Rugs For Apartment Living Room

Rugs For Apartment Living Room – Rugs are a staple of New York decor. Not only does it look great, but many apartment owners require the floors to be covered. Because flooring helps absorb and reduce noise, leases and co-op agreements often include a clause requiring tenants to cover 80% of the floor with rugs or carpets. Fortunately, choosing your rug wisely will make your space feel better by adding warmth and texture to it, rather than detracting from it. Plus, it’s a quick and easy way to change the look of a room without breaking the bank. But choosing a rug can be tricky. For example, choosing something that is too small, too big or too flashy can make your space look unrefined and cluttered. We asked Maury Weekley, owner of Brooklyn-based home goods boutique Collier’s Mansion, who is also a lead designer and stylist at a design services firm, for advice on choosing the perfect rug for your space. Here’s what we learned.

If you’re decorating a room from scratch, Weakley recommends always choosing a rug first. “It allows for some flexibility because you’re not trying to pair it with another room,” she says. Imagine your ideal space. “Create a vision of what you want for the room and choose a rug that moves you in that direction.” »

Rugs For Apartment Living Room

Rugs For Apartment Living Room

If you choose a rug later in the decorating game, create contrast by choosing a different color than your sofa or other large piece of furniture. “So if your sofa is light gray, don’t go for a light gray rug,” she advises. “And if the rest of the room has a lot of color, choose a rug with a more neutral or jewel-toned palette.”

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When choosing the right size for your rug, keep in mind that all the furniture in the space, from the sofa and coffee table to the dining table and chairs, must match the subfloor. Weakley recommends making sure there’s at least 12 inches between the edge of a large piece of furniture like a sofa and the edge of a rug.

But if you want rugs that are too small for your space, don’t despair! You can add a pop of color and pattern by layering over a more neutral sisal or plain weave.

Substances are important! The material of the rug is very important because it affects its daily performance and how often it needs maintenance. “If you choose a sheepskin rug, it can peel and require maintenance,” Weekley says. “It’s just like plain weave in a darker color and can show dirt. Cotton rugs, patterned rugs, and some vintage rugs tend to require less maintenance, but it all depends on how worn they are.

Living room: “The living room is probably the centerpiece of your home, so it’s worth investing in a rug that matches your design aesthetic here,” advises Weekly. To create a warm and clean atmosphere, we recommend vintage rugs such as rugs and Persian rugs. Besides, if you go vintage, you can find many different colors and patterns to suit your taste.

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Bedroom: Relatively neutral rugs work best for bedrooms, says Weekley. This allows you to create bolder, brighter bedding and adds a sense of calm to your space. “For a very rich and cozy bedroom, the right Ben Orein rug would do wonders,” she says.

Kitchen: Here, Weekly suggests opting for a plain weave. “It maintains the kitchen’s usual clean lines and minimal profile. She especially likes the Scandinavian rugs she uses for her kitchen area because they are easy to design.

Hallway: Since this space tends to have less competing decor than other parts of the home, Weekly recommends setting up a hallway for drama and a space that can also be washed. Because this is a high traffic area. “We always love bold and colorful bushel rugs,” she says. “In Morocco, it’s usually made of cotton, so it’s washable.

Rugs For Apartment Living Room

You don’t always have to default to a rectangle. Unique shapes, such as the animal skin rugs common in New York apartment listings, can add a lot of dimension and style to a room. Weakley sees the less traditional shape as best for children’s bedrooms and dens, or as a solution to atypical layouts, such as rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Above all else, Weakley recommends choosing a rug that appeals to you, whether it’s soothing or colorful, cotton or wool, rectangular or oddly shaped. This problem can be solved at any time. “Some of our favorite designer spaces start with a cool, clean rug, which can really brighten up a space,” she says. Check out Weakley’s Instagram and Collyer’s Mansion for cool styling ideas.

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The power of a well-made rug to transform a room is unmatched. But when choosing a rug for your home, especially your living room, you may be wondering what size rug is best for your space. “A rug can make a living space feel cozy and comfortable,” says HGTV Hunter Lighting ambassador and designer Jasmine Roth.

Fix and define space, especially in open floor plans. That’s why choosing the right size rug is so important to the overall aesthetic and mood of any room.

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To help you choose the right size rug for your living room, we’re sharing Roth’s best tips and tricks, as well as some ideas you can apply in your own home.

“My personal living space is probably the most comfortable part of our home,” says Roth. “It’s not only a place to play with my two-year-old daughter, but also a place to relax after a busy day.” Here are some of the mistakes Roth helps customers avoid when choosing a rug.

Consider space when shopping for living room rugs. “Perhaps the most important thing is to think about the entire room, from floor to ceiling, where the rug will be placed,” says Roth. “I like to pair the rug with beautiful overhead lighting to tie the whole design together and draw attention from the floor to the top of the room. The three checkmate rules she follows are:

Rugs For Apartment Living Room

“Rug placement is one of my favorite design secrets,” says Roth. “I love adding a pop of color or changing out my mats depending on the season, but I can’t spend the money changing all my mats every time my hair gets messy.” So she thinks carpeting is the perfect solution. Roth bought a large natural fiber rug (his favorite rug on Amazon) and then layered smaller, more expensive rugs. “Smaller rugs should be a foot smaller on each side for stacked rugs to look functional,” she explains.

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“Most spring and summer rugs living in Southern California are actually popular year-round, which makes me an expert on this type of rug,” says Roth. “The house has mostly natural textured rugs and sometimes vintage or bold, colorful rugs.”

Natural fiber rugs are Roth’s favorites (think sisal and jute). It is an ideal option for the warmer months as it does not show any dirt or stains. Roth loves spring and summer rug colors, but suggests using a larger, neutral-colored rug as a base and adding smaller, colorful rugs on top. “There are also outdoor rugs that we recommend for indoor use because they are easy to clean with soap and water,” says Roth.

A striking herringbone rug can be the centerpiece of your living room. That means making the rug a bold element and complementing the pattern with the rest.

Stripes are classic for a reason. It goes well with different design styles like modern, rustic and traditional.

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Try this model when you want to be bold. Available in a variety of unique colors and shapes, they are easy to use and can easily add personality to your living room.

Everyone is attracted to different shapes. This is what makes geometric rugs attractive. You can have an unlimited number of curves and lines (even wavy lines). Don’t forget to try stars, hexagons and circles.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to upgrade your common spaces, don’t underestimate the beauty of choosing the right rug. For more decorating tips on a budget, check out our collection of the best living room design ideas.

Rugs For Apartment Living Room

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