Pale Pink Gel Nail Polish

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Pale Pink Gel Nail Polish – I’ve been loving light pink nail polish lately and I have a few favorites I’d like to share! Many of my favorite light pinks come from Chanel and Dior. Rescue Beauty Lounge also used to make some of the prettiest light pink ones (unfortunately they are no longer available!). This is my favorite now!

Olive and June Pink Sands ($8, available at Olive and June) – This is a super creamy pale opaque pink, apply in 2 thin coats for full coverage. (If you want something with a slightly less white background, try Olive and June SE.)

Pale Pink Gel Nail Polish

Pale Pink Gel Nail Polish

OPI Bubble Bath ($10-$10.50, Target and Ulta) – This is one I rediscovered earlier in the summer, I remember not liking it before thinking it was too thin so it was hard for the color to show through. city. I tried again and if I applied 2-3 layers, I thought I would get perfect light pink nails.

Ml Lavender Blush Gel Polish/ Carnation Pink Solid Color Nails

Gucci Beauty Ellen Blush ($30, Nordstrom, Sephora, Gucci) – I just ordered some newly repackaged Gucci nail polishes. This one gives full coverage in just one swipe, but I still prefer applying 2. Ellen Blush is the perfect medium pale pink for me.

Essie Fiji ($8.99 at Target) – This shade will or won’t work depending on your skin tone or undertone, it’s a full coverage bluey pink. It has a small, narrow brush that I wish they would update. However, I think it’s a classic pale pink for me.

Essie Muchi Muchi (Target $8.99) – Muchi Muchi is just the right shade of light pink for me. It’s not as light as most lighter pinks, which makes it more appealing to me.

Essie Gel Couture Polished and Poised ($11.50, Ulta) – A recent discovery for me, I love that this is a neutral warm pink that’s actually quite light, medium, and full coverage, but there’s not a lot of white in it. Extreme is a medium viscosity, self-leveling UV/LED rigid gel used for everything from dental fillings to complete sets with shapes or tips, making it completely flexible.

Pink Glitter Gel Nail Polish

The 3-time award-winning Lexy Line includes 6 different hard gel products that give nail professionals complete control and creativity to achieve the perfect manicure.

✅ Use more than 4 weeks ✅ Hema Monomer 100% FREE! ✅ Find colors for every skin tone ✅ Voted best hard gel system by Nail Pros 3 years in a row ✅ Creates overlays and extensions with ease ✅ Maintains shape while maintaining flexibility ✅ 6 viscosity grades for maximum control in the salon ✅ Made with responsibility in Redmond, Oregon ✅ Use as LE Glitter Gel, Color Gel or P+ Polish Gel!

Save time by applying Lexy Line gel to all five fingers and leaving it smooth while you work on the other side.

Pale Pink Gel Nail Polish

Use Super Shiny instead of Top Gloss on all pinks, whites and other bright colors, as Top Gloss may yellow slightly when cured due to the light-curing agent required for a non-stick cure.

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Watch this detailed video tutorial to create oval nails with Lexy Line and decorate with LE Glitter Gel click here

Voted best hard gel system LEXY LINE 3-time award-winning Lexy Line gives nail professionals total control and creativity BUY NOW Chevron down logo Award-winning membership LE BONDING AGENTS LE offers the highest quality adhesive and finishing products you need to create beautiful and durable products, long-lasting nail bonds! BUY NOW Chevron down iconTough Girls Pale Pink Gel Nail Polish is a popular and versatile nail color, perfect for creating sophisticated and elegant looks. This type of nail polish is usually a soft, delicate pink color that is neither too shiny nor too matte, making it a great option for different occasions and styles.

SUPERIOR QUALITY, BEAUTIFUL, DURABLE AND LONG LASTING: Tough Girls premium no-wipe gel polish offers only the best quality in super vibrant liquid gel polish, guaranteed color, and gorgeous coverage every time. Our gel nail polish is free of 12 toxins, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Tough Girls gel polish will provide vibrant color or stunning high shine for weeks without fading, cracking, chipping or yellowing – perfect for home or professional use.

TOUGH Girls TOUGH & COAT OPTIONS: Pair your favorite Tough Girls UV Gel Polish with Tough Girls Premium Gel Base and Tough Girls No-wipe Gel Topcoat for beautiful, durable long nails (sold separately).

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EASY TO REMOVE: Tough Girls gel nail polish can be easily removed with 100% acetone. Simply soak a cotton ball with 100% acetone, secure the nail with Tough Girls nail polish remover clips or aluminum foil and let it “soak” for up to 15 minutes.

Tough Girls GUARANTEE: Every set of Tough Girls gel polishes comes with our Tough Girls guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us directly for a replacement or refund. Tough Girls is a US-based company and we look forward to the opportunity to get things resolved quickly!