Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

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Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets – Today I’m sharing my review of Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray and why we painted our kitchen cabinets this beautiful neutral gray.

In my opinion, few colors are more attractive and soothing than Sherwin Williams Mindful Grey. This beautiful neutral hue is perfect for walls, cabinets and throughout your home, creating a peaceful atmosphere wherever you look.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

One of the biggest surprises about this paint color is how different it actually looks in my kitchen from the swatch.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets In Sherwin Williams’ Dorian Gray

The paint sample looks gray (a mix of gray and beige), but my kitchen is actually a light gray with a hint of blue undertones because we have a larger north-facing room adjacent to the kitchen.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Let’s take a look at subtle gray undertones paired with gray and how this gray is the first choice for many kitchen cabinet color projects.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray is a favorite paint color for many homeowners and a timeless choice for kitchen cabinets.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Gray Cabinets Are Perhaps The Most Versatile Kitchen Cabinets You’ll Find

You’ll know what I mean when you see our freshly painted kitchen cabinets below and how the space went from dark and dated to a bright, modern kitchen, all thanks to Mindful Grey!

We still have a lot of work to do in the kitchen, including refinishing the floors, adding outlet covers, installing pot fillers, and some cabinet doors that need finishing, but I wanted to share some cell phone photos of the kitchen so you can see how amazing Mindful Gray is !

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Mindful Gray is a neutral paint color that works well in a variety of spaces, from living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms.

More Painted Kitchen Cabinets…that Didn’t Turn Out

Mindful Gray pairs well with a variety of complementary colors including white, black and navy. This makes it easier to coordinate with other design elements in the room.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Subtle gray undertones are warm but still neutral, helping to create a cozy and welcoming feel in any room. The teal undertone keeps it true to gray without looking brown.

With an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 48, Mindful Gray reflects a lot of natural light back into the room, making it appear brighter and more open. Our kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light (there’s a small window in the corner), so it was important to find a light gray that reflects light and makes it bigger and brighter, but doesn’t feel cold.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

The Best Dark Kitchen Cabinet Colors For A Moody Space

Pictured below is SherwinWilliams Mindful Gray on my friend Cyndy’s built-in cabinets in her dining room at Creativity Exchange. Isn’t it beautiful?

Wondering what the LRV number means? The light reflectance value is the percentage of light reflected by the paint on the “wall/cabinet/furniture”, with 0 being black and 100 being bright white.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Our kitchen only has one window in the corner, and it’s blocked by one of the kitchen walls, so the only natural light it gets is from the larger north-facing window in the corner area of ​​the kitchen.

Gauntlet Gray Island

In the photo above, you’ll notice that the recessed lights cast an artificial warm light, while the cabinets remain gray.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Here’s a photo on my phone of the same view, with the lights off and no filter.

North-facing rooms make Mindful Gray look like it has blue (and sometimes even green) undertones, which is basically what keeps Mindful Gray from looking brown in my kitchen. Lighting plays a huge role in how a color looks, so I’ll be sharing another post soon about my crash course on how world and sequence direction can make a color look completely different than a paint swatch.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

The Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray (sw 7029) Calm Paint Color

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray is a great choice in my opinion, I love this warm, inviting and versatile paint color. The perfect neutral gray for kitchen cabinets! We had just gotten rid of all the brown warm tones (stained cabinets and dark orange-toned floors), so we didn’t need any brown warm tones, but we also didn’t want to feel like we were walking into a cold, austere space. Mindful gray, the perfect combination of warmth and coolness! How to Enhance the Look of Sherwin Williams Indful Gray Cabinets with the Right Hardware and Accessories

To modernize our existing cabinets and create a modern look, we decided to add these long stainless steel cabinets on each door and drawer.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

We also replaced all the hinges, which you can see in our updated kitchen cabinet columns.

Dorian Gray Built In Bar

We installed stainless steel (looks great with the conscious gray) cabinets with pulls 1/2 the size of the door or drawer. For example, if a cabinet is 24 inches tall, we install a pull that is 12 inches long. Read this article on how to choose kitchen cabinet hardware to learn more.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray has warm undertones but doesn’t feel like a beige or yellow. Our kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural light, but it feels light gray and even looks a bit blue-gray at certain times of the day. This is the perfect light gray!

What I’m trying to say is that Mindful gray has neutral undertones, neither warm nor cool. Depending on the lighting, it can produce a warmer gray (gray/beige) look, but in my kitchen the base color is gray with subtle blue-gray undertones. Mindfulness Gray has absolutely no yellow undertones.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

The Kitchen Renovation How To Guide For Homeowners

If you missed any of our kitchen remodeling projects (yes, this was our kitchen before we painted the cabinets Mindful Grey), you can click on the posts below:

SW Mindful Gray can also be paired with a variety of white paint colors. We painted all the trim and walls Sherwin Williams Westhighland White which was 25% lighter and looks stunning with Mindful Grey.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

I’ll be sharing another post about the purpose of lightening and darkening paint colors at the paint store – it’s fascinating how you can get creative with color!

The Most Stunning Blue Cabinet Paint Colors Of 2023

Mindful Gray is also available with SW Pearly White, SW Elder White and the darker SW Homburg Grey.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Personally, I like a darker color than navy, a dark greenish gray (like Homburg), which creates a nice contrast.

If you’re looking for a light gray with a hint of silver, Silver Thread is a great color we used in our lake house and it’s the perfect wall color to brighten up the space. It’s more of a cool color with a slight blue-green undertone that provides a neutral background perfect for a living room or bedroom.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Tried & True Cabinet Colors

In our finished basement at our lake house, which you can see above, the silver springs really brighten the space (and have a blue undertone) since it doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

It has a set of patio doors that lead to the lake, but the deck above blocks a lot of natural light.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Basement Lighting Tip: I’ll share a little secret, I also use 3500 lumen daylight bulbs to achieve this bright look!

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray (why It’s So Popular)

Rest Gray Sherwin Williams is one shade lighter than the Conscious Gray in the swatch (color code 7015), but has more beige warm undertones, whereas Conscious Gray has more teal undertones.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

I bought a sample of Mindful Gray in lighter shades of 25% and 50% to try in my kitchen, I don’t care how light it is – Repose Gray also looks washed out in my kitchen, so 100% Mindful Gray is The ultimate winner.

I have to thank my friend Cyndy from Creative Exchange for helping me narrow down my paint color choices. We spent hours on Facetime trying out different scenarios! Ha ha.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

The Best Light Greige Cabinet Color: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

If you’re looking for a versatile and timeless paint color that I’m sure will be popular for many years to come, Thoughtful Gray should be at the top of your list.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to liven up your living space, gray is a great choice for adding value and beauty to your home.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

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Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

While white is the most timeless (and safest) choice for kitchen cabinets, many people have fallen in love with the subdued style of off-white and light-colored cabinets. Despite its challenges, off-white cabinets have taken over our Instagram feeds as the “transitional” color for kitchen cabinets.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Among these soft, warm neutrals, there’s one color that my online color consultation clients have been craving – Sherwin Williams Delightful Gray.

Warm gray, more like taupe. This flexibility, combined with a simple undertone, means the pleasant gray is a popular color for kitchen cabinets.

Sherwin Williams Grey For Cabinets

Repose Gray Sherwin Williams Color

When matching the wall color with the cabinet color, at least 20LRV is ideal

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