Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

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When you’re looking for the perfect gray color for your walls, cabinets or exterior, you can come across Mind Grey. No wonder it’s a popular paint color. But that doesn’t mean it will necessarily work in your home – let’s find out!

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

Mindful Gray is a warm grey. Is it warm enough to look beige in the afternoon southern or western sunlight? not sure. Sure, it might look warmer, but if you compare it to beige, you’ll realize just how gray it really is. That’s why Mindful Gray can be a great shade for warmer, open rooms.

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If you have northern light, soft eastern afternoon light, or western morning light, you really need it, otherwise Mindful Gray can look a bit flat.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

This depth makes it difficult for dark rooms to darken, no matter how light they are. However, this added depth (compared to Sherwin Williams Repose Gray) helps it stand up to strong sunlight without washing out too much.

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Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

Paint Colors • Mindfully Gray

Like Repose Grey, Mindful Gray is a bit of a color ninja. Every gray has undertones and the mind transitions easily between gray soft purple and soft green. It also has a slightly earthy and muddy look compared to other cool grays.

This green color may not be as noticeable on different floors, but since the wood floor is a gray-purple color, it is easier to see the slightly competing green color in Mindful Grey.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

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Mindful Gray Kitchen

While I wouldn’t say Mindful Gray is super popular, it’s still a great choice for many outdoor spaces. However, if you expect the color to appear grey, you’ll need to adjust your tinted glasses as an exterior, and Mindful Gray is warmer than expected.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

Still, just because it’s not popular doesn’t mean it’s not a good choice. Many people prefer the lighter look of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Grass Gray. However, increasing the depth of mental gray can give you a wider range of harmonious wall colors.

Each color has its own personality and nuances – no match will be perfect. You can fully expect to see changes in color, temperature and depth, but you can check…

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Sw 7016

If you’re thinking about color matching between brands (eg: Benjamin Moore to color Sherwin-Williams), read this first.

Not sure if Mindful Gray is right for you? Do you want it a little warmer or cooler? I have more!

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

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My Favorite Gray Paint Colors

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Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

The best paint colors for Benjamin + Sherwin: Neutral, gray, gray, cream + white

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Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

Mindful Gray Kitchen Cabinets

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You already know that most of my house is painted Sherwin Williams Repose Gray and Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. But one of the colors we are often asked about is the paint color in our dining room.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

For those of you who noticed it looked darker than Repose Gray in the aisle next door, you are indeed right. Our dining room was already painted in Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray, the next darkest color on the Repose Gray color card.

Of The Best Gray Paint Colors For Your Home

Mindful Gray is a warm grey, sometimes with green and off-white undertones. Brown is more prominent in Repose Grey, and green in Mindful Grey.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

In a dark room with little natural light, or in a room with lots of dark furniture, green will be more visible.

If you use this color in a bright room, it will definitely look more like a warm gray.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

Best Gray Paint Colors By Sherwin Williams

The picture above shows what I mean. This is a room painted Mandeful Grey. On the left, all the furniture is brown, and the green shade is clearly visible on the back wall. On the right side of the photo, the seats have been replaced with lighter ones and light colored carpet has been added, removing the green tones from the paint.

These photos were also taken at different times of the day, from an east-facing room: so it’s well lit in the mornings, but dark all afternoon. The dark photo was taken in the morning, and the light photo was taken in the morning. Re-emphasize the importance of light when deciding on color.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

Look carefully at this picture. The left side of the image is clearly dark and has a distinct green color. While in the upper right, it gets a nice natural light and looks more like a neutral gray.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray (sw 7016) Vs Behr Warm Ash (qe 57) Side By Side Comparison

When choosing a color, it’s important not only to understand the undertones, but also how to highlight or accentuate them based on your furniture (or even what’s outside the window). Many people have told me that Mindful Gray has no undertones and is a completely saturated warm gray, but this is not true in every situation.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

If you are considering these two colors for your home, please consider your furniture and other neighboring colors.

As I mentioned earlier, many wood tones show strong green undertones in Mental Grey, but less so in Repose Grey.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

The Best Gray Paint Colors In The Universe

I think of Mindful Gray as a medium gray and Repose Gray as a medium-light gray with warm undertones.

Repose Gray is actually my favorite gray because it never feels cold, even in a room with a lot of cold white light. Although we only use Mindful Gray in our dining room, our kitchen, entry and landing are all in Repose Grey.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

If you’re looking for a dark gray like Mindful Gray but with green undertones, Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray might be a better choice for you.

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It is slightly warmer than Mindful Gray and can vary between “warm gray” or “gray” depending on the light. Plus, there’s no unpleasant odor to worry about, so it’s a great choice for the whole home.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

In fact, Agreeable Gray is regularly recognized as one of the best warm grays.

Personally, I don’t like Mindful Gray in dark places. If your room faces east, you’ll find that the paint color looks great in the morning and a bit dark and muddy in the afternoon. The opposite applies in a west-facing room, and a north-facing room may look a little dark during the day.

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Mindful Gray

Mindful Gray Coordinating Colors Modern Interior Home

If your room benefits from a lot of exposure or primarily warm light, you can really see how beautiful this color is.

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