Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

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Popular Home Interior Colors 2020 – I spend a lot of time researching and traveling throughout the year visiting new construction/home design shows and researching color trends. I’m excited to reveal where we’re going in color/home design and just want to share these trends with you. I wanted to highlight some of the key colors I’m seeing today and share a look at what to expect in home decor and color trends in 2020.

While I can’t make color/design decisions for my clients based on what’s popular, I love seeing new color combinations and design possibilities. It’s important to know what colors are popular in home decor, and of course I love to see where consumers are going with their colors.

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

If I had to choose one color that I think will be big in 2020. color trend in both home decor and paint, that color being green. I have to explain when I say shades of green. Everything from green/blue to deep dark emerald to muted sage green. We are already starting to see a green trend in consumer home decor and paint colors. I am amazed at the variety of green rugs that are suddenly coming out from Magnolia Home, Loloi and Safavieh.

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In 2020, I compiled a design board with the main shades of green that we will see more of in 2020. (product source links directly below the board related links).

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

The interesting thing about the green trend is that green is not the main color we will see in 2020. Those complex, muddy shades of green come in many shades. Below are the shades of green that we will see a lot in the coming years.

The shift to green tones isn’t much of a surprise, as we consumers are drawn to greener design elements and home accents. This means you will see more organic elements, such as natural wood tones and beautiful natural stones. Color Forecast reports that users are drawn to environments that are calm and peaceful (disconnected from all devices) and there is nothing more peaceful than nature and colors like oceans.

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

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Another color that will continue to grow in 2020 is navy and shades of blue. We’ve seen a lot of blue in home decor over the past few years, but in 2020, the difference is that blue is (usually) warmer. A complex blue with a hint of yellow and a slight purple tone (ala indigo) is a range of shades of blue that we see a lot. It is also interesting when we look at the lighter shades of blue that are expected to be in fashion next year, those lighter shades should be slightly cooler colors.

We’re starting to see glimpses of this trend, so I’ve put together a design board below using all the shades of blue we expect to be trending in 2020. (product links are directly below the links associated with the images).

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

Since consumers naturally shift through the color spectrum from year to year, there will always be colors (like blues and grays) that change in some way. However, the effectiveness of these colors is created and changed by users. Below, I have revealed the exact shades of blue that we should expect in the coming years.

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Interestingly, Sherwin Williams’ color of the year for 2020 is navy blue, which is a slightly warmer shade with purple undertones. It is a beautiful indigo color.

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

Additionally, PPG’s 2020 Color of the Year is another warm blue shade called China Porcelain. This complex transition color is another good representation of blue tones, and on the color side I’m already seeing hints of popularity among consumers.

Gray will continue to be a trend in 2020, but we see gray continue to warm to more sand and slightly richer colors.

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

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Dark moody grays with warm, almost brown tones are the color forecast direction we’ll be heading in 2020. In fact, we see this in home design as well.

Get ready because in 2020 we will see a lot of black not only in home decoration, but also in color. Although we started to see this trend last year, we will continue to see it in the coming years. The Difference Approaching 2020 is that there will be more complex shades of black – the more shades of black we see there will be blacks with different tones such as green/blue/brown/purple.

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

I personally think we will start to see more black cabinets and interior exterior colors in the kitchen. I know it sounds crazy, but in the west (especially in California and the Salt Lake region) we are starting to see almost black exterior house colors during new construction. A big reason for this is the growing obsession of small house owners with the industrial style of home design.

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One of the biggest 2020 home design trends is an industrial mix with a modern farmhouse. Exposed beams, lighter wood tones and a focus on textured faux metal finishes are something I can see. Lots of new construction in the last six months. I think we are in the early stages of this trend and in the next couple of years we will see this trend of the look start outside of the Western United States.

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

Modern farmhouse design and home decor will continue to be on trend, but more modern and more farm-oriented. Black windows mixed with white exterior interior colors continue to be popular in new construction.

So, in short, 2020 we move to slightly warmer and slightly richer colors, this trend from cool to warmer neutrals and from fewer colors to richer colors has been a slow trend over the last five years. For those of you who have been with me over the years and read my color trend posts every year, you’ve seen firsthand how we can get excited about color every year. From cold neutral tones five years ago, we have now reached warmer and slightly richer colors.

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

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Well, my friends, what do you think of all these beautiful colors? Are you excited to finally dip our toes into color (even if the colors are currently muddy and muted)? I’m not ready for full saturated colors, but I’m sure 2021 will be. we will go in that direction. Let’s see!

Thanks friends for stopping by today! If you want to see my 2019 color trends, you can see them here. Published: 2020 June 22 Last Updated: 2020 June 15 Categories: Flipping, Home Improvement, Home Improvement, Potential Markets, Remodeling Tips, Tips: Home Buyers, Home Improvement , Home Improvement, Paint, Paint Colors, Trends

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

Home improvement website Fixr polls experts every year about the latest home trends. This year, the company asked experts which colors they think are more popular this year. Here’s what you get.

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Cool neutrals in shades of light gray, thrifty and white won over many popular interior paint colors. Cool neutrals are great for making spaces feel big and open, and they’re also versatile.

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

The title of the most popular exterior paint colors recommended by remodeling experts for people planning to sell their homes this year went to white and gray. Both took first place, each with 52 percent of the vote among respondents who were given the option to choose more than one answer. Cream and dark green were a distant second and third, with 18 and 9 percent of the vote. According to experts, 77 percent

This year, remodeling experts expect the accent wall to be the most popular art style in homes for sale. This painting technique received 41 percent of the votes, while two-tone walls, murals, patterned walls and walls with artificial painting techniques shared the rest of the votes, but no style one did not reach 30 percent.

Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

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A single accent wall, painted in a color that contrasts with the rest of the room, is an ideal way to add color to a wall without committing to a particular color.

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Popular Home Interior Colors 2020

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