Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

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Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

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Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

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Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint For Sale In Queen Creek, Az

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Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

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Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

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In this comparison of Sherwin-Williams A-100 and SuperPaint, you’ll learn how these paint lines differ in coverage, appearance, durability, VOCs, warranty, price and more.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

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If you only have a moment, here’s what you need to know about Sherwin-Williams A-100 and SuperPaint. In this full comparison, I provide more detailed analysis and expert opinions on Sherwin-Williams paints.

Contractor’s Paint: A-100 is a contractor’s paint that is often chosen for new construction due to its cost-effectiveness. SuperPaint is the best choice, preferred for its quality and durability.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Volume Solids: SuperPaint has a higher percentage of solids by volume (37-38% vs. 34-37% for A-100). Its thicker formula provides better coverage, adhesion, washability and durability.

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Finish: SuperPaint provides a glossy finish that the A-100 lacks. Both come in standard finishes such as flat, low sheen and satin.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Special Edition: SuperPaint offers a unique interior paint with air purifying technology to reduce VOCs and bacteria-fighting capabilities that can kill up to 99.9% of common germs such as staph, E. coli and MRSA within two hours of impact. A-100 does not have a special formula option.

Price: SuperPaint costs about $16 more per gallon for all finishes, but its higher strength and durability provide greater value in the long run.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Yo Let Me Get A Gallon Of Extra White A100 Flat. But Make It In Ultradeep

Warranty: SuperPaint offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects such as flaking and bleeding. The A-100 warranty provides the same protection, but only for 15 years.

I recommend SuperPaint to most homeowners. Better than A-100 in all categories (coating, adhesion, durability and washability), except price. Although SuperPaint is more expensive, its superior quality saves money in the long run by extending the time between repaints.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

If you’re painting your primary residence and plan to live there for a while, SuperPaint is a clear winner.

Sherwin Williams Exterior

A-100 is a smart, low-cost option if you’re painting a rental property, the inside of a garage, a new building, or an investment property that you plan to sell soon. But according to paint experts at local stores I spoke with, supplies are low and may gradually run out.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Sherwin-Williams A-100 and SuperPaint are acrylic latex paints. If you’re not familiar with the term, acrylic latex paint is a water-based paint known for its durability and ease of use.

Compared to oil-based paint, it dries faster and produces less odor, making it an easy choice for exterior projects.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Learn About Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

With both paints you have access to the same 1,700 colors. Additionally, both paints are available in 100 VinylSafe shades, allowing you to safely use darker, richer colors on vinyl siding without worrying about overheating due to overspray. heat absorption.

No matter the paint line, Sherwin-Williams offers innovative tools to help you choose the perfect color. For example, ColorSnap’s renderer lets you paint a room virtually any Sherwin-Williams color, giving you a realistic preview of what your space will look like.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Sherwin-Williams A-100 and SuperPaint dry quickly. It dries to the touch in about two hours and is ready for another coat in 24-48 hours. This is true even at lower temperatures—down to 35°F.

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However, SuperPaint formulas have different drying times. It dries to the touch in about an hour and takes about four hours before applying the next coat.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are solvents that are released into the air when paint dries. While VOCs are essential to improve paint performance, they can pose health risks (according to the Environmental Protection Agency).

Both A-100 and SuperPaint are low in VOCs. In other words, they release fewer solvents into the air, reducing the potential health risks associated with overexposure. Both lines contain less than 50 grams per liter (g/L) of volatile organic compounds, well below federal limits of 250 g/L for smooth finishes and 380 g/L for other finishes.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

A 100® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint

Sherwin-Williams A-100 is a contractor grade paint, making it a common choice for large projects such as new apartment complexes and apartment buildings.

This paint is often chosen for new home construction because it is more economical. Sherwin-Williams offers deep discounts to contractors, and since many new homeowners tend to repaint in their own style, the first paint choice usually has more to do with cost savings than durability. long-term.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

On the other hand, SuperPaint is a premium paint. A favorite of homeowners who value quality and durability. SuperPaint is more expensive than A-100, but the higher cost has its benefits: it maintains its appearance and shine longer, provides better cleaning power, and is more resistant to mildew and milkweed. These qualities make SuperPaint a smart investment for anyone looking to improve and protect their home.

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If you look closely at the specifications for Sherwin-Williams A-100 and SuperPaint, you will see a number labeled “volumetric solids.”

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Bulk solids include binders, pigments and additives that remain on the surface after the solvent has been dispersed and the paint has dried. In general, paints with a higher percentage of dry fillers last longer, hide imperfections better, and require fewer coats.

SuperPaint has a higher solids percentage than A-100 in all glosses. For example, the SuperPaint appearance has a solid volume of 37% ± 2, while the A-100 appearance has 34% ± 2. Likewise, the SuperPaint appearance gloss is 38% ± 2, compared to 36% ± 2 for A-100.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Brand New Sherwin Williams A 100 Exterior Acrylic Latex For Sale In Azusa, Ca

Below is a table detailing the solids amounts for both A-100 and SuperPaint. These numbers clearly show the difference in shape, giving us an idea of ​​why SuperPaint is often preferred for its better coverage and durability, especially for development projects. long term home.

When choosing exterior paint, the finish of the coating affects both aesthetics and functionality. There is one major difference between A-100 and SuperPaint in this regard: SuperPaint provides a glossy finish while A-100 does not.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Both paints are available in standard finishes such as matte, low gloss, satin and gloss. But only SuperPaint allows you to achieve a high-gloss reflective finish. This ultra-sleek look can visually enhance exterior architecture and detail the appearance. And because it is non-porous and does not absorb moisture, it is the most resistant to water damage.

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SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Paint with Air Purifying Technology: Not only is this interior paint free of VOCs, which is great for indoor air quality, but it also actively reduces VOC levels from other sources in your home, such as carpets and cabinets. This technology promotes clean air and helps keep rooms fresher longer due to its deodorizing properties.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

SuperPaint Interior Latex with Sanitary Technology: This paint is great because of its antibacterial technology. It reduces the spread of common bacteria such as staph, E. coli and MRSA, killing up to 99.9% of these bacteria within two hours of exposure. It still kills 90% of bacteria for up to four years. This paint is ideal for high-touch areas or places where cleanliness is a priority (such as bathrooms and kitchens).

Prices vary depending on finish, but Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint is significantly more expensive than A-100. Based on current prices on (below), SuperPaint costs $16.50 more per gallon than A-100.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

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SuperPaint is backed by Sherwin-Williams’ Lifetime Limited Warranty against peeling and fading for as long as the paint is used in the home.

If the paint becomes damaged during this period, Sherwin-Williams will provide replacement paint free of charge to correct the problem or refund the original purchase price.

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

The warranty does not cover labor or damage caused by poor surface preparation, structural problems or improper use.

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Nobody knows SuperPaint and A-100 better than the people who sell them every day. So, to get a broader perspective on this topic, I spoke with two paint experts at my local Sherwin-Williams store and one via online chat at

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Paint

Experts at the Sherwin-Williams store in Dedham, Massachusetts say, “SuperPaint is an excellent exterior quality product.

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