Popular Nail Colors For Toes

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Popular Nail Colors For Toes – In the fall and winter, when my feet are stuck in thick socks and winter boots, I loosen up with pedicure appointments. But this year—with or without sandal-ready weather—I’ve become a regular at my local salon. At any time of the year, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of leaving a pedicure with smooth, soft feet, perfectly shaped nails, clean cuticles, and a burst of color on your toes.

Of course, for an indecisive person like me, the hardest part of the experience is choosing the color. I almost always choose nail art for a manicure, but when it comes to my toes, I’m torn between choosing something bright and fun that pops out of my neutral colored outfits, or something sheer and neutral that blends in. Also, pedicure colors always last much longer than manicure colors, so once I decide on a color, I stick with it for a few weeks…

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

If, like me, you’re struggling for inspiration before your pedicure appointment, you’ve come to the right place. “Manicurists and pedicurists are always the first to know which colors are trending for next year,” says Ashley Bamber, nail technician and trend expert. “Having seen a few people asking for a particular shade, we can guarantee it will be popular this season,” he adds.

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Trust an expert to fill you in not only with colors that match your skin tone, but also with colors that are currently trending and in demand in salons—and according to Bamber and professional pedicurist Millie Mason, these are the best pedicure colors for 2023.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

“Bright reds are one of the most requested pedicure colors every summer,” says Mason. “Reds have orange or blue undertones, so I always choose a shade that matches my client’s skin tone.” The important thing to note is that if you’ve ever put on red nail polish and thought it didn’t match your skin tone, you’ve picked the wrong shade. Generally, orange-toned reds look best on warm, olive-toned skin, while blue-toned reds look best on fair, cool-toned skin.

Dior has a wide range of nail polish colors, several reds… But this orangey red works especially well on warm skin tones.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

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“Like the French haute manicure, the French pedicure has become more and more popular in the last few years,” Mason tells me. “In the summer, my clients often like to mix things up with bright or pastel colored tops. In addition to pastel shades like baby pink, sky blue and mint green, hints of red are also popular, according to Mason. “But classic white French tips are the best option because they suit all skin tones,” she adds.

Essie’s Blanc is a true bright white and a cult classic for those who want to do their own French manicure and pedicure.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

“Ruthless Nude is one of my favorite pedicure colors this year,” says Mason. “Most people choose a shade that’s a few tones darker or lighter than their natural skin tone so that it stands out but doesn’t look too obvious. It makes sense that this type of color is very popular – nude shades go well with all outfits, they do not look too obvious when they grow out.

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For fair skin tones like mine, Sand Tropez by Essie is one of my personal pedicure colors. This is a light, sandy shade

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

This milk lotion from vegan and cruelty-free nail brand Nailberry is a great choice for darker skin tones.

“Bubble Bath by OPI is a pale pink that’s trendy every year,” explains Mason. “My clients often alternate between wearing this shade. Like more neutral nude shades, pale pink is a wearable color that doesn’t stand out too much, but still looks clean and polished.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

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Think of this light pink as the nail polish equivalent of your favorite “my lips but better” lipstick.

For those who feel confident using gel polish, Mylee has a wide range of pink shades, including this sheer pastel shade.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

If you prefer a pink that’s a bit brighter and bolder, we love this pale pink gum from Jessica.

Summer Toe False Nail Grape Purple Press On Nails For Manicure Nail Art 24pcs

Clean nails may seem simple and boring, but they keep your toes clean and healthy, and who doesn’t like that? “In the winter, I do a bare pedicure like this one, with more sparkle,” says Mason. “This time of year, I keep my nails as short as possible because closed-toe shoes can damage the nail if the nail is too long,” she adds.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

If you try this at home, you should not neglect the basic elements of the pedicure, because your natural nails will be visible. “Start with a warm, soapy foot bath, followed by a gentle scrub to safely remove dead skin,” advises Mason. “Don’t overexfoliate the dead skin, because if it’s too much, it can grow back twice as thick.”

A staple of the Mason collection, Footlogix Callus Emollient is one of the products designed to treat any stubborn, hard skin.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

Amazon.com: Rodaky Solid Color Press On Toe Nails Glossy False Toe Nail Fashion Complexion Fake Toenails For Women Full Cover Acrylic Foot Nails Design Toenail Tips 24pcs

This kit contains everything you need to prepare and perfect a pedicure at home.

Brown is another popular color choice and I go for it often because it works well with my neutral wardrobe. Still, it’s a safe option for anyone and any shoe choice—especially if you’re indecisive and don’t want to hate a bright, bold color. Likewise, if you prefer brightly colored shoes, a neutral brown pad lets the shoes do the talking…

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

Let’s be honest, once you try brown nail polish, you’ll never go back… These four sets have you covered.

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To make your pedicure last longer, Mason recommends always using a base and top coat that matches your color. “I recommend the OPI Nature Strong range and always tell clients to make sure you apply clean and dry nails,” she adds.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

“A fresh, crisp white is always popular in the summer, especially when shoppers are heading somewhere warm,” says Bamber. “It looks great with brown, and because white is so clean and neutral, it goes with any shoe color or outfit choice.”

Bamber often recommends baby blue as an alternative to white. “When clients want something bright and fresh but still want to incorporate color, light blue is a popular option,” she says. “It’s not distracting, but it looks very clean and elegant.”

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

New Pedicure With Opi Teal Nail Polish.

Nails Inc’s Plant Power range is a favorite for those committed to a vegan beauty routine – there are tons of colors to choose from, but we love the pale blue on the toes.

When we think of the perfect baby blue, this is the shade that comes to mind.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

“I’ve noticed that many of my clients who like subtle, neutral nail designs want to express their creativity by choosing pedicure colors,” says Bamber. “People who stick to the same classic nude manicure always surprise me by asking for bright neon on their fingers. Still, it’s a bright and eye-catching color choice that’s perfect for summer and sandal season.

Gel Polish Toes

This vibrant neon shade takes on classic red in a delicious, summery yet fun, modern way.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

Nails Inc.’s neon collection includes every shade of the rainbow, but we’re especially obsessed with this bright green. Two intersecting lines forming an “X”. Indicates how to close the interaction or turn off the notification.

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Popular Nail Colors For Toes

Summer Toes: What’s Your Favorite Color?

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Most of us don’t think much about the color of our toenails, unless we choose nail polish for a pedicure. But believe it or not, the shade of your toenails can actually tell you a lot about the overall health of your body.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

Healthy toenails are smooth, uniform in color and usually pink. Different shades, spots or stripes can indicate health problems.

Red Glossy Pure Color Toe Nails Press On Nails

Dr. Miguel Kuna from Gotham Footcares talks about how different conditions can affect toenails and how to know when to seek medical attention. Read on to find out what the color of your toenails can say about your health.

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

Nails that turn black or purple have likely experienced a “subungual hematoma,” Cunha said, meaning they’ve bruised. You usually have to drop something pretty hard on your finger to cause this kind of trauma, so you know how it happened.

The good news is that you usually don’t have to do anything

Popular Nail Colors For Toes

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