Semi Solid Stain On Cedar Siding

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Semi Solid Stain On Cedar Siding – One of the most common questions I get from homeowners is about the pros and cons of painting shingle siding. Specifically, the newly installed white cedar shingle siding (as shown in the link below). Everyone has their own opinion; Here is mine:

White shingle siding that should last longer than naturally left white cedar siding is definitely painted. That’s because here on Cape Cod, shingle siding is usually replaced when it stops looking good. Solid color shingles (if maintained) will look better longer than natural left shingles.

Semi Solid Stain On Cedar Siding

Semi Solid Stain On Cedar Siding

I strongly recommend against bleaching oil treatments, any type of sealant, or any transparent stain. None of them work as advertised. Instead, I’ve seen them cause huge headaches for homeowners who are then left with huge bills to fix the problem(s).

Things You Need To Know Before Staining Your Cedar

Just a few thoughts on what I actually do and what the legacy of these years will be.

We all know “That Guy:” the sole trader or small business owner who had a good year or three and is now driving a $50, $60 or $90k pickup truck. This is not a “work truck” in the traditional sense: this truck has a luxurious interior, fancy rims, never a scratch on it… and commercial plates. There might be a laptop or small gadget or tool holder somewhere in the bed, but let’s face it: they could easily fit in the Kia Soul. “That’s the price of working!” The man says with a smile. “Eliminate!” If I hadn’t spent, the government would have just taken it in taxes! You get the idea. The man is spending a fortune promoting an unnecessary, overpriced and inefficient four wheel drive ego. Like I said, we all know the man. Here’s the deal: Whether the company is structured as an LLC, S-Corp, DBA, etc., it’s true that earnings remaining after business expenses will be taxable. That’s income! And yes, spending available cash on work vehicles (or tools, equipment, advertising, etc.) will reduce the company’s earned income, thereby reducing taxes. But isn’t there something … I don’t know … smarter that could be done with the money available to cut taxes? You know, something that won’t be the financial responsibility of an unnecessary luxury vehicle? Enter a Simplified Employee Retirement Plan (SEP IRA, for short). Like a traditional IRA, it’s a way to set aside pre-tax dollars for retirement while reducing your estimated taxable income this year. And unlike a traditional IRA (which has an annual contribution limit of just $6,500 through 2023), a SEP IRA can absorb up to $66,000 each year—or up to 25% of returns. (Note, or reasons related to ridiculous tax math, sole proprietors/sole proprietors can “only” contribute up to 20% of their income.. still a lot more than a traditional IRA or Roth!) There are some supporters : if employees , then the plan must contribute the same percentage as the owner contributes to their SEP IRA. For this reason, I see SEP IRAs as a powerful tool of particular interest to sole proprietors and small mom-and-pop companies (like Outside Cleaners LLC) where the employees are family members. There’s more: For small business owners living in the great state of Massachusetts who want to qualify for very affordable subsidized healthcare, this SEP tool can be used to lower your unexplained income to qualify for subsidized income. That’s right: If you plan it right, you can put money into your retirement every year while still qualifying for highly subsidized health insurance. Soooo… That’s why I live like a pauper. My sales truck, which I bought for $10k before the pandemic, has 265,000 miles on it. And when that guy throws an obnoxious amount of money into car insurance and excise taxes and monthly payments (“It’s a business expense!”) for his ridiculous ego truck, I give that same money to our retiree. Maybe I’m the only one who cares about these things. Maybe I’m wrong to hang my hat on long-term growth in the stock and bond markets. Maybe the western financial system will collapse, my retirement will go to $0, and that man will have the last laugh on the beach in his ego mobile. Time will tell.

A few years ago, I started posting videos online to promote our local small business. It was just part of a free online marketing and advertising strategy that I decided on as a way to make money. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube… this was the trifecta of social media. I didn’t want to pay to advertise and still don’t. Last year I realized that some of my videos were getting “many” views and someone suggested that I allow YouTube to put ads on those videos so I could make money. I recently received a notification from YouTube stating that they need my bank account information to pay me. Long story short, a video I made last year about cleaning the deck until I paid off the mortgage this month. It’s definitely the easiest money I’ve ever made and it tells me I need to do more stuff like this. And it’s very timely, because my body has been reminding me more and more this season that I need to find other ways to make money.

Tired of articles with tons of keywords but no useful information? Tired of service companies pretending to be executives when they’re really just startups? me too!

How To Stain Cedar Wood To Protect It

This is the part of the season when this thing reminds me that I can’t please everyone. Since 2011, I have worked for over 2500 homeowners here on Cape Cod. A small fraction of them make me clean their drains every fall, but that “small fraction” still collects a lot of drains to clean. Homeowners who want to have their gutters cleaned in the fall understandably want to do this service as late as possible so that the gutters are not clogged with fallen leaves immediately after they are cleaned. What most homeowners don’t usually realize is that when the nighttime temperatures drop below freezing, clogged drains don’t just melt the next warm day. They don’t. And clearing frozen sewage is more expensive than clearing it when it’s not frozen. So the task is to clear many drains at the last possible moment. Do them too soon, and people complain that they will be filled with leaves again. Get them too late, and it’s too late. … and so I’ve learned the hard way to severely limit the number of sewer cleaning jobs each year. And so I’ve put off a lot more gutter cleaning tasks than I actually do. Addressing a few more common questions: Why don’t we automatically schedule all of last year’s sewer jobs? I used to do that and clean a lot of drains for free. Every year, 10-20% of our sewer customers walk away or die. There’s no telling us when this will happen, and new owners are never happy to pay for a service they didn’t ask for. Can we schedule your gutter cleaning now for a late fall time/date? No. The exact date of the operation depends on many things, including the weather in November (did the early storm shake the leaves?), the night temperature … and the current drain on the schedule, among many other things. If necessary, I group them by city and neighborhood. Does anyone need to stay home while the drains are cleaned? No. Should I use a spike? No. My truck carries a lot of water. Can I clear a clogged drain that disappears into the yard? Probably not. Can we arrange a sewer cleaning for December? No. Let’s remember, just a few years ago we woke up to a world of snow in early December… and it didn’t melt until spring. Remember: Once the temperature briefly drops below freezing at night, the contents of the sewer freeze solid. Most homeowners don’t realize that frozen gutters don’t usually thaw during the day. A stagnant drain can’t be cleaned remotely for anything like the normal rates you pay. Pricing: We charge $1 per floor foot and our minimum service charge is $165 ($15 more than last year). We regularly hear that this is competitive with other fully insured drain cleaning services. Can I fix your drain? is possible If I already clean your drains, I can perform minor drain maintenance and repairs as needed, such as reconnecting disconnected pipes, sealing leaks, etc. Those repairs are performed and billed on a time and materials basis only.

Before the pandemic, I read somewhere that Cape Cod had an average annual turnover rate of about 25%. In other words, a quarter of the local population is migrating

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