Shelf Decor Ideas For Living Room

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Shelf Decor Ideas For Living Room – Looking for room shelf decorating ideas for a seasonal decor change? Today I’m sharing our living room shelves full of pumpkin decorations for fall! I’ve also collected over 50 pumpkin ornaments to inspire you! All the resources for the items shown in the pictures are below the post for your convenience!

Are you having a bad day? Okay, that’s a tough question because I know you know what a bad day is.

Shelf Decor Ideas For Living Room

Shelf Decor Ideas For Living Room

Well, I just sat down and watched TV and had a pretty rough day in general. I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and BAM! He was inspired.

Shelf Décor Ideas To Accentuate Your Living Room

I saw a good friend, a married lover, ready for my house to fall down. She was getting all her pumpkin decorations ready for fall and going outside to arrange her coat.

So… I went to the garage. I found about 75% of the decor I was looking for and started the process of organizing the room shelves.

First, if you’re looking for room shelf ideas and decorating shelves – here’s my full post on shelf decorating basics.

I started by removing almost everything from the shelves in my living room and giving it a good cleaning.

Clean + Neutral Living Room Shelf Styling + Decor Refresh — Gathered Living

Then I pulled out all the fall stuff and put it away to see what I was working on. Then after trying a million different combinations and pulling stuff out of other parts of my house… I landed on this!

This bedroom shelf ideas post has affiliate links, but I don’t have anything I highly recommend! Read my full review here.

I kept the bottom shelf the same way I organized the living room shelves for this post.

Shelf Decor Ideas For Living Room

I kept all my old books on the shelves, but tossed out the pages to bring in more neutral tones.

Small Living Room Ideas That Maximize Style And Storage

This wooden flour bowl is perfect for holding those cute little pumpkins, delicious pork belly cones, and a few chunks of veggies (especially lamb’s ears).

I bought this beautiful wooden vase a few years ago at an estate sale, but if you’re looking, there are some great ones on Etsy!

I couldn’t resist adding a fun fall quote to my new tree sign (similar to this one linked here ), and it’s a great color for fall pumpkin decorations.

My grapevine also stayed on the shelves in the living room and was easy to fall over, but I swapped out the blue flowers for the beautiful cotton, including the pumpkin.

Shelf Decorating Ideas: How To Style Shelves Like A Pro

Can you believe that these carpenter flowers that look like woodworking flowers are just the nests of plants that have not yet been planted?! Hey!

This wall hanging blends in with the neutral tones of the shelves, so it’s staying put for now!

Looking for living room shelf decorating ideas? All resources for our fall-decorated living room shelves:

Shelf Decor Ideas For Living Room

While putting this post together, I found some great ideas for incorporating pumpkins into your fall decor… so I’ve rounded them all up below with over 50 pumpkin decorations for fall!!

Shelf Styling Ideas For 2023

Many have a neutral farmhouse style like the one on my fall-decorated living room shelves.

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Many different problems can be solved by including a floating shelf. It is so versatile and affordable that there are many types of fountains and shelves and many different ways to use them. Every room in the house could benefit from the addition of a floating shelf or two, so the question remains how to make it work and be practical and beautiful at the same time. As always, we have a few ideas that might help.

The 40 Best Shelf Decor Ideas For A Stylish Home

It looks like such a relaxing and welcoming space and the secret is the great balance between the different textures and neutral colors used throughout its design. The walls have a very subtle brown color and the floating shelf sofa has the retro charm of reclaimed wood paired with all the gorgeous accent pillows. A metal floor lamp in the corner and a pair of mirrored mirrors on the shelf help tie it all together. Check out @briehadj on Instagram for more cute ideas.

We don’t call these floating shelves anything. The hardware used to hang them on the wall is completely invisible, cleverly hidden inside the shelves. Additionally, the cabinets are white like the back wall, helping them blend in and disappear into the background. This wheel’s focus on the items placed on the shelves brings a nice pastel touch to the decor in this case. Follow @smallcdesign_ for more inspiring design tips.

Live edge wood is always attractive and can be used in interior design in many fun and interesting ways. Living room cabinets provide one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the natural and unique beauty of these materials. Install a few of them in the kitchen to add warmth, structure and style to the room and keep the design practical at the same time. Here’s a design proposal from @timholland_heartofthemarket that we think would look really good in a variety of other settings.

Shelf Decor Ideas For Living Room

Moving shelves do not always have to be made of the same material. Wood is the most common choice, but it can be mixed with metal to create a cool modern industrial look. Shared by @Maryslittlemart This particular one is perfect for the kitchen because it’s built in towel, but if you remove it the design is really versatile and looks great in any room of the house.

Shelf Decor Ideas To Help You Style Yours Like A Pro

Sometimes simple designs are the best and there is no point in overcomplicating the design. Take a floating shelf, for example. A very simple form, linear and smooth, and made of wood, the most common material. However, this goes perfectly with the bathroom. It would also look great in other areas such as a laundry room, kitchen, living room or bedroom. Check out @kaidandesigns for more styling ideas.

Floating shelves provide a great setup for creating custom and themed displays for a variety of occasions, including Halloween or Christmas. Find a unique design and adjust it from time to time to make the whole house look fresh and festive. You can also display different things in your wardrobe every season, for example, fresh flowers for spring, cones and small pumpkins for autumn, etc. Check out this beautiful exhibition @ And if you want some inspiration.

Consider installing wall rails above your floating shelves and highlight the items they hold. It looks really good if you have beautiful collections or handmade jewelry that you want to show off in a very popular way. Meanwhile, sconces can be task/accent lighting for the rest of the room. It’s on a kitchen stick that works really well here. This is a design shared by @ourmodernbrick.

Floating shelves are great for corner spaces because they are one of the few things that can fit in and actually make good use of that space. Corners are hard to organize and decorate, but you can always rely on shelves for help. In addition, corner cabinets are usually convenient in kitchens, bathrooms, and small spaces. Here they add extra storage for dishes, kitchen utensils, and more. Check out @hovrsolutions for more information.

Effortless Ways To Style Bookshelf Decor

You can also rely on shelving to accommodate spaces that are too small, too narrow, or too tight for anything else, like cabinets or appliances. It can usually be useful in kitchens or bathrooms, but it is not limited to these areas. In this design shared by @Dawningramdesign, a shelf fills the void and helps balance the space by adding handy storage in the back.

Floating shelves can be used as decorative elements whether you want to fill an empty wall or frame a focal point.

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