Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

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Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors – Brought to you by DIY Network’s Ultimate Retreat. The colors are fresh and gorgeous and I can’t wait to show them to you! If you need to shop first, you can tour the entire building [click here]. I’ve shared some photos inside and out (the views are amazing!) and each one helps tell the story of this beautiful new home! Full of fun ideas and creative possibilities it is a joy to travel and share with you.

Info: The metal-braced exterior shelves are made from hardwoods from Shelburne Farms in Vermont, a nonprofit sustainability education center, also a 1,400-acre working farm and National Historic Landmark.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

Using cheerful colors in unexpected places is a fun feature in this home! There are nice surprises in places like wardrobes, closets, staircases and even in the hallways!

Timeless Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

Are you inspired by HGTV Home’s use of colors and how designer Elizabeth Demos used them in The Ultimate Retreat? I know I was. I hope these expert color mixing examples inspire you to pick up a paintbrush or roller and have fun with paint colors in your home!

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

Subscribe for free today to receive my latest DIY tutorials, decorating ideas, upcoming projects and more! I’m super excited about today’s announcement because for the first time in years, Sherwin Williams has added 200 new GORGEOUS designer colors as part of the One Coat/Personal Primer Collection. Emerald Designer Edition. These paints and colors are Sherwin Williams’ premium line of interior paints.

Before I get into the details, I want you to know that this post is in no way a sponsored post. I’m excited to share with you what I’ve learned about a new line of research for my clients’ projects.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

What’s That Paint Color?

These 200 new colors are exclusive to the Emerald Designer Edition and cannot be used with any other Sherwin Williams colors. This is because the Emerald Designer paint line is formulated with a completely different “UltraWhite Base”, so if you request these exclusive colors for other SW colors, you will not get the same color because the other white bases are pure white. different.

In their press release about the new collection, Sherwin Williams noted that they created the new colors based on requests from interior designers who preferred bright white, dark grey/beige and more muted tones. Because of the bright white background, the SW can capture these colors better.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

When I first laid eyes on the Airship I was so excited because Sherwin Williams knew this and hit on exactly what the designers were looking for when developing this new collection! Any color bar from the graphic is good!

Trending Paint Colors For Your Doors

I have designed many colors for my clients and I want to share some of my favorite colors from the new collection to inspire you.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

At the top of my list is the Forged Steel SW9565. I can tell you right now that we’re going to be seeing a lot of this color because it’s that good! Ironically, I was trying to get a really nice rich charcoal color with custom mixing, but I just couldn’t do it. Sherwin Williams knew the dream brown/grey/charcoal mix I wanted for the project and it was perfect!

By the way, the other colors I’ve included in the collection above are from the Forged Steel color line. I like all these colors in line and often work from the line to make sure all the colors in the room (trim, door color, decor, walls, etc.) work together.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Shiitake (palette, Coordinating & Inspirations)

Steel is perfect for wall coverings, wardrobes and interior doors. I actually want to use this color throughout the house for all the interior doors on a client project I’m working on. Isn’t it wonderful?

Very close to my favorite Base Metal is this GORGEOUS mud green called Succulent. Your Majesty!! You are very beautiful! By the way, this color is amazing too!

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams used Succulent beautifully in this space with a color from their new collection called SW White Sail (I love that subtle white).

H&c Colortop Solvent Based Solid Color Concrete Sealer

Another favorite that I can’t wait to try is Guild Gray which is the lightest color in the False Color line. I think this color would be the perfect wall color in certain lighting conditions.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

Guild Gray reminds me of a slightly cooler Repose Grey. I think Guild Gray would be great in a home that doesn’t get a lot of light. Illuminates/illuminates with the color of the wall color.

I enjoy using Serenely and all the other colors in the Serenely range. It’s a beautiful muted blue that doesn’t have too much pigmentation.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

Popular Gray Paint Colors Picked By The Pros

I also like Whisper, the darker black wall color below. Also note the white brick color! It’s called Sesame White and it’s a very warm gray color.

As for the quality of the new Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition paint, I have heard very good things about the product from many of the paint artists I work with who have also tried it. Although more expensive than traditional emerald, the great news is that it’s a standalone color, so it doesn’t take much to cover a room, saving you money in the long run. with less use of paint. I also love that this line is washable!! Such good news as I love using flats on my clients projects as it is so important on the wall.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

I’m getting ready to try out these new paints and colors on a client project, so I’ll let you know what I think and share the results with you. Meanwhile, if any of you have tried this, please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Our Top 5 Shades Of Gray

So what do you think? Do you use paint? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! It’s been a few years since I updated Sherwin Williams’ most popular and best colors, but today I want to share with you an updated list of the best colors and how those colors look on indoor walls. When I’m looking for a specific color, I always like to start by looking at the best colors because there’s a very good reason why certain colors become best sellers. If you’re looking for a nice, reliable color, this list is a great place to start your color search.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

Although I have worked with many of the colors on the list, I would like to break down the list for you and highlight twelve colors that have come out of my many years of experience in the multifaceted color/design consulting business. and reliable. For each color I show, I will share the “advantages” and “adequacies” of the color to help you better understand the colors. We hope this list helps you the next time you’re looking for the right color.

Before I get to my favorites on the list, below is a list of the 50 most popular and best selling Sherwin Williams colors.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

What’s In A Color? Understanding Paint Undertones

Of all the house colors on the planet, the number one color right now might be Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. We’ll never know for sure because we don’t have that data, but I’d be surprised if Repose wasn’t number one right now. Repose is a beautiful light gray that I recommend to my clients because I think it’s just about perfect when it comes to all the colors in the house and the light neutrals.

Pros: I especially like Repose because it’s one of those rare colors that is not only beautiful during the day, but also at night when the lights are on. No breathy tones and very versatile.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

To learn more about the best places to use Repose Gray with more example rooms, you can find my Color Spotlight here on Repose Grey.

Popular Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

Also, all the colors in the Repose Gray color scheme (sol 244) are at the top of the list and I’m not surprised at all because this color scheme is amazing. They are all very varied and beautiful colors and you will see a lot of them in my version today.

Sherwin Williams Garage Paint Colors

Very close, sea salt is also one of the most popular vegetable dyes. When I asked the readers of the Creativity Exchange Facebook page what their favorite paint color was, they overwhelmingly voted for Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. If you are not familiar with sea salt and want comfort and relaxation

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