colors – Want to learn how to paint interior doors for a custom look? Over the past few months I have been repainting the doors on our post level including our pantry doors, closet doors and basement doors. I still have a lot to do—but

, what a difference! This easy DIY elevated our space and gave our builder grade home a custom look. I’ll be sharing the perfect grease paint color, the products I use, and tips for painting interior doors. On with us!

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

The door color I chose was River Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It is a beautiful gray color that is not too gray or beige. I always use the Behr Marquee line to match the color at Home Depot.

What Color To Paint Closet Doors

Ben Moore’s formulas are on file at my local Home Depot – not sure if this is true at every store, but it makes the process a lot easier. Ask at the paint counter!

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

If you want to compare a similar color, I’ve also heard good things about Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. The colors look very close online, with Revere Pewter a cooler tone and Accessible Beige a bit warmer.

Now I will share the method I used to paint the interior doors! I’m no expert or expert, but I hope you find this helpful.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Perfect Interior Door Colors You’ll Love

Your doors can be painted with oil or latex paint. Use a cotton ball or cloth and some rubbing alcohol and rub it on the door. If the paint rubs off, that means you’re working with latex paint, which makes things easier. If the paint does not come off, it means it is oil based and you need to follow additional steps. Our house is only a few years old and the current paint is latex.

If your interior doors were painted before the 80s, the existing paint may contain lead. If possible, consult a professional to ensure your safety.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Use a clean dish sponge or microfiber cloth with a little dish soap to wash the door, then wipe again with water. It removes dirt and oil and helps new paint adhere.

Beautiful Interior Door Paint Colors

Next, lightly sand the door. I got to this stage with my front door, and although we rarely use it, the pantry doors didn’t stop. So I highly recommend sanding! I used a 220 sandpaper block.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Finally, use a tack cloth to remove all dust from the door and a damp cloth to clean the floor if necessary.

Above are photos of how I covered the door hinges. You can carefully use a utility knife to cut around the hinge. In this case I taped around the door, but you can remove the door if you want.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

The Most Popular Front Door Color In 2024 Will Be Lilac

If you are painting only one side of the door, you will need to tape the trim piece that holds the door in place when it is closed. This is where you want to block the new color.

Add a drop cloth to protect your floor. Use a spatula to mix the paint. If your paint is old (mine is a few months old) make sure you scrape the bottom of the can so you can mix well. Place one of the plastic liners in the metal paint tray and add paint.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

If you are painting the door, start with a paint brush. Carefully paint around the seams, being careful not to drip the paint while working on the details. We will do a second coat later if needed.

My Best Tips To Paint Interior Doors

Next, use a paint brush around the door panels and on the cutouts on the side of the door.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Finally, use a small roller on the panels and the rest of the door (rails, steel and mullions). Basically you are using a cylinder on the high, flat parts of the door!

After letting the paint dry, sand lightly with a fine sanding block (I used 220) and apply a second coat of paint. If you’re using Behr’s Marquee line like I am, you won’t need a full second coat because the paint covers so well.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Painting Interior Doors A Color

You can tell I need some touch ups! Taping and painting the trim close to the wall was challenging and I wasn’t as careful as I should have been. Damn! well done! Another day I will take out my wall painting (Polar Bear Behr) and fix it. The beauty of DIY painting is that mistakes are usually easy to fix.

I am so happy with the beautiful fat doors and how they have warmed up our space and enhanced the look. I’m working on a new gallery wall around the Nest Thermostat to share soon.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Have you painted your interior doors? Do you think you will try it? If you follow this tutorial, be sure to tag me on Instagram and feel free to leave any questions below! XO, painting your interior doors is a great way to dramatically transform a space with little time and money. You need four paints for 2-3 doors! I have some neat examples of neutral paint themes that would look great in your home. Click on the blue/grey links to go to the original course for more information on painting and sourcing. Feel free to pin the collage or click on your favorite inspiration and pin it from the source. Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

Painting Interior Doors

This post has a tutorial for this beautiful herringbone door. I loved these doors in our last house.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Is it gray, blue, or gray-blue? Only lighting in your home is the answer!

Presenting a truly stunning coastal themed home in sand and sisal. The ceiling of the adjoining room was also of the same color.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

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Christy changed every surface in this entire room and the result is so fresh and beautiful! This is a custom color, but you can find the information in the post.

Lauren’s nursery is amazing. I want to enter! If you’re into modeling, you can find a tutorial for that here.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Sarah has used dark interior doors in her own homes for years and has great tips on what paint to use.

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Melissa’s dutch door is so beautiful in her remodeled kitchen! You can find all the details of the complete renovation and dutch door information in his post.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Chris has lots of great tips for painting doors including his favorite paint brushes, rollers and wood filler.

So much great painting inspiration in Tamara’s post! The before and after pictures are equally amazing, so you can’t go wrong with these ideas! 🙂

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Get A Beautiful Designer Look When You Paint Your Interior Doors!

Lauren completely transformed her entire room by painting the doors and windows! You have to see him before/after! She also has some great tips for painting French doors that will save you hours and hours of painting.

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Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Think about every house or apartment you live in. How many of them are white doors? Our estimate is very high. It’s rare to come across a door left in a dark, subtle neutral, or a rich wood stain.

Painting Doors My Favorite Sage

It shouldn’t be this way. Doors don’t have to be a functional element to let you in and out of a room – they can be much more. A door can act as an attractive pop of color to draw you into a room or a colorful surprise when you close it on the other side. It can be the finishing touch when a room feels like something isn’t clicking, and it can be a great place to work in your favorite color.

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

Here are five design experts on their favorite colors for interior doors, and projects where they say, “No thanks” and opt for a bold and colorful font instead. And, yes, we only included one designer. Perfect white for those moments when it’s white

Dominique Gebreau, interior stylist and content creator, recently completed a

Painting Interior Doors Different Colors

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