Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

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Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home – The process is fraught with danger:  What if your house looks like a taxi and (even worse) everyone sees it? What if it went from “old, outdated eyesore” to “expensive, eye-popping stain” and now you’ve spent your entire budget and it’s too late to change anything? Painting the exterior of your home is one of the most common design decisions you can make. What if the cheerful yellow color you once thought was so cheerful and unique, now looks bright and makes your neighbors angry?

If the thought of choosing an exterior paint color is like cleaning your gutters or doing your taxes, you’re not alone. There are unique challenges in choosing the right exterior paint color. The surface area (the entire exterior of your home) is so large that it is very difficult to visualize the results of just a small color chip or “Exterior Color Palette” brochure. You will spend a lot of money to do this. Success or failure depends on choosing the right color. And how to properly evaluate and choose colors when the paint color looks completely different when outdoors and exposed to direct sunlight??

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

[By the way, we will talk about the main color on the exterior of your home, called the “body color” or “flat color.” This is the color of your stucco or wood siding. A complete exterior color palette includes the color of your wood trim (facade, spotlights, doors and windows) and perhaps the accent color of the front door. But by far the hardest part is choosing the main color! Once the decision is made, the rest is easy.]

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1. If your home has areas of stone or brick that cannot be painted, your stone or brick will affect the color of your home’s exterior more than you will.

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

Like it or not, it’s true. If your home consists only of clapboard (or an equivalent synthetic material), painted wood trim, and no other materials, your options are limited by using unpainted materials on the front of your house.

Many houses have the whole of the house covered with brick or stone, or perhaps the bottom, or perhaps some of the entrance pillars are covered with local stone. (By the way, we use “natural materials” to describe stone here, but our color guidelines apply whether your stone is manufactured or cultured.)  If your home is more contemporary, there may be large areas of uncolored concrete or steel. The objects should be “matched” to whatever paint color you choose!

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

Exterior House Colors & Inspiration

[dropcap color=”red” background=”gray” style=”circle” size=”large”]t[/ dropcap] It is similar to choosing the right paint color for kitchen cabinets. Unless you’re doing a complete remodel, you’ll need to consider existing kitchen materials, such as stone countertops or backsplash tiles.

The first step in choosing an exterior paint color is to consider the unpainted surfaces, ​​how little attention you usually pay to these areas. You can do this by determining the “base color” of natural materials. Basic tones can range from pink-beige to blue-gray to taupe. Whatever the base hue is, you need to know it so you can design matching paint colors. Otherwise, your newly painted exterior will look like a jumble of clashing colors in a poor design. (Examples of this, unfortunately, are easy to find.)

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

We discuss this at length in our post on identifying undertones in exterior paint colors. If you’re ready to start painting your home, read this post! But in short, your stone or brick will have one or more of the following neutral hues.

Changing Your House Color

You may see one or two of the basic hues in the color chip pieces above. It is not an exact science! Many colors fall right in the middle. But you need to adjust it to the right skin tone. Remember that color is always seen in the context that surrounds it. Put two color chips next to each other, and one will appear more “green” and one more “pink” or “cool” or “warm” or “blue” or “more yellow”. Being confident enough to determine the base color of your brick or stone will help you make an informed decision about your paint color.

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

[dropcap color = “red” background = “gray” style = “circle” size = “large”] b[/ dropcap] Y By the way, this note information comes from nationally renowned color consultant Maria Killam. Some great blogs about choosing the right exterior colors to match your stone or brick. (Trained by our Paper Moon Painting Color Consultant, Maria Killam.)  If you’re not trained to see skin tones, this blog can be a little technical, but it gives some great examples of what we’re talking about. Here are some favorites from the archives:

Don’t skip this step! Follow the guide in our post to identify undertones in exterior paint colors. Remember, the base color of your static elements is one thing you cannot change. If you’re not doing much more than painting, like replacing the stone or brick you have now, you need to design your exterior color palette with that in mind.

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

How To Choose The Perfect Paint Colors For Every Room In Your House — Naples Build

[dropcap color = “red” background = “gray” style = “cross” size = “bg”] w[/ dropcap] How to color your stone or brick? If your cottage is a limestone cottage in Ireland, you will rarely see a painted stone house here. You can paint small accent areas of stone so as not to limit your color options, but I would be careful when painting the entire house. However, brick is another matter. Brick exteriors are painted all the time and have been for centuries. We are big fans of painted brick houses, as we have done quite a few of them ourselves. Here is our post on whether or not you should paint your brick house.

Once you have narrowed down the base color you are using, you can choose several possible color options and try them out. You don’t have to match the color of your brick or stone, but your paint color should be similar or have an undertone that matches your brick or stone.

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

2. Even if you personally like bright colors, choose more subdued colors for the exterior of your home… .

Choose Your Exterior Paint Colors To Work With Nature

Why? Because if your home is a beach house or one of San Francisco’s historic Victorian “Colored Ladies,” bright or saturated colors on the exterior can look artificial, unnatural, tacky.

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

Once you know the base color of the stone, you can decide which neutral colors will go well with the stone. The color is not strong! A beach house might look turquoise or mint green (especially with a lot of contrasting white stripes), but otherwise, you could not choose a darker color for your home’s exterior. Even if you love color, neutrals are your best choice, nine times out of ten. Save an accent color for your front door! Your neighbors will thank you.

[dropcap color=”red” background=”gray” style=”circle” size=”large”]h[/dropcap] This is true even in older neighborhoods that have a “boho” or “modern retro” feel like some areas Which are unique favorites in Austin TX. . A house might have a bright pink front door (we painted the front door “fuchsia pink” on a traditional house in East Austin and loved it), but the rest of the house is off-white or neutral. . Gray, or light brown. Brave homeowners can paint their tiny bungalow avocado green with a bright yellow front door, but this is still a more muted, neutral green version (compared to emerald green). Choose calm, preferably neutral, colors for your exterior!

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

How To Choose Exterior Colour

I personally like pink houses, but this is also cool and bright. It should be soft and warm, which is more authentic to the Spanish Mediterranean house style:

See what I mean? The difference is subtle, but it really affects the overall facade of the house. By the way, this house does not have many natural materials in color, but there are some: a classic red tile roof and saltillo terra cotta tiles in the front entry. Which of the three exterior color options match this constant? Only the second photo (the warmest option) really matches the original color.

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

3. If you want a white or white house, you can not choose a bright white house.

Trendy Exterior Paint Colors For Florida Homes (2023 Guide)

A common mistake is to choose colors that are too bright. Colors look brighter when viewed outdoors. Hold a piece of paper outdoors in bright sunlight and it’s almost blinding. You don’t want your house to look like a giant reflector.

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

On a fan deck, a good rule of thumb is to choose a color that is two or three “levels” from the top of the paint strip. The beautiful white houses you see on Instagram or Pinterest are often cream, “grease” or beige. Here are some examples of our own work:

It’s amazing how different the colors look outdoors, isn’t it? All the houses are pronounced “white”, although the colors used are:

Picking Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

I also love gray (the entire interior of my house is painted Sherwin Williams “Acceptable Grey”), but often,

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