Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020 – Like most things in life, we all want strict rules for interior design, but the best part is that there are no rules. Of course we want things to be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, but creating unique spaces and homes is fun.

Kitchens usually have a lot of cabinets that make up most of the space. That’s why it’s important to choose a color that you like and are happy with. There are endless possibilities for color combinations in the kitchen – some are more flowing, lighter and brighter. Others can add a lot of contrast to dark cabinets and light walls.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

A bit complicated for some, should you paint the kitchen cabinets the same color as the walls or go for a lighter color palette? In fact, it’s a great timeless look that many designers use and love. But going back to the first thing I mentioned, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Sometimes color matching can be difficult, but here are some options that can help.

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2020

There are several options for choosing the right paint color for your kitchen cabinets. The first way is the cheapest, but a little more difficult. Today I shared the story of how we decided on the style and color of our cabinets weeks before we decided on the wall color in our kitchen. We then picked up a door color panel from our local Lowe’s home improvement store and matched it to the same shade but a little lighter.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

I always recommend taking a few different color options and bringing them back to the kitchen and comparing them to the cabinet doors in that particular area. Please note that each room and room has different lighting and all colors will look different in different lighting.

While it can be a little difficult to find a perfect match to an existing dark color, there are several benefits to a factory paint finish. Some say it has a better finish and lasts longer. It is also cheap. For custom colors, this can add 15-20% to your total bill.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

Tried & True Cabinet Colors

Another option to match the cabinets to the wall color is to use the color of the cabinet. Basically it’s very simple, you choose the paint color you like for your walls. This is probably the hardest part, but once you have a wall paint color, the rest is pretty easy.

Once you’ve chosen your wall paint color, you’ll meet with the cabinetry company and give them a picture of the color and the name of the color you’ve chosen.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing custom paint colors. Some cabinet companies work only with certain paint companies. This is something you want to know in advance. Be sure and ask before you choose a specific paint color.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that custom painted cabinets can take some time to produce. If you don’t mind the time, this shouldn’t be a problem. And then, as mentioned above, the factory will cost more than a painted factory. IDCO Studio is a career and lifestyle blog built for the beautiful life, led by the creative team Anastasia Casey.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

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Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

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Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

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With a deep passion for interiors, idco combines business and technical expertise with a passion for design. Adding color to your kitchen is a great way to spruce it up—no renovation or construction required, just a coat of paint (or two or three!) and a brush. Whether you like to keep things simple with white and gray or go for something modern, you’re in good hands – we’ve rounded up 55 kitchens in every shade of the rainbow. Most of the examples feature beautiful paint colors, but we’ve also included some colorful materials for those who want to do more than paint. Are you ready to decorate your closets with bright blues and reds or cover a large room with shades of gray or green? Whatever color you choose, or if you’re lacking inspiration, let these new kitchen color ideas, designer examples and shopping tips help you.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

Although designer Tammy Randall Wood believes in hiding appliances and other kitchen essentials behind closed doors, her cabinets have a strong shell that shines in bold colors, a nod to nature.

This kitchen was designed by Heidi Caillier and is only separated by a rope, so to separate the looks without completely clashing, she chose a bold and dark color scheme for the kitchen. The cladding on the walls is painted black, while the charcoal colored natural stone acts as a background and adds style to the windows.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

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Heidi Cailleux painted the cabinets an icy blue shade and the brick walls for a nicer aesthetic, then got a little artwork to give it atmospheric depth. Brass accessories and hardware speak gold.

In Kevin Isbell’s seaside kitchen, the cabinets run almost the entire length of the wall, but that didn’t stop the designer from using a soft pale yellow color on the walls and ceiling. This cheerful shade contrasts with the blue painted floors!

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

The rest of the room, designed by Nicole Dochmen of Atelier ND, is pink, and while keeping the kitchen in harmony with the surrounding spaces, she chose earthy colors for the cabinets so the kitchen doesn’t overwhelm. Purple was still visible in the Calacatta marble countertops and tile backsplash, and smoky pink covered the ceiling.

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Oklahoma designer Kelsey Leigh McGregor used Graft Gray Negresco granite for this kitchen’s backsplash and countertops, which disappear against the dark color used on the walls, countertops, and cabinets. Although it is dark navy blue, it appears black in certain lighting.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

A super bright pink with a stucco finish and burnt orange accents by Selerie Kemble in New York Kitchen. Emulating a wall emphasizes the texture of the wallpaper.

For her gorgeous London kitchen, designer Rita Koenig chose cabinets from her color line for Plain English in a purple shade called burnt toast. Calacatta Viola, a purple marble, has delicate ovals.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

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Polished concrete is warmed by green cabinets and abstract blue artwork in Kathleen McCormick’s home. It is the perfect combination of exciting and cozy style.

The cheerful yellow wallpaper in Shawnda Gardner’s kitchen proves that you don’t need lots of windows and natural light to brighten up your kitchen. The red range and base cabinets offer an interesting and unexpected contrast, the unpainted brass pan, the soapstone worktops are quick to color, and the wood tones combine the two warm colors.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

In this small Brooklyn apartment, Patrick McGrath separated the kitchen from the living area with a free-standing island, but he also did it by painting the cabinet walls a soft blue-green.

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Designed by Melanie Milner, the kitchen is decorated in a signature royal blue.

Popular Colors For Kitchen Walls 2020

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