Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

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Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes – If you haven’t tried going blonde, it’s time to make the switch. Or if you own dark brown hair, you’ll really want to grow it out after seeing these awesome ideas for a makeover. Add some color with highlights, go glamorous with balayage or go cute and casual with light mushroom brown hair.

1. Blonde hair with caramel highlights. So delicate and cute, this easy-to-maintain style will effortlessly bring life to your hair. Style it with chunky curls for a really sultry feel.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

2. Shiny black hair with highlights. The almost black color gets added volume and dimension with a brush of dirty bright red that complements this beautiful blonde color.

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3. Extreme Dark Chocolate Chocolate. The mesmerizing dark brown color can leave anyone speechless. A barely noticeable red highlight effect ensures that every angle is your best, especially in sunlight.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

4. Brown hair with a copper brown pattern. Simple and elegant. Copper color is great for those who want to start their transformation with something that adds volume.

5. Attractive dark brown hair with highlights. To refresh dark blonde hair, add some warm highlights in brown or copper focused on the lengths and ends. Curl the length for a more romantic look. Soft waves bring extra volume to enhance the shine and depth of the various brown tones.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

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6. Blonde for fine hair. Subtle or subdued highlights are perfect for dark hair. Apply the right amount of color while keeping the hair safe and healthy.

7. Blonde hair in cocoa color. Warm, fluffy cocoa makes you think of a warm drink by the fireplace, but this is one of the best shades of chocolate! It’s best for people with fair skin but generally works for everyone!

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

8. Chocolate Brown and Caramel Ball. Pairing brunette hair with light brown highlights made for a match made in heaven. Check out how perfectly these chunky caramel highlights match her warm skin tone.

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9. Dark brown hair color. When we think of the perfect shade of brown, we tend to imagine something similar. Thanks to the massively woven Caramel Baby Lights, you and your new look will truly be the center of attention.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

10. Beautiful blonde hair with sunlight effect. Long brunette hair looks stylish because of the many twisted strands. This hair color creates a naturally sun-kissed hair look after the beach. Romantic beach waves swell.

11. Shiny medium brown hair. Enhance the beauty and shine of your long hair by adding warm cocoa tones for a very soft color change with natural shine. Complete the relaxed look with light curls and tousled hair with your fingers.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

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12. Espresso blonde hair with chocolate highlights. To get the look, first color the hair with dark espresso chocolate and then add some hot milk chocolate. Remember to pick up some thick face-framing locks and style in soft waves to complete the lightweight look.

13. Honey brown hair color. A beautiful solution for women with cool skin. Lighter colors near the face to accentuate your features.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

14. Medium brown hair with a chestnut tint. This textured wavy lob starts with a dark brown at the roots, adding depth and continuing with a medium shade of brown for a warm overall look.

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15. Brown hair with caramel highlights. Balayage done by a professional hairstylist adds natural contrast and vibrancy to your hair that’s perfect for any age and style!

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

16. Rich Cognac Hair Color for Long Hair. Although this hairstyle looks monochromatic, the dark brown color scheme is mixed with cool copper tones, keeping it warm and slightly lit from within.

17. Blonde lob hair. Bright amber highlights on a havana brown base create this stunning dark brown hair. Her short brown hair looks really cute and soft.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

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18. Shoulder length blonde hair with a hint of auburn. This is a great way to tone up your blonde hair as you only need to pick up 1-2 tones to maintain the orange hue.

19. Amazing dark hair color mix. A dark shade of brown can also give an attractive look. Color the hair in espresso chocolate and add some milk chocolate streaks to add a beautiful dark color flow and shine. Create some big waves for extra volume.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

20. Medium highlighted auburn blonde hair. This brunette’s hair is so rich and beautiful that we just want to go after her! The combination of dark golden brown and light brown makes for a beautiful combination that you can try at your next salon appointment if you really love warm red hair.

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21. Shiny cherry brown hair. This style transitions beautifully from dark brown to cherry brown while getting some copper highlights for a more sophisticated and dimensional look.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

22. Shiny brown hair. Darker hair colors like dark chocolate brown hair look naturally thicker and voluminous. Add honey tone highlights and finish with a good quality hairspray for knockout beauty.

23. Dark brown hair color with baby lights. Even if you don’t want to do loud highlights or can’t go to school or work, you can still add accents to your hair color. The Baby Light is a spotlight that bends downwards and is perfect for your situation!

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

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24. Dark Cocoa Flamboise. Do you want to change hair color but still not sure about it? do not worry! You can always try to add enough gloom or flare for an eye-catching highlight.

25. Dark brown hair color with red streaks. Girls who want to add texture to their straight black hair can opt for more defined splashes of copper, especially since hairband highlights work best to create movement.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

26. Sun-kissed blonde hair. Are you dreaming of gray hair that has both movement and texture? Make your dreams come true with this million dollar gray hair. Warm light brown balayage gives your hair a glossy shine.

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27. Long blonde hair with caramel highlights. Medium blonde hair with golden highlights has been around for a long time, but you can still find lots of creative ways to incorporate golden hues into your hair.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

28. Lively light brown strands. Medium length blonde hair has a refreshing look with these light brown hair. Blitz the color on the femme-framing strands and twist the hair into some playful waves for a glamorous and youthful look.

29. Magical gray hair transformation. Oh God! Have you noticed how gray hair affects its color? Talking about your hair color creates a glow! Brown hair color will definitely look great on her. Have you also noticed that gray hair looks thicker?

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

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30. Cherry brown hair color. Deep and mysterious, the color that says “anything for you!” even more than that. A glossy dark cherry for women who know what they want.

31. Dimensional Mahogany Brown Balayage. Blonde reds are very diverse, but few can compete with the richness and depth of the mahogany color palette, which includes shades from yellow to purple.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

32. Dark cherry cola blonde hair. If you’re looking for some serious dark brown hair color inspiration, consider this gorgeous dark shade with subtle red tones and a creamy feel.

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33. Dark brown with rusty balayage. As we mentioned, dark brown and dark red are a match made in heaven that works for all skin tones!

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

34. Red and dark brown balayage. Another great way to style your attractive brown hair layers. Bring out the best in your balayage hair with soft beachy waves.

35. Expensive shiny brown hair. “Expensive brunette” is one of the latest color trends, which applies to long and short blondes and covers all kinds of low-contrast, low-maintenance highlights that add a little inner glow to dark strands.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

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36. Midnight Black and Auburn Fusion. This high-contrast balayage melts dark blonde hair into splashes of bright red to create dimension and add dynamism.

37. Dark brown hair with amber highlights. This style cleverly combines depth-enhancing highlights around the ends with a face-lighting manipiece, which can also be done on blonde hair with bangs and face-framing layers.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

38. Brown hair color in copper heads. For a softer look and an overall subdued feel, add some lighter shades to your blonde hair. A medium copper brown color is perfect for people with warm, fair skin.

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39. Chunky Caramel Balayage Highlights. Think sticky caramel meets dark spiced rum. A beautiful combo that adds instant density and shine to blonde hair.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

40. Dark Brown Balayage for Medium Length Hair. Brown is probably one of the most used brown hair color ideas, and this rich, lightly reflective balayage full of warm red tones explains why it’s so popular.

41. Liquid reddish brown. If your natural base color isn’t too dark, you can keep it a neutral brown and lighten the mid-lengths with a creamy reddish brown for a spicy yet simple color.

Popular Hair Colors For Brunettes

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