Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior – Sherwin Williams White Duck (SW 7010) is a warm creamy white shade that is perfect for the exterior of our home. We’ve been fans of this paint color ever since we first saw it on a home, but like all home building decisions, we did our research to make sure it’s the right paint color. In this article, I will share everything we have learned to make it easier for you to choose if you are considering a white duck for your home.

The LRV for White Duck is 74. But you might be wondering what this value actually means. LRV basically helps us determine how light or dark a color is. LRV stands for light reflectance and is measured on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 is pitch black and 100 is pure white. Thus, the value of 74 puts the White Duke on the bright side of light assumptions.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

White Duck has a few subtle yellow undertones, but overall it’s a neutral color. It also has gray undertones that reduce the yellowness. So, you end up with a creamy white color with some gray undertones. Gray is a color between gray and beige.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White (sw 7637) Vs Benjamin Moore Smoked Oyster (2109 40) Side By Side Comparison

When it comes to colors, light plays a big role. In one light, you may see a certain sound, but then in a different light, a different sound may appear. For example, on an overcast rainy day, our painted White Duck house looks crimson, while on a bright sunny day it looks soft creamy white. This is important to consider when choosing a paint color.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

As I mentioned above, Sherwin Williams White Duck was our choice for body paint from the very beginning. But to make sure it’s the right color, we chose two other colors that were very close and did a comparison. It was hard to narrow it down because there are so many whites to choose from. After much research, we chose Sherwin Williams Natural Selection and Oyster White.

As you can see, both are creamy white with warm undertones. But let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

Of The Best Designer Approved White & Gray Paint Colors

Natural Selection has an LRV of 73, which means it is darker than White Duck, which has an LRV of 74. It is also more yellow than White Duck.

Oyster White has an LRV of 72, making it the brightest of the three compared colors. In plumage, it is very similar to a white duck with yellow and gray running through it. But there are also subtle green tones.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

When you’re trying to pick a paint color, it’s always a good idea to test colors before spending money on multiple colors. The worst thing you can do is buy two or three 5 gallon buckets, start painting your house, and then decide it’s not the right color.

Designer Approved Off White Color Paints To Try

To avoid this problem, we tried each one: Duck White, Natural Selection and Oyster White. Then we found a place in front of the house and painted it every color. Remember that you will need to apply two coats when doing experiments like this, because one coat is not enough to get the true color of the paint.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

Sample. Their samples are accurate color representations without any issues, and if you’re in a hurry to try different colors, they offer overnight delivery.

We felt like Natural Selection, it was too creamy. Oyster White came in second, but seeing it next to Duck White confirmed our original decision that Duck White was the right color for our home’s exterior. In the end, we settled on Sherwin Williams White Duck. Applying paint swatches to the brick helped us be confident in our decision.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

Why We Chose Sherwin Williams White Duck For Our Exterior Paint Color

We must pay tribute where it is necessary! When we started looking for white exterior paint for our home, we stumbled upon this home from Garden Gate Homes. It is painted Sherwin Williams White Duck. We liked that the exterior paint of the house was soft and light cream. So thank you Garden Gate Homes for building this beautiful home and for sharing the photos.

We loved White Duck from the very beginning and only grew to love him over time. Now that our house is ready and we have time to look at this paint color in different lighting and at different times of the day, we are very happy that we made this choice. Spring is here and updating your home could be at the top of your list when the weather warms up!

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

Over the next 3 weeks, I’ll be testing out some of my favorite colors, organizing products, and d├ęcor to update your home. The TOP request I get from clients this year is color advice. Covid has made everyone stuck at home, staring at the walls and really wanting to make a difference. Today we will look at the colors of the exterior of the house. Stone is popular in some areas, and painted brick has gained popularity over the years. If you are painting brick, I recommend Ramabio Masonry paint. this is what we will be using in our new home in a few weeks.

Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay 6206 Paint

Lighting is important to consider, including natural light and the look of a room, and other materials can affect how a color looks, so while this is my favorite color, it can work in a completely different way in your home. I ALWAYS recommend trying three 2’x2′ patterns on your wall and leaving them for a few days to see. Outdoor lighting is much heavier than indoor lighting, so if you want white, I prefer soft white. especially under that Texas sun!

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

If you’re looking for a paint color that’s not too creamy, Snowbound might be the one for you. It has a slight grayness, which makes the white color a little weaker, gives a soft color. At an LRV (Light Reflectance Ratio) of 83, it is slightly less reflective than brighter whites such as Pure White (SW) and Simply White (BM). If you go over 85 you will have a brilliant white.

If you’re looking for a white modern country home, White Dove is a great choice! It has a warm undertone, so it goes well with wood and stone tones. It reads a bit off-white with a bit of grey, but with LRV 85 it looks brighter than Snowbound.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

Best Exterior White Paint Colors

Shoji White has a mixture of gray and beige undertones, making it a light grey. It can sometimes take on a “pink” color due to the weather. With LRV 74, Shoji White will still appear white, but with a less intense creamy texture.

If you want to get a little whiter, Oyster White might be a good choice for you. Its LRV is around 74 so it will still be perceived as white, but the beige and gray tones give it a warm feel. This color is more suitable for a house with traditional architecture. This warm white looks great on painted brick with wood and dark tones.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

This is another creamy white color for those who don’t want bright white. The LRV is 73, making it the least bright of the five I’ve listed. The grays and beiges give this color some depth, but when comparing it to Oyster White, I found Natural Selection to be a little less grey. If you are in a traditional community that is afraid of white people, that’s great! We actually use it in our new house.

Exterior House Painted With Oyster White By Sherwin Williams

For a light warm gray that doesn’t look too harsh or cold, I like Repose Grey. In some light, this gray can appear as off-white as the aforementioned colors. If you want a versatile color but not too beige, this is a great choice!

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

I always try to stay away from blue shades of grey, unless I want the color to look blue, so for a warm medium grey, this is perfect! It’s a timeless neutral that still has depth.

This gray is still warm, but it’s a bit darker. It goes well with traditional farmhouse architecture and goes well with wood, black, white and stone tones. If you don’t want beige but want a classic look for your home, this is a great choice!

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

Exterior House Painted With Sherwin Williams Oyster White 4

I love the classic bronze finish and this color is exactly that, in paint form! Urbane Bronze is a dark gray with a brown undertone that gives it a bronzed look. In dim light, it can look almost black, but if you don’t want to turn black, gray or brown, then this is the perfect combination.

It is a deep “almost black” charcoal color. I like it for a traditional home with white carpet or tops.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Exterior

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